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DRPN SHORT: This is going to be a disaster!

Dita 1,950, 15:45 E Publikuar në Netherlands Holanda nga Kordak


This is a DRPN short edition, to express my concern. There are some parties in eNetherlands with only a few or even 1 candidate. Maybe you can say: Keep this quiet so your own party become stronger, but I am telling this because I am very concerned! Look at DemNL who only has 1 candidate who is a new player who do not really seem to be active.. I don't want to accuse anyone of PTO, but this is asking for problems. Think about all things that could go wrong if a bad person is in congress.. Please put yourself forward for congress if you see your party has not enough candidates, I would say at least 5 official candidates. Please help our nation to prevent a disaster!

Don't say I didn't warn you all for this!

Don't be political, be critical!



Dit is een DRPN korte editie, om mijn grote zorgen te uiten. Er zijn een aantal partijen in eNederland met enkele of slechts 1 kandidaat. Misschien kan je zeggen: hou dit stil om je eigen partij sterker te maken, maar ik vertel dit omdat ik me erge zorgen maak! Kijk naar DemNL die maar 1 kandidaat heeft, wie een nieuwe speler is die niet erg actief lijkt.. Ik wil niemand beschuldigen van PTO, maar dit is vragen om problemen. Denk aan alle dingen die verkeerd kunnen gaan als een slecht persoon in het congres beland.. Schuif jezelf alsjeblieft naar voren voor het congres als je ziet dat je partij te weinig kandidaten heeft, ik vind dat een partij minstens 5 officiele kandidaten moet hebben. Help alstublieft een ramp te voorkomen!

Zeg niet dat ik niet heb gewaarschuwd!

Don't be political, be critical!




Aries Prime
Aries Prime Dita 1,950, 16:26

This is why anyone with any sense should vote UNP or GPN.

Kordak Dita 1,950, 16:29

Well if they don't put their own candidates forward which are safe, it will be a solution to vote for GPN or UNP this elections.

Fhaemita The Apostate Dita 1,951, 04:42

Komenti u fshi

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dita 1,951, 04:53

DemlNL really dropped the ball with this Congress election with not even bothering setting up congress candidates. As a top 5 party you have responsibilities and DemNl clearly fucked up here and not took their responsibility. This is surely something I will start a discussion about on DemNL forums.

james janeway
james janeway Dita 1,952, 03:19

DemNL is doing a bad job. But Iron and Wine has 3 candidates, and needs 15% of the votes, so it is not correct to tell the people not to vote for I en W!

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Dita 1,952, 12:41

me and some other GPN members are holding our votes, to ensure I&W gets 3 seats, so no worries about that. 😉

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