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Day 1,900

Day 1,900, 17:00 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Jack Whiteman

Feb 01. Day 1900.
President Rican recently passed alliances with both The Republic of Macedonia and The United States of America.
Elections are approaching Switzerland! Presidential elections will be on February 5th with the proposed candidates being: Rican, running for a second term (the Anti-Imperialist Movement); Cronoss (the Swiss Liberal Party); and madkytie (the Swiss Peace Party). I hope to see you all at the polls!
Party Presidency elections are approaching as well; the candidates for President of the Anti-Imperialist Movement are: Archien von Drakenov, enpassant, and mercury61. Candidates for President of the Swiss Liberal Party are Hunter4Life123, and myself: Jack Whiteman. Ronina of The Others is running unopposed. Sadly, these are the only parties in the top 5 having elections this year. But, no matter; go out and support your party at the polls as well!



Rican Day 1,900, 22:56

you're getting better and better

Kliment E. Voroshilov
Kliment E. Voroshilov Day 1,901, 00:19

Good article!

Jack Whiteman
Jack Whiteman Day 1,901, 12:52

Haha thanks guys!

bowen199 Day 1,901, 18:37


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