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David vs Goliath

Day 1,921, 11:32 Published in Canada Finland by BattleAxeWarrior

I'm simply gonna put it like this, we are up against a giant (Goliath if you will). We are simply out maned and by those standards we are also out gunned. We can go about this in a slightly panicked fashion as if we are doomed to forever be under the wrath of eSpain (which I have no intentions on).

Or we can all be calm collected and most of all patient.

We may have a disadvantage with our lack of brute force. So we must make up for it in strategy and tactics. We may be small but we are in a good position to reason with other eNations in the same or similar boat as us, who know its not possible unless we come together. eSpain is one of the largest ranked eNations and has strong allies, but they have angered many. With the recent up-rise in population from eColumbia, eSpain is probably on edge and a little disctracted if not worried about the potential eColumbia really has. In these times strategy, tactics and building intelligence is key if were are to gain any ground in these conflicts.

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Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,921, 12:30


The current RW provided a decent location and 2-clicker population to consider, but the timing was more in favour of Spain, and we're without allied RWs going off as well.

ReMiiX Day 1,921, 13:23


Plugson Day 1,921, 14:45

Patience is okay, but only if we're making plans and prepping for an RW that will count. Now may be too early anyhow, since the MoD of Spain/Commander of TWO is royally pissed at eCanada for our insulting diplomacy. Let them cool off and let us gather our bars and bazookas.

WayneKerr Day 1,923, 10:03

Least you ain't gang banged by 3 at once... I like Spain

BattleAxeWarrior Day 1,923, 11:44

"Least you ain't gang banged by 3 at once... I like Spain" what is that supposed to mean, is that some kind of bad analogy? Or your just a little perverted and cant help but talk like your 14 because its the only way you can describe things....

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