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Dark Day

Day 1,924, 19:24 Published in USA USA by Gnilraps

Words cannot express my disappointment with this game.

Yesterday, the 24th of February, using the game mechanics provided by eRepublik to Presidents of the top 5 Parties, I set a ranking of Candidates for Congress based on the collective will of our Party Leadership. This is the responsibility of the Party President alone, to do some time during the day prior to Congressional elections.

For some reason the list I set did not "stick" in the system.

Of the names I adjusted, only one remained in place, the first name kody5. Some time between 17:00 and reset, all of the rest of the names reverted to their former positions in the list.

I responded by sending a ticket to the game administrators on the morning of the 25th. In it I described what had happened and requested that they revise the list according the the order I had set on the 24th. I provided them with a copy of that list.

They replied that they would not interfere with an election already in progress, but that any information I could provide for them would be helpful in troubleshooting for further elections. With this response they also closed my ticket.

I responded to this with a much more urgent plea combined with the assertion that by choosing not to support the sitting Party President in fixing an ingame Candidate list that was broken, they were effectively abandoning this dynamic of the game. I encouraged them to examine whatever browser history their servers would have on me, providing them with the exact time I logged in and adjusted the list. (I know what time it was because I immediately posted in the Federalist Forum PDB that the list had been set and looked good.)

I have not been given any reply to my second message.

Over the next few days I plan to reevaluate my commitment to this game.

To the Federalist Party,
To the candidates whose month it was to be elected to Congress,
To the 6th party candidates who relied on the Feds to provide access to a seat in Congress,
and to the entire eUnited States whose February Congressional Class will be diminished in quality by the absence of several excellent Federalists,

I am sorry about what has happened.

I do wish we played for an administration that treated the integrity of this game as seriously as we do. Their lack of action in this matter has taught me much.


Jetsmets Day 1,924, 19:38

Why would you expect admins to do something good? All they care about is getting our money. They could care less about the players behind the cash flow.

bigcdizzle Day 1,924, 19:49

It could happen to any of us Gnil.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,924, 19:50

The admins of eRep have never been good at understanding their players and working with them. This is just another nail in their coffin.

Sucks that this happened to you, but your handling of this situation makes me p/h.

Still love being a Fed, even if our Congressional list is f**ked up.

ligtreb Day 1,924, 19:57

Could've happened to anyone gnilraps.

Don't beat yourself up over it.

Bobby Canell Day 1,924, 20:01

Comment deleted

Shane McCoy
Shane McCoy Day 1,924, 20:04

what happened was f**ked up but i dont think the list is .
there are still some good people in there. its just fate i guess!

Molly Emma
Molly Emma Day 1,924, 21:26

Looking forward to your participation! Make sure you get to the forum and register on the eusaforums if you haven;t already

Kortanul Day 1,924, 20:07

Until the money stops rolling in, the admins have no reason at all to concern themselves with what appears to them a minor issue at most.

Tiamati Day 1,924, 20:09

While this hiccup in eRep game mechanics is inevitable given the apparent lack of commitment administrative commitment to eRepublik this is in no way your fault.

As many above have already stated it is my hope you remain a part of our community despite this embarrassment caused by Plato.

Plugson Day 1,924, 20:10

Gamebugs don't care what your political position, citizen seniority, or military rank are. But Diamond status does help.

Better luck next time, Gnilraps.

Ian John Locke IV
Ian John Locke IV Day 1,924, 20:16

I would love to organize a mass exodus from this game. Let me know if you're interested, but the important thing to realize is that it isn't your fault. The admin have no concept of user interface design and little knowledge of UX. They only know how to make the pages load slower. I'm sure anyone who wanted to could dig up plenty of holes to hack through the game, but people keep buying gold so what do the admin care?

Tiamati Day 1,925, 23:29

This possibility has always existed; and will always exist to the intrepid within any Society. If serious changes are not made to the economy further exploration of this concept will be inevitable.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,924, 20:28

I'm starting to think they want us PTO'd. Think about the potential gold flood that would result.

Thedillpickl Day 1,925, 00:01

I've thought that for quite awhile now. (Not kidding, I'm serious.)

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,925, 00:08


Derphoof Day 1,924, 20:30

Comment deleted

Derphoof Day 1,924, 20:31

I hate Plato.
Everyone hates Plato.

This company should go public so someone who cares about this game can buy it and do something about it.

Candor Day 1,924, 20:45

Sucks man. Had my run in with those folks too. I tell everyone that listens that they're the third leg in this political sim game, and they mess with it more than the players could ever dream. Game is fixed, worst kept secret around.

PaminBB Day 1,924, 20:51

PTO might drive me out after 3.5 yrs, and I hope that I would not be the only one (not that I've bought much gold). Let AJ stew in his own putrid puddle.

EnterAwesome Day 1,924, 20:54

🙁 I'm sorry Gnil. It happens.

When I am dictator I promise I will wage war against game mechanics.

Kody5. Day 1,924, 21:02

Screw the admins, ive only spent 10$ on this game the past 4 ive played between my 3 accounts.
I dont play for the money, hell if they force me to spend another dime id quit.
I only play for what i find inside this fake virtual world, i dont play to be the strongest man or the richest, i could give 2 shits.
I only stayed this time around because i found the Feds and EZC.

Andrew Carnagie
Andrew Carnagie Day 1,924, 21:06

Yeah, I didn't press a button a couple of days ago and now I'm button pushn-less

Derphoof Day 1,924, 22:29

So they'll "interfere with an election already in progress" in this election:

But not "interfere with an election already in progress" when its their fault?

Seems reasonable. 😑

Relorian Day 1,924, 22:48

You think the admins really care? They are lying to you by asking you to help. They know their system is broken, they would rather focus on new gold sinks and hocking that magical currency that fools keep buying.

Sorry it happened to the Feds.

Maybe we can get the country presidents to make New Citizen Messages again that tell the truth.... of course they will only last until a mod comes on or an admin and mass bans/deletes the NCM laws... just like last time.

Thedillpickl Day 1,925, 00:07

Gnilly, take a tip from me. Quit politics and hole up in EZC. You'll have plenty of friends and things to do there. Politics does not matter if you ignore that part of the game. I commented to a few articles today just to stir the pot for my own amusement but other than that screw 'em. I haven't voted for a month and do not belong to any party (not even for the Congress shuffle). The world did not end.

KOSOVA Batoa Day 1,925, 00:39

No big deal Gnilraps really ! Game admins suck big time...Hail our Brotherhood thats what matters for us o/

SinaAria Day 1,925, 01:55

Thanks for all you did Gnil. No one blames you, And you are still the best player i`ve ever seen in this game.

Vijalob Day 1,925, 02:24

Maybe admin doesn't realize how many players' playing depends on Gnilraps' continued beneficience? I'm sure that some of us leeches eventually convert to paying players...

fingerguns Day 1,925, 07:12

That may be what they are hoping for, but it's extremely unlikely. If they won't help out a player who has been making it rain erep gold for years, then who will they help?? He's single-handedly keeping their lights on and they can't be bothered?

Thedillpickl Day 1,925, 11:25

Yeah, what FG said. It is odd to me that I buy gold and this entitles me to cuss like a sailor with no ill effect. As a matter of fact I have to say something about the persons country or origin to manage a FP.

So my buying gold lets me waddle around eRep like a fat whore to do pretty much as I like but if I make a suggestion about their cluttered up little game that is a coding minefield just waiting for someone (like Gnilly) to set it off I am dismissed with a "Thanks for your suggestion! We will have someone look into this for future updates. Have a great day!".


Vijalob Day 1,925, 12:29

What FG said is what I was trying to say

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Day 1,925, 04:39

Damn, that sucks. Can't say I'm surprised at the Admin's reaction though. Just goes to show how shitty this game is.

Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Day 1,925, 16:09

Gnil, we've survived and pushed through at least a year of them not even caring and doing whatever they wanted despite constant "hate admin" articles from all countries and raves and protests against each of their updates in forums/tickets/ect, and you're

A: surprised
B: deciding that THIS of all the stupid stuff admin has done, will be the final straw?

Not trying to start an argument, just want to say that I remember you being more rational and determined that than back in the good ol' days. Stick around, we've been through worse from them.

Hope Solo
Hope Solo Day 1,925, 19:14

Admins just suck. They rarely do anything other than try to earn money messing up the game. In this case, even that they are doing wrong...

Arrden Day 1,926, 14:54


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