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Crazy map

Day 1,876, 12:20 Published in Poland Bulgaria by egad

Hi 🙂
I’m writing this article because today I saw too many people wondering how it’s possible that Hungary can attack Turkey. We trust only to our eyes watching the map but few of us are checking the actual bordering regions in the country society tab.

So I decided to show you some other surprising misunderstandings. I’m sure there are a lot other examples so if you write a comment I may add them to the article.

First I’ll start with Spain where somehow Castilla La Mancha doesn’t have La Rioja as their neighbors.

If we look at central Europe we will see that Alsace and Saarland also don’t have common border. It is the same in UK where South West of England (which borders with at least 5 USA regions) doesn’t have direct route to Wales. On the other side Ireland’s Louth and Wexford don’t care that Dublin is somewhere in the middle of them.

It is understandable that Poland and Lithuania share the same border but why it is between Dainava and Mazuria?

For the final you may look at Israel RL territories. Haifa is almost in the middle of the country but if you decide to travel in that direction you will have to pay 40 cc more than any other Israeli region because according to e-republiks’s travel zones it belongs to the upper part of South America.



klop123 Day 1,876, 12:25

Crazy map! ^__^

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,876, 12:47

Egad that is crazy.

toshko3 Day 1,876, 12:58

ереп фту

jackey Day 1,876, 13:16

важното е турците да са избришани от мапата!

Wilhelm Gunter
Wilhelm Gunter Day 1,876, 14:23

bahahahahahah. Haifa is part of northern South America.

Oh dear.

WujekRemo Day 1,876, 15:44

Goodone 😉 Vote!

Simonymous Day 1,877, 01:40

Let's go see the statue in Rio. I heard the Chineese are good welcomers ! ^^

xenophob Day 1,877, 02:06

Comment deleted

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,877, 14:48

I think that with the right software we can draw a map with the erepublik borders.
It would be quite different from the RL world map.

xenophob Day 1,877, 15:24

Need money to cover traveling costs? Then go ahead and win a BH and get 5 gold!

KapiRadom Day 1,878, 01:28

lubię ser.

pawel5048 Day 1,878, 03:07

voted. hard. 🙂

Grzechooo Day 1,878, 08:12

It's not crazy, it's just drawn poorly.

kedar125 Day 1,878, 09:23


kacper5422 Day 1,878, 10:30

It's not a bug, it's a feature.

Zirr Khranty
Zirr Khranty Day 1,878, 11:47


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