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Congress elections...

Dita 1,924, 22:24 E Publikuar në Japan Republika e Kinës (Tajvan) nga Kitsune Usureki



kowalski_afc Dita 1,924, 22:58


ardishabutaro Dita 1,925, 23:03


I am not surprised about that thing in this game. It is been normal for me

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Dita 1,925, 05:55

I ain't suprised aswell, but I thought the stuff worths mentioning ^^"

Geezus Dita 1,925, 23:04

I hope Admins will do something finally!
Fake accounts destoy this game.

Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Dita 1,925, 23:07

i don't think there will be that much votes that get deleted... we saw it at the CP election

cuihao Dita 1,925, 23:17


Auraborus Dita 1,925, 23:18

Yes. Woody suddenly sees the eWorld with new eyes.
Its sad.

Geezus Dita 1,925, 23:23

That is not normal for Dai Nippon Party.
Finally we can finish the discussion about immigration law.

Geezus Dita 1,925, 00:01

We have 80 fake in our country immigration is no problem.

ardishabutaro Dita 1,925, 00:19

I say it is normal to this online game to have that. not more not less. don't misinterpreted my word

Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Dita 1,925, 22:55

the biggest problem in this game is, that everyone can join any party. Thats a perfect door for PTOers and Multis

Veliki Vruc
Veliki Vruc Dita 1,925, 23:31


Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Dita 1,925, 01:23

Lol Usu, like if you didn't have multies votes to win the CP elections.

But guess "Everywhere includes DNP". 🙂

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Dita 1,925, 05:51

It might, but do not forget that I was not only supported by DNP. Both of the greater fractions seems to have multies, but I do not think that the multi operation is organized by the leaders (at least DNP which I can be sure of) of the parties.

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Dita 1,925, 06:05

I think it's funny that you complain about multies today but you didn't mention them the day 5.

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Dita 1,925, 06:07

Day what?

Squibeel Dita 1,925, 07:12

he means during elections.

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Dita 1,925, 11:05

Day 5, CP elections.

the tormented one
the tormented one Dita 1,925, 02:56

I agree, how can DNP, aka the house of zombies got some many votes month after month?

You are a genius, Usu. That explains everything.

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Dita 1,925, 05:54

DNP still has the greatest amount of members comparing to all other parties of eJapan. It is a fact. I will not start arguing about this, it would be meaningless - but please look at the influence growht of both CtG and SoS. Interesting, indeed...

Oraizan Dita 1,925, 16:22

SOS gained a lot of members after Akkis term from ulj, and after nowe's 'rampage' we gained from isp. It's not multiple accounts, most of them are known, vocal long time members. Although we are working on bringing more people I to the game who enjoy SOS related things, but that is not against the rules. I can't speak for ctg. We did have some shady looking people, and those that took over the old otaku party are questionable. But they left once we had people block them from congress.

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Dita 1,925, 06:03

Keep in mind SOS had 2 ISP candidates(Squibeel and Zodi), which probably convinced ISP members to vote for SOS.

cuihao Dita 1,925, 06:35

Well, Tancho's explaination is convincing. I'm willing to believe it.

Everyone stop putting forward groundless accusations. What can real cheaters get in such a boring game?

Go to read Kagami's POTD and purify your heart!

Oraizan Dita 1,925, 07:49

Isp voted for us, so the final turn out is a couple members short of our parties combined. If there was multies from us they were thankfully removed. I know I spent a lot of yesterday multi hunting. Can't say the same for other parties.

Geezus Dita 1,925, 13:13

SOS/ISP had at least 10 illegal votes!
You already proved, that you tried to win this election by cheat!

After this You have no right to speak about democracy and honor! Don't try to give us advices what should we do with our power!

Squibeel Dita 1,925, 14:25

Admins removed 10 votes from SOS which proves that someone, who could not be related to SOS, tried to cheat. Only idiots accuse with our proof.

Squibeel Dita 1,925, 15:10

*without (stupid auto correct)

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Dita 1,925, 15:08

Shut up, you're a cancer for eJapan, you've done nothing but killing any source of activity in this eCountry. If our allies helped us to free Kanto during Koppanyi's term was not because of you, DNP or Koppanyi, you know that and you should be ashamed of DNP taking credit of something done by one of the people you throw shit at. You're nobody to talk about Honor.

If Chubbu has been freed during this term is because serbs have done a good job on the MoD.

Want me to show everyone how you wanted to sell me a CS? You don't care about eJapan, you just care about your pocket and DNP(just as long as youre PP, the day you're not DNP PP you'll not care about it anymore).

You're an hypocrite because when Usu won past elections with multies(something which everyone knows even if nobody is saying it because there's nothing to win of pointing what's obvious) you didn't complain about it.

Can you prove that it wasn't you(or your friend DEN007) using obvious multies so the admins would remove 10 votes of SOS and you could start throwing shit at us? Until you prove you didn't, you're nothing but the guy who always looks for drama.

Now go back to your getho where nobody dares to tell you how stupid you are, I know soon somebody will destroy the shit you've made and I will enjoy watching you cry.

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Dita 1,925, 13:19

Admins will clear all illegal votes... "Will"? They did it..

Aryzn Dita 1,925, 13:48

Remember, remember the 5th of February, with multis, treason and plot...

But seriously, it would appear the DNP is only concerned with Multis when they are not served to the DNP's advantage...ALL Mulis are unfair, good sirs.

Geezus Dita 1,926, 03:25

Agree, all multies are unfair. But so far we have only proved thet SOS had at least 10 illegal votes. Only SOS members were motivated to make these accounts!

Squibeel Dita 1,926, 05:19

Only you are motivated to make false accusations, maybe it was you who created those accounts.

Geezus Dita 1,926, 05:28

Remember to your last comment! This is the reason why I removed you FINALLY from my friend list and don't support you in the future in any position.

Squibeel Dita 1,926, 15:33

you are doing the same with sos lol

Oraizan Dita 1,926, 21:00

SOS did have 10 illegal votes, but that's not proof that it's from SOS members. As CTG and Yagamii Mii saw, people in eJapan are attacking with multi's to try and get some players banned. Maybe we should start assuming it is you, since YOU are the only player against SOS and it's members. 😉

Down with Geezus's tyrrany!
Up with eJapan and the righeous nation!

Darshu Dita 1,925, 15:06

ULJ didn't multi or cheat.

Zodiarque Dita 1,925, 15:15

Darshu president !

(I needed to know...japanese...)

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Dita 1,925, 21:47

No one cheated in this election, admins eliminated multi votes and created a level playing field in the final result.

What everyone should be talking about is the continuous increase in the Constantine Party support and the seeming incompetence of the DNP to encourage its party to vote.

Perhaps the DNP party base is voting for other parties?

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