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Dita 1,912, 23:38 E Publikuar në Netherlands Holanda nga nutty fox

Hello Holland!

So I decided to ask for Dutch citizenship and move over for a unspecified time. For those who wonder why here is few reasons.

The window of opportunity to do this might close for a time so had to do this in a heat of the moment. Since we all know the Polish way of dealing diplomacy to those who refuse to sign totally rip off contracts is simple swallow them under the pink carpet.

Well I saw my chance to move and to learn more about diplomacy & politics in the brave nation of Holland. Besides to broaden your views and skills you need to leave your home soil at some point. In my case this came way sooner than planned. Then again Erep is a funny place where you kinda cant plan much ahead since all kind of craziness going on. So yes I have my own agenda here but while doing that I try to help Holland as much as I can with in my own abilities. So a win – win situation it hopefully is.

Ok so for this not getting too serious here are some other reasons…

Unite we stand (lets try at least) and smile since remember that the enemy can only occupy territory, they CANT invade your heart and soul ! ! ! Well to be honest I watch this contact sport rather than icehockey 😛

Since I got the challenging position as an adviser I wanted to show that when things get tough Im willing to help any way I can. Im sure this journey to Holland will be an excellent opportunity to fine tune diplomatic / political skills. This doesn’t mean I will abandon Finland for ever just thinking it like an experience I don’t want to pass.

Ahhhh the rich culture youre country is filled with and only mentioning the trance gathering which is also in my list of things to experience in RL. Since music likings is so personal not going into this further since some love it and some don’t.
“trance is not a form of music, it is an religion”

Social aspect of the game has to do with creating relations and contacts. Active and interesting mix of a community is essential to keep the attention levels up here if you want more of the game than just 2 clicking away. That was one of the most important reasons I thought this move would accomplish. Time will tell if it was the right choice.

Maybe there was some other reasons as well but those will be kept locked in the treasury of secrets. For those who thought this article was too slobby and azz kissing for Holland its your right to think so. I just like Dutch things in RL as well. Mentality and humor of the people. Cycling (besides the ladies in beginning) has to be mentioned as top things what comes to sports.
Aaaaanywayz to end it short since the attention span is short for many, thank you for having me and lets share fun and serious matters together.

Nutty fox

All comments in Finnish, Swedish and English are welcome. In other languages as well but don’t expect me to reply on those. Have a look at earlier issues as well.



Broersje Dita 1,912, 23:40

Welcome. 🙂

Varma von Velig
Varma von Velig Dita 1,912, 23:43

Farewell, nutty!

nutty fox
nutty fox Dita 1,912, 23:47

Thank you Broersje and Varma von Velig I will return someday 😃 with tulips and knowledge.

TheJuliusCaesar Dita 1,912, 00:42

Bring some wooden shoes for me, will ya.

nutty fox
nutty fox Dita 1,912, 00:54

I can use the diplomatic post to do just that !

Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker Dita 1,912, 00:58


RV93 Dita 1,912, 01:07

Welcome Nutty! o7

Nakbula Dita 1,912, 01:50

Welcome o7

nutty fox
nutty fox Dita 1,912, 02:36

Thank you I know gonna enjoy the stay!

Girlpower Dita 1,912, 04:43

Welcome! o/

Shtula Dita 1,912, 04:48

Welcome! : )

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Dita 1,912, 06:11

Hit me up with some trance. I already listen to a lot of dubstep, D&B, and house.

nutty fox
nutty fox Dita 1,912, 07:02

Will do that and most gonna be few years back stuff.

nutty fox
nutty fox Dita 1,912, 10:07 with track list, mellow trance...i post you in your inbox some of my favs later on.

james janeway
james janeway Dita 1,912, 07:22

Welcom ! Together for a stronger nation!

Fosite Dita 1,912, 08:26


Kordak Dita 1,912, 08:28

Welcome friend!

nutty fox
nutty fox Dita 1,912, 08:52

Didn't see this coming but really glad to be here my friend.

nutty fox
nutty fox Dita 1,912, 08:53

Thank you for the warm welcoming to all of you!

Alex the best123
Alex the best123 Dita 1,912, 11:35

Välkommen, du galen räv! Kul att ha dig ombord! o7

nutty fox Dita 1,912, 11:56

Komenti u fshi

nutty fox
nutty fox Dita 1,912, 11:57

Jep galen i positiv anda å tackar!

Viglius Dita 1,912, 11:58

Welcome! ^^

Reinier Claeszen
Reinier Claeszen Dita 1,912, 12:03

Welcome Nutty Fox! Just please don't call these lands Holland; that's only 2/12th of the nation.

nutty fox
nutty fox Dita 1,912, 12:05

Please do tell me what to call these lands. Netherlands?

Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker Dita 1,913, 16:36

'cheesecountry' will do just fine ; )

Leo Belgicus
Leo Belgicus Dita 1,913, 02:10

@Reinier Claesen

It's actualy 1/5 of the country in size and and slightly more than 1/3 of the people living in the Netherland live in Holland. So calling it 1/6 of the nation is not fair. 😉

Zeeuwsmeisje Dita 1,913, 03:45

Sorry for the late response, but ofc: welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nutty fox
nutty fox Dita 1,913, 09:31

Im confuzzled foxxy and dont know what to call your country so I might just call it the Oranje rising sun country of Ellen Hook 😃 ......

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Dita 1,913, 19:08


nutty fox
nutty fox Dita 1,914, 06:34

Got it thanks.

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