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Ava lok Ishwara

Day 1,900, 12:45 Published in India India by Patanjali


Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness. – Anne Frank

I never liked the modern history, perhaps because it is so near to us, so near that it affect our fathers and grandfathers and, somehow, even ourselves.
Also, being so recent, she lack the mystery and glamour and all the wonderful scents of the true history.
But history is like the wheel of life, always in motion and never stopping, crushing everything in her path, disrespectful about souls and feelings.

Last one.


First, I will tell you the real eFacts, so how History and I recall them, and then I will tell you the story letting your bright intelligence (I was always sure that my readers are smarter than others) to match those two.
Also, I’m confident that your knowledge of Sanskrit, or the natural resemblance between yours languages and that one, will help you to better understand the significations hidden in the text and words from the story.

The facts

The retreat of Romania from Asia did not meant the end of imperialistic dreams of the world eCountry’s, but just a change in the scene. New powers emerged and became more and more powerful.
The “little” Hungary, created a BB aiming explicitly for the RL historical disagreements between her and Romania, and also Serbia grow day by day, and so, the near Thailand and Malaya became Hungarian or Serbian.
In Asia, the might of Indonesia began to shade in front of the new emerged European powers and she start aiming lands from near, like Australia and New Zeeland (but also had an incursion in South Africa).
USA get raided twice by Hungary and faced some troubling times with lot of despair, but, in the end, with help from the old continent, Hungary retreated from north America.
After this it was the time of ... disguising, players from the traditional “powers” began to play in other country’s (themselves or them ... friends – or simply clones) and so we witnessed small country’s like Macedonia becoming a world power.
In Asia, China became, more or less like in the example above a world power and controlled and stopped all the planed invasions towards this part of the world.

For India it was a good time, when Indians could relax, join other country’s for fun and gaining XP, developing the economy (Shary was at the time a famous economist, as I recall) and ... stockpiling.
It started with the agreement that Ashwamedh and David Forde made with Indonesia, to regain the natural regions of India and go on with no big troubles.
Luckily the media also provided us with nice articles back then, like those of RD1234 (the great Saga of Cats and Rats – always trying to steal the cheese).
Also, in the lack of activity, some internal scandals arise, no matter if the CP was a native Indian or a foreigner, the suspicions already where there.

At a certain point, a training war with Pakistan turn into a real war (with the help of theocrats – the “so beloved” friend of mavo) but then, with the help of China too, India settle the problem in short time.
So, after all, it was a good time for India.
The only ... weird part was her effort to join EDEN, and this always seems to be a ... too far bridge.

More, the (new game mechanics) air strike of Croatia arrived in India, because she was wiped from Europe, and agreed with the Indian government to rent few regions. Sure, they where friends.
But the kind of friends that if you let them in your home, to sleep for a night, will take you all the house and ask you to leave, because you bothering them.
In the end, seems India got her lesson and move away.

Ava lok Ishwara

For foreigners Ava in Sanskrit = down , lok in Sanskrit = is the verb to observe and Ishwara in Sanskrit = the name of the teacher of all the wise man’s, later considered a God (or the manifestation of a God) – according to Patanjali he is a special soul, not affected by birth, and nor by any other causes.

Anagha went to Kurukshetra, how Indra instructed him, and fought bravely for days. During this fight he reencounter Pushpak and even Gautama.
First he could not understand what could a rishi do on the battle field, but then, seeing all the Vimanas and the magic weapons that Devas used he began to understand that the might of a wise man could be even greater that that of one warrior, and not metaphorical but effectively.

In the end of the fight, the king of God’s was true to his word and when he got back to the shovel, he find Mrinmayee there.
And they could lived happily ever after but, the life and the world was changing.

At the beginning people began to disobey the laws of Manu, ignoring the order and, in the end, the God’s too.
Man’s began to demanding equal rights with God’s and that make the Gods to retreat in them mountains.

And then, the curse of Gods, for the disrespect for them, occur to humans.
Lakhs of strangers came to the country, and invaded the land.

Them morality was so poor, they claim they could do anything just for fun. And they did it.
People were astonished by the black magic of those strangers, who claim that those all are cows, and, of course, they wanted to be the farmers.

This make Anagha to retreat himself in the mountains, at Kailash.
And life was good there.

But one day, Kamadeva passing by and willing to make him a joke, because he was looking down in the valley during his meditation, the God shoot him with an arrow, with the hope this will awake him and make him, once again, part of the world and life.
Strangely, in the exactly moment when the arrow hit Anagha, a tiger went from the bushes near, and he saw that tiger, not the humans.

Then, calming down himself, he remembered the five virtues and acknowledged that humans nowadays don’t even remember all the stories of the past, and he decided to tell them, and to watch them.

This will be all for today, all the chat under the trees.

Meri subhkamay tumhare saath hain !

Elders, please update the facts with everything you know/recall and, eventualy, writte them down in the eIndia history page too.



Ind1anMartyr Day 1,900, 13:17

hahaha : D Maniu old man u rushed the cats saga, I am sure it was later .... she is a baby - BUT this was a brilliant read

People may not thank you enough but I appreciate every article you write


Lonqu Day 1,900, 19:16

I may not be a kinda philosophical guy, but your articles are always a great read. o7

GouthamKrishnan Day 1,900, 21:21

Nice one o7 :--)

Aks1010 Day 1,901, 05:08

Awesome o7

Millefleurs Day 1,901, 06:06


TheTrueIndian Day 1,901, 10:49

To good

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Day 1,902, 07:58

And recent history is full of lies.....

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