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Admins! We want Freedom Bonus! [Suggestions]

Day 2,042, 07:15 Published in Albania USA by Al Punk

UPDATE: Admin Response to the request: Hello,

Thank you very much for taking time to send us your suggestions. We will take into consideration your opinion and we will see how we can implement these ideas to the current game strategy.

Have a nice day ahead,
Your eRepublik team

This article is a suggestions for a new bonus to be spread around (inception) in hope to improve the military balance in the game. It should mainly help players of small countries and give them a fair chance in RW battles. Update: in just 2 hours reached 230 votes. Keep voting and I have already created a ticket to admins! Thank you everyone!

Topic of this article is FREEDOM and Military module!

Military module! Why the same winners!?
We all know that the game is unbalanced when it comes to the military module. A year ago, the admins presented a very nice reorganization of the Military Module. Campaign was organized in 4 divisions and each of them could contribute with some points.
The module was a slight grim of hope for many players who realized that even if they had no strong DIV4, they could still win a battle if they won divisions 1-3 (more than 50% of the campaign damage). Apparently this was not enought and the stronger countries got stronger. They had long investments on division 3 and division 4. Some solutions they applied to win and mock down small countries in division 1 and 2.

The game has also some additional bonuses and the most important of them regarding the military module is "Natural Enemy" (NE).
With NE every player will get a 10% bonus on hist hit increasing significantly the army power!!! It is a very nice bonus, but imagine what 10% means in battles decided by a point or two.
Now imagine what the influence of this bonus is in cases where the population of a country is 3-4 times higher than the other country! Project this now in wars when a big country fights against a smaller country, and the world is composed of many smaller countries, this big tail who is as important as the big countries.
Again,nothing against the NE bonus, it is good, but... it adheres to the rule "the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer"

Freedom Bonus
I propose in this article to add a Freedom/Resistance Bonus! We all know that fighting for freedom is a much stronger incentive than fighting for occupation (might this be in RL or ingame). The resistance bonus should give a 20% bonus when fighting in a resistance war initiated by your country (you need CZ in that country). Simple as that!!!
Additional suggestions: Only CZ of a country should be allowed to open RW and the price for RW support should be lowered!

Results of such a bonus will give a hope to countries which are constantly bullied and occupied for long times by other countries.
It will give some hope to players of small countries and allow them to enjoy the freedom fight and not abandon the game.
We have seen many baby-booms, fighters coming fighting desperatly and then leaving the game cause nothing changes. Their fight influences nothing! The stronger gets stronger with all the rules of this game.
The Freedom Bonus should give some pleasure in the wars, some new dynamics, some exchange of players. Finally some real battles!

I understand that introducing such a rule and "voting" this article is not what the majority (or the big countries) want, but do not forget this is a game and it needs incentives... otherwise it gets boring and if similar changes are not introduced... admins will end up playing alone! Reconsider voting for a change. I will open a Ticket for admins once I hit 500 votes.

If you don't want to vote this article for the content... you might as well consider voting for these these freedom fighter ladies! At least for the blonde on the back!


Al Punk
Al Punk Day 2,042, 07:28

Please reshout!

WARNING.69 Day 2,045, 15:59



Tripkovic Day 2,042, 14:21


MuadhRustemi Day 2,044, 04:37

u majku ti tvoje cetnicko . dosli ste u skopje picki da nas biete ali vratili ste se kuci so bumbar glavi majku vase dojdite u skopje da vi ebam sve zivo i divo.

Tripkovic Day 2,044, 06:27

jesam li ja pominjao makedonce? pricam za siptare alo bre siptare xD to vi makedonci resite sa grcima mene se okanite!!!!

MuadhRustemi Day 2,045, 15:09

glupi srbin picka li ti mater pa albanac is makedonie sam be llud .

Tripkovic Day 2,046, 00:19

a sta ces, korova ima svugde pa cak i u makedonskom narodu, samo sto taj korov predstavljate vi siptari 😃 brukate balkan bre, da nije vas siptara balkan bi bio najlepse mesto za zivot kao sto je bio dok ste bili pod svojim granicama al se sekta americka nameracila pa tako postadoste piuni ali polako, vraticemo mi na staro 😃 a mozda i prastaro 😃

Stev4o Day 2,059, 02:26

Ооо Шиптар ми ја срамиш светата земја Македонија!

M naz
M naz Day 2,043, 02:04

This Article Translated By Farsi By Me :

Al Punk
Al Punk Day 2,043, 02:19

perfect! 🙂

DieHard5 Day 2,042, 07:30


MAK3D0N3R Day 2,042, 07:32


Ante-os Day 2,042, 07:34


Nektari0s Day 2,042, 07:38

voted! (the blonde on the back)

Zeman Mashkullora
Zeman Mashkullora Day 2,042, 07:40

Big Vote bro

Al Punk
Al Punk Day 2,042, 07:43

Thanks bro! A shout would be great as well 🙂

Zeman Mashkullora
Zeman Mashkullora Day 2,042, 07:44

do ishte mire sikur ta beje dhe shqip sepse shume persona nuk dine anglisht

Al Punk
Al Punk Day 2,042, 07:45

Ke te drejte, por eshte dhe per te huajt!

LiLo1 Day 2,042, 07:50

voted ,but only 4 the blondes hauhauahuahua
Great article

ArnoldDjin Day 2,042, 08:03


theAbsynthius Day 2,042, 07:50


Amiral Benson
Amiral Benson Day 2,042, 07:58

Vote + shout

Vernydub Day 2,042, 07:58

Voted )
It could be a great improvement )

Al Punk
Al Punk Day 2,042, 08:02

Thank you 🙂 You might as well shout it you really like it!

sonix Day 2,042, 08:01

vote + sub

Al Punk
Al Punk Day 2,042, 08:03

sub back! ty

theAbsynthius Day 2,042, 08:03

The resistance bonus should give a 20% bonus when fighting in a resistance war initiated by your country (you need CZ in that country). Simple as that!!!

I particularly like this part.
there's a fresh example, the BAJA region of Mexico which was ruled by eUS in agreement.
when the Serbs and their allies attacked eUSA, Baja was opened RW by Serbs and their allies, with the only purpose to cause more damage to eUSA.

so, a RW must be initiated only by the citizens of that respective country.

Al Punk
Al Punk Day 2,042, 08:05

Mind me adding this in the suggestions as well?

theAbsynthius Day 2,042, 08:06

oh, i thought that is what i already read! lolsss
patjeter vlla.

Dr. Dog
Dr. Dog Day 2,042, 08:41

At First, let me say that I realize that this game wasn't build to be a mirror of Real Life.

But, in Real Life we have seen, and still see, lots and lots of "resistance fights" being supported by outside forces, so that this outside forces gain something from it.

No problem with the current feature of the game here for me.

I do agree that, in a RW, the occupied country should have a diferent kind of bonus, maybe in a progressive way, corresponding to the duration of the occupation.

RitaOra plus377 45 544 085
RitaOra plus377 45 544 085 Day 2,042, 08:05

BigVote +s

Al Punk
Al Punk Day 2,042, 08:05


Grand Master of Warfire
Grand Master of Warfire Day 2,042, 08:06


Al Punk
Al Punk Day 2,042, 08:09

+s back

Marnix Maximus
Marnix Maximus Day 2,042, 08:08


Al Punk
Al Punk Day 2,042, 08:10


VetalShut Day 2,042, 08:16

vote + shout

Al Punk
Al Punk Day 2,042, 08:31

Thank you!

Argon el Justiciero
Argon el Justiciero Day 2,042, 08:22


Al Punk
Al Punk Day 2,042, 08:32


Naboal Day 2,042, 08:34


FabMao Day 2,042, 08:47


ErosBVB Day 2,042, 08:48


Skenerbeuu Day 2,042, 08:56


Soldiier 95
Soldiier 95 Day 2,042, 08:59


Kleantjo The Legend
Kleantjo The Legend Day 2,042, 09:03


Al Punk
Al Punk Day 2,042, 09:04

te flm

Kleantjo The Legend
Kleantjo The Legend Day 2,042, 09:05

asgje mor vlla 🙂

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,042, 09:05


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