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2 billion is not a myth

Day 1,831, 00:48 Published in Poland Bulgaria by egad

Till yesterday the top damage for a campaign hero was 614,683,460 done by Flausino (a.k.a dark3If) while Bulgaria was on a trip in South America. That was impressive, that was not normal, that was insane. But today that score was beaten several times.

Bulgaria started a war against Greece several days ago and unfortunately we are still losing every single direct battle. But that was not because the Bulgarians wasn’t doing their best. Oh we tried hard and I’m sure that soon enough we will prevail. And how hard is that “hard” you may ask? Well first invaluable set a new record for a high score in a battle, then Mr Coder become the first player that reached 1 billion and for the final dark3If did 2 billion.


We have to respect our opponents in this epic battle.

* that data is from this battle.

Yes we've lost the battle but Greece had to lose the battle with Macedonia and Serbia for that purpose. In fact they just won the initiative and nothing else because it is for sure that tomorrow they will lose Volga region in a RW just like they've lost all other regions that they have won till now. High price for an initiative that they would lose tomorrow too because with 2 other battles for core regions and 3 RW that they have to win if they want to secure their bonuses. So Greece celebrate today like it is for last time … because it is really for a last time.



invaluable Day 1,831, 00:54

1st and 3rd xD

SiIvar77 Day 1,831, 00:55

Всичко е просто заради чиста злоба и омраза. Единственият начин да се обедини ЕДЕН е да воюва срещу нас...

gnasher.armorer Day 1,831, 00:58

1.5B influ - and no CH. ouch...

eDuH uDeoT
eDuH uDeoT Day 1,831, 00:59

и по една пожарникарска макара на медалистите в топ-а да си навият пишоците кат си ги премерят в края на битката : )

Dellodas Day 1,831, 01:05

Epic Win Greece, i want to see if Bulgarians will cry about money after this !!!

mitsotakis 1212
mitsotakis 1212 Day 1,831, 01:07

epic battle ....its not about win or lose noobs ...its how u feel about it

redroaster Day 1,831, 01:08


tompola Day 1,831, 01:08

aaaaww that was cute... 2 billion for nothing

MarlboroGR Day 1,831, 01:09

2 battles with Serbia and Fyrom werent in core region...So we dont give a sh*t about these regions!
We still have our bonus!!!
Bulgaria lost 20% bonus from food and 20% bonus from weapon.
So,who lose and who win?
Think about it.................

Skyattacker Day 1,831, 01:09

Listen up. I always believed that with normal people, we must have normal conversations. So here we go:

The war began from Bulgaria and FYROM that wished to erase Greece with their joined forces. We played our game, and we managed to hold 2 NEs with 2 strong countries. This war is a victory to us. We freed albania, and some italian grounds from FYROM, we ended your reign in Russia. Flawless victory i might say.

Adding 2 more NEs from former ONE's "mama" and "papa" makes it another war.

invaluable Day 1,831, 01:10

As a matter of fact the only intense round was the first one.
Also, I personally don't give a flying damn about the money, I just took the opportunity of ranking up two times faster than usual, that's all ( :

invaluable Day 1,831, 01:12

Besides, of course we all wanted to win, but as yall can see - that didn't happen and prolly it won't happen til we stop being a damage buffer.

Lonely Fighter
Lonely Fighter Day 1,831, 01:15

o/ HELLAS \o

Regardless of the final outcome of this war, we saw nice epic battles.
Imagine what they could accomplish the Balkan countries together in eRep but and in RL ?

Ptolemeus Day 1,831, 01:27

congrats to retards on both sides xD

Wildrunner Day 1,831, 01:33

Skyattacker,and our purpose for this war was to stop your happy farming and to drain your EB's, we too achieved that so it's a win for us too. We expected this kind of dmg that's why we didn't go alone, we could have done it but it would have taken an awful lot of time of ping-pongs often even in our own territory especially at start. We unlike you haven't stopped wars for 8 months already vs all strong opponents in the game.

Wildrunner Day 1,831, 01:38

With this tho I don't want to say that you are weak or disorganized, quite the opposite, like I explained that's why we went 2 vs 1 not because we thought it was going to be easy.

You sure did one amazing defense on the first day with huge tanking and good organization but also with our disorganization, we had an inactive CP to impeach, other problems etc.

Wildrunner Day 1,831, 01:40

We entered this war divided, sunk in apathy and like I already said in an internal crisis, good thing for us out of this war is that it rised people's spirit and that was thanks mostly to you turning the tide and advancing into our territories, sadly being under pressure is the only way for our people to unite.

Wildrunner Day 1,831, 01:44

About this tanking for Volga especially a region although important for initiative still not worth it those billions, it's totally insane but I blame Plato's black friday for this, it's just 10 times cheaper to get rank so this provoked the huge tanking atleast from BG side. Flausino's one was just a response to coder's tanking.

Smiljan Day 1,831, 01:45

Windrunner finally admit that you state of the failed policy and bad moves. Only you know the cry and blame EDEN for everything that happens to you.

Wildrunner Day 1,831, 02:18

EDEN is to blame for breaking relations with us. That's an answer to EDEN trolls who acuse us of all kind of things about our departure. Other than that EDEN is to thank for making the game 1000's times more fun for us.

LitoII Day 1,831, 03:39

On the spot (:

KapiRadom Day 1,831, 04:35

lubię ser.

k0stek Day 1,831, 05:12

2 billions influence by 1 guy. Omfg. Don't know what to say.

Plugson Day 1,831, 07:17

Record breaking profits were made that night. It was all very exciting.

LitoII Day 1,831, 07:32

taking into account the Greek presence in the top100 chart... I doubt it it was Bulgarians' fault for the eRep Labs opportunity to finance the game's anniversary next week : D

xenophob Day 1,831, 08:09

Nice, wonder how much damage can you make?

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