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[WHPR] - Gold Mines and Airstrikes

Day 1,950, 10:40 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room

My fellow Americans,

You have probably noticed the banner ads, or seen the message in your inbox. Gold mines are coming to the New World. If you would like to read more about them, then check out what Plato has to say about them.

There is almost no doubt that one of the Gold Mines will be locate in Washington District of Columbia. The United States puts out far more damage than any other country located in North and South America. This will be an excellent opportunity for American citizens to earn some extra gold.

But the gold mine will also likely bring war. With only 5 gold mines in the entire world, there is a good chance that a country will make an attempt on the American mine. The District of Colmbia is very close to the border, and an invasion by either Poland or Serbia could be in the works. There is also the chance that a nation will airstrike the region.

The White House is asking all Americans to pay close attention to the Deparment of Defense Orders, as well as the shout feed. If war is coming to our shores, President Vanek will make sure that everyone is receiving the latest updates on what will likely be a quickly developing situation.


As mentioned above, Plato has also opened up the donation page for airstrikes. An airstrike is a law that the president can propose. It allows the country to have a battle against a nation that they do not border. So, the United States could attack Hungary directly. Or Japan could attack Ireland.

In order to be able to launch an airstrike, the country must collect enough units of food, as well as amass a certain amount of currency. The United States currently has enough currency to launch an airstrike, but we are in desperate need of food.

To that end, we are asking everyone to donate as much of their extra food as possible.

-Please go to the USA Military page.
-Click on the Contribute button.
-Enter the amount of food you want to donate

Although President Vanek does not have any plans to launch an airstrike, it is a good ability to have in our arsenal. It would allow us to strike deep into enemy territory, or create a damage drain battle if an ally was in danger. Or even to kill Pig Disgustings.

Anti Take Over

On Monday, the United States will have Congressional Elections. Please remember to take a few moments and log in to vote. This is important in limiting our enemies’ influence. Every vote counts, and each Congressman that is part of a Top 4 party is one more that is not a puppet of the AFA. Please vote for one of these parties on Monday:

Federalist Party
American Military Party
We The People
United States Workers Party

Each of those parties will have a plethora of quality candidates. Please take a moment or two and vote for your favorite on Monday.

Recommended Reading:

| The President's Newspaper | Speaker's Word | DoD Civilian Orders | Dept of Education | Dept of Interior |

| White House Press Room | Pony Express | eNPR Radio |

Join a Military or Militia:

| US Civilian MU | Air Force Flight Training | Special Forces | Rogue Squadron | Ultramarines |

| EZ Company |SEAL Team 6 | | Sons of Liberty | Bear Cavalry | Pickle's Patriots |Cannon Cockers |



n0s3 Day 1,950, 10:43

~whale noises~

n0s3 Day 1,950, 10:49

IS. < 3

James S. Brady Press Room
James S. Brady Press Room Day 1,950, 10:47

Please donate some extra food!!

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 1,950, 10:49


MazzyCat Day 1,950, 10:51

Meow! ♥

Strength and Honour

Petey Alazar
Petey Alazar Day 1,950, 10:54


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,950, 10:56

What is the District of Colmbia?

Learn to SPELL CHECK your propaganda

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 1,950, 15:34

happns to everbody : )

Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Day 1,950, 19:10

Couldnt find anything else to nitpick? You are losing your edge....

kavinaugh Day 1,950, 19:19

what is epicfailing?


AWEsome567 Day 1,950, 22:47

happens to everyone

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,952, 10:35

4 people voted for this epic fail comment from a legendary fail guy. Yes, Legendary fail applies when an epic fail is already not enough to label this guy. I thought you lost your interest on the game... Oh wait, I forgot... this is your RL and you're just a forever alone living in your mother's basement... I'm sorry, I pity you and your miserable life.

Martin Stettler Day 1,950, 11:01

Comment deleted

HeapSeppo Day 1,950, 11:01

How would CoT stand to such an attempt by Serbia/Poland? Considering TWO and CoT stand close to each other, how would this effect our position in CoT? Would we be denied as a full member of CoT or would they break away from TWO?

Dio Hostilian Day 1,950, 15:38

Comment deleted

HeapSeppo Day 1,950, 16:43

Did you reply to wrong person? Because I quite surely did not speak about Air striking someone.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 1,950, 16:53

I thought you were replying to "So, the United States could attack Hungary directly.". Also, I don't know why canceling the reply on my comment resulted in deletion of my comment. I probably clicked on the wrong spot 🙁

Btw, what were you speaking of, then?

HeapSeppo Day 1,950, 17:04

There is a chance that Poland will try to snatch our Gold Mine as it said in the article. How does CoT stand to this?

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 1,951, 03:03

Ah, ok. First, I think South Africa and Australia/New Zealand are easier targets for Poland. Also, I doubt CoT would react too much. Macedonia and Bulgaria would be busy trying to snatch the mine from Turkey, Chile from South Africa, and others are mostly irrelevant as a major force. I'd expect the gold mines to be able to break the alliances. We'll have to wait and see what next week will bring.

The Mike
The Mike Day 1,951, 03:19

Because of our trial membership in CoT, Serbia and Poland are unlikely to have such an attack in mind. Furthermore, as Hostilian mentioned - they would deffo prefer easier targets (having in mind one of these two would deffo have a gold mine too, so will need to defend it from EDEN 😛)

Anyway, let's donate some food first : ))

WayneKerr Day 1,951, 06:38

Hopefully it would bring TWO v CoT closer. But I can't see Poland taking the eUSA Mine... Far too much effort!

Thedillpickl Day 1,950, 11:04

WTF? I tried to get people to invest in the airstrike option when it first came out. I dumped a shit pile of food there. I MEAN A SHIT PILE! I was about the only one that did. Now after everyone told me what a dumb ass I was, that the airstrike option was a waste of resources, now all of a sudden this is a great idea. Go suck hind tit, no food for you.

Umm... Also scroll down to Florida.
See the word "CAPITOL"?

HeapSeppo Day 1,950, 11:06

Yes it's our in game capital, but the gold mine will be placed in the IRL capital. 😮

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 1,950, 13:00

Glove was President. It was horribly mismanaged. Also, it's RL capital. Not ingame.

Thomas Wessel
Thomas Wessel Day 1,950, 16:29

IRL do you see Florida as the capitol of the USA? Go learn geography and then talk or maybe read the article thoroughly beforehand. Dont be so mad about it, even though I cant imagine how bad you must have felt about donating a lot of food all by yourself. It wasnt mandatory so it was completely your fault. Dont blame others for your stupidity and btw this is a game. Calm down.

Thedillpickl Day 1,950, 19:58

@IS, some of the same people I see in my shout box saying "donate food" were the same ones calling me an idiot. Guess I shouldn't be surprised as the game does roll in waves like that doesn't it?

Also I just skimmed the article as I quickly realized that it didn't pertain to me. I have no idea what the catch is but I'm sure admin has something in mind. 😃:D Thanks for explaining RL capitol.

@Thomas Wessel, who the f are you? You didn't even put your reply under the correct comment. You've placed yours under Israel's comment. Why don't you go "do something" in a game you obviously know nothing about before you criticize others for having an opinion?

Sozo Day 1,950, 20:21

He wasn't criticizing your opinion, just the fact that you were wrong. :3

Thedillpickl Day 1,951, 09:42

@Sozo, as you are not a n00b I will speak to you as someone that should know better. How am I wrong? I have thanked Israel for pointing out my error about the 'capitol' meaning the RL capitol. I have admitted that I only skimmed the article because I'm not interested.

TW is most definitely criticizing my opinion about the fact that I donated several thousand USD worth (at the time the price was higher if you recall) food for the airstrike option. My opinion is and will remain that I was trolled, ignored and told to STFU by Congress. You weren't there, TW wasn't there so I would really like to know why you think you should be telling me that my opinion is wrong. Glove was a crappy PotUS but that doesn't excuse the way others treated me. (BTW, no I'm not butthurt. I do however have a good memory when it comes to people who have screwed me around. So bite me.)

Could the airstrike actually be used to an advantage as suggested? I don't care. If it works for you great.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,951, 12:07


Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,951, 02:58

I also remember when the entire Government stood against the Air Strike as a stupid waste of money and food. On the eUS Forums me or anyone who spoke in support of the Air Strike were trolled into oblivion....

Thedillpickl Day 1,951, 09:46

Thank you CHS. It is nice that someone around here has a f'ing memory, especially one that is not selective according to how political winds blow.

Kain Propan
Kain Propan Day 1,950, 11:23

>calling another nation pig disgusting
>is a member of Cowards & Traitors

Oh the irony.
: 😨 😨 D

Animis Day 1,950, 11:51

Are you forgetting America's newest and most exciting Party "The Seed" - a future Top 5! 🙂

Cubby Day 1,950, 11:53

The Seed has been planted.

Mr. A. Smith
Mr. A. Smith Day 1,950, 12:44

just add water and a forest will grow

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 1,950, 15:40

or add oil and the forest will burn

JyM23 Day 1,950, 12:54

Air strike! Voted.

SteXmaN Day 1,950, 16:38


Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Day 1,950, 17:20

Dude, Swedes are bros, get it right

El Senso
El Senso Day 1,950, 20:05

mate plz donate some shiriniii

Norbengo Day 1,951, 03:55

Yeah, like who would we airstrike anyway...

Cicero Alvez
Cicero Alvez Day 1,951, 11:14

if we strike someone, we'll win, and get bonus. so no. we'll not strike anyone.

supersob Day 1,951, 05:02

Comment deleted

realjjj Day 1,951, 05:04

lol nice way of not getting a mine. Instead of building enthusiasm about getting one you are preparing to defend what you won't have.
There isn't even a freaking NE , the eUS has a chance to win it but not with this attitude.
Arrogance is for fools....

Delevic Ljubomir
Delevic Ljubomir Day 1,951, 10:31


Cicero Alvez
Cicero Alvez Day 1,951, 11:11

we won't get that goldmine unless we NE someone. american only fight seriously when it's our fight, not allies. so, here is my idea: since we have to secure washington eventually, why not take few adjacent region to provide a bumper area for washington, so when we get that goldmine, we could more effectively save-guarded it.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,951, 12:10

Don't under estimate the power of gold, even fake gold; that gold mine will be like blood in the water to a shark -who btw are born swimming....

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,951, 12:13

Good luck to America, Easy Company and the USAF...just try to keep up boys...!


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