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[Statham4POTUS] - Foreign Affairs & eBabies

Dita 1,898, 11:06 E Publikuar në USA SHBA nga Jason Statham Jr

Hello America!

I know that in my last article i've said my 3rd article will be my last, but i've change my mind, i think a 4th article would be better than to make this article a very long one. Nobody likes long boring articles right? ^^

Here is what i have published so far:

1st article [Statham4POTUS] - The Announcement -

2nd article [Statham4POTUS] - Power to the people -

Foreign Affairs

Foreign affairs are a mess right now. We are considered by most of our old allies a bad friend. We are doing everything CoT wants us to do just so we get full membership status; is that worth backstabbing old friends? Like we just did a few days ago with eAustralia, a friend that has been there for us when we needed. Is that the american way? Backstab your friends just to make new ones that you think are better, but actually the old ones are the best friends you had? No, thats not the american way, and you know it. My plans in foreign affairs are to stabilize our relations with old friends. Who we have abandoned just so that CoT would love us. Where was CoT when we were practically trying to serve Taiwan to them on a plate? Did you see CoT tanking like crazy? How our old friends would have done if we wouldn't of abandoned them in our search for new friends with a “ bigger house to party and a better home cinema system”. My objective is that at the end of my term, eUSA will have back at least some of our old and good friends.

I present you my Secretary of State Jefferson Locke

Jefferson Locke is the kind of guy we all want to be, diplomatic, cool, funny and loves to put his hands truly into the gritty part of cabinet and do the best he can. I know he is the right person for the job and i trust he will do a great job.

- eBabies, Education and Interior -

eBabies, they are what we need to defeat the PTO threat, we need to take better care of them, supply them with all they need to grow up fast, food, weapons, money. We need to start showing them the lovely community this game has cause lets face it, the game pretty much sucks if you don’t buy gold.
Our mentorship program needs to be more active, it needs to keep working all month not just 1-2 weeks and then its over, we give up. This cannot happen again!

I present you Sec of Interior rainy sunday

An undyingly dedicated worker, who's basically the mother figure for half the eRep Community, and has contributed more to the community than anyone I can think of, maybe even ligtreb. Overall, one of the most reliable players to ever be in the game.

Sec of Education Gnilraps

former Secretary of Defense eUSA, former Economics Council Member, former Vice President eUSA, former Secretary of Media x4, former Commander of Easy Company, Congressman x7, former Federalist Party President x4, what do you need to know more about these man? He is pure awesome, and he has accepted the challenge to be Secretary of Education.

I'm expecting lots of things from the education and interior departments, as i said i want the mentorship program to be a bit more aggressive but in the same time gentle as a mother. I will expect educational articles at least 2 times per week. I love the new idea the current SoE has of doing video tutorials, I was thinking a series of videos tutorials starting from when you just created your account until you reach a certain level, with all the information you need, each video should not be too long so it will not get boring but in the same time long enough to include some important info in it.

- Media -

The Media department has been kinda edead in the last few weeks, in Cerb's term for example you had the chance to read article in which different cabinet members were interviewed, in which a reporter would analysed our current state of war, or just funny cartoons that always made me laugh. We need that back and for that i have invited and he has accepted ...*drum sounds*...

Secretary of Media - Civil Anarchy

What can i tell you about this guy that you don't know yet? He has been 5 times Sec. of Media in the past, he has the skills and all that is needed to be one of the best Secretary of Media in the eHistory of eUSA!

As you may know, for the people to be able to have the power to have an opinion and decision depending on the case, we will need some tech stuff done to ensure the fairness of the system, for that we will have a Chief Technological Officer.

I present you Mike Ontry

This guy is a real life genius when it comes to coding, creating voting programs and making sure they are running smoothly.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for my 4th and last article that will include:

# Final thoughts
# Full cabinet

Don’t forget to vote in your party’s primary; a vote for Jason Statham Jr is a vote for the people of the eUSA!

If you want to be part of my super cool cabinet fill my [Statham4POTUS] form here !
If you have questions feel free to pm me, I am happy to answer any questions

And don't forget to report suspicious activity to the DHS



Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dita 1,898, 11:29

This is actually really pointless because even if you PM'd all the PTO parties to vote for you in their primary, JK was already chosen by Herr Fluffer.

BugsBunnyz Dita 1,898, 11:40


Jason Statham Jr
Jason Statham Jr Dita 1,898, 11:53


The only PTO parties are AFA and Neutral Alliance (former American Euro Union) and you can be sure that i did not PM'ed neither of those 2 parties LOL

stewy Dita 1,898, 12:21

Here ajay, you should just use this for every future response - "This is actually really pointless because i'm ajay and what I say matters because I am insane in the membrane"

some good ppl on there. I learned alot watching rainy in my young days, so I'll agree on the mother figure part

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dita 1,898, 12:21

Great team! Mike Ontry is God.

Harald von Uleaborgir
Harald von Uleaborgir Dita 1,898, 12:28

Old friends back!

Andrew Carnagie
Andrew Carnagie Dita 1,898, 12:31

LOVE Ontry's pic! Voted

Luna30 Dita 1,898, 12:49

v 446

Mister Y
Mister Y Dita 1,898, 12:58

Great equipe, voted.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dita 1,898, 13:06

you PTO'd JS's name

should call his agent.....

Norbengo Dita 1,898, 13:27

All I see is:

"blah blah blah..."
and on the 4th:
"ok, pfeiffer I wont run this month..."

Stolch Dita 1,898, 14:12

So basically you're saying USA will stop it's trial membership in CoT, leave the alliance and apply to EDEN?

That si what I parafrase form all the ambiguous mentioning of betrayal, old friends, loyalty and the rest of the catch phrases from the EDEN diplomacy dictionary.....

Thedillpickl Dita 1,898, 14:18

When were you going to come public with this information? Just NOW?!

How reprehensible! You should have given the public a chance to know who you were planning to choose for your cabinet instead of sneaking around the back rooms of IRC and making secret PM's to your cronies. Now we see just how open and transparent you are Jason.

Sounds stupid don't it? You are a poor choice for CP because you can't even defend your position on the shit you use for propaganda. Come out and apologize for saying stupid shit just to make yourself popular and I will leave you alone. Keep acting like it didn't happen and I will ride you until you disappear. (You are my political project since I've got free time.)

Jason Statham Jr
Jason Statham Jr Dita 1,898, 14:45

eRichard Parker

I didn't say we will join EDEN lol where did you see that?

What I am saying is that the citizens of the eUSA will decide if we stay in CoT or not

Squirtious Maximus

You need to find another hobby dude, trolling isn't your best talent

Jason Statham Jr
Jason Statham Jr Dita 1,898, 14:59

Ronald Gipper Reagan

And you PTOed Reagan's name....

should i call him then? oh wait he is dead....i should just sue you for every penny you've got because you are insulting his name by your actions.


fingerguns Dita 1,898, 15:23

You want to drastically change our foreign policy direction so you choose someone who completely agrees with our current foreign policy direction?

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Dita 1,898, 15:39

If its the best person for the job, why would he not pick them? Only a moron surrounds themselves with YesMen if they are running for CP....

Oh wait....

fingerguns Dita 1,898, 15:49

psssst your ignorance is showing

Shermain Dita 1,898, 16:03

I thought I saw a link where chat lines where published.....?

Mr Crumpets
Mr Crumpets Dita 1,898, 16:07

@Jason - if both you and I win our CP races (eUSA and eAustralia) - hopefully we can sit down and chat and repair the relations between our two countries.

Jason Statham Jr
Jason Statham Jr Dita 1,898, 16:28


ignorance? lol I asked JLo to be my SoS long before i even declared i will run for POTUS and he has not pm'ed telling me he doesn't wan't to be my SoS anymore.

Mr Crumpets

If i win, ofc we can sit down and i'm all for repairing the relation between our two countries.

John Largo
John Largo Dita 1,898, 17:17

Good Luck President Statham!

Thedillpickl Dita 1,898, 18:19

Mr Crumpets
Day 1,898, 16:07
"@Jason - if both you and I win our CP races (eUSA and eAustralia) - hopefully we can sit down and chat and repair the relations between our two countries."

Jason Statham Jr
Day 1,898, 16:28
"Mr Crumpets

If i win, ofc we can sit down and i'm all for repairing the relation between our two countries."

See! That is how all your conversations should be handled as long as you are running for CP! Be open and forthcoming with the public. Hide nothing, reveal all. Now start posting ALL your campaign shit. WE THE PEOPLE demand to know what is going on. You said we deserve to know. Why are you hiding what you say? Are you two faced? Why all the secrecy? Got something to hide?

(Bad troll indeed. xD )

fingerguns Dita 1,898, 19:19

Was talking to our Aussie troll, Jason.

J A R A K Dita 1,898, 21:46

Very bad deal

Andrew Carnagie
Andrew Carnagie Dita 1,898, 21:46

jaSON! Keep coming with the articles.

Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Dita 1,899, 00:23

God damn, just when you thought he couldn`t get more retarded.

scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Dita 1,899, 03:23

Say no to a fingerguns government.

mirdirir Dita 1,899, 03:37

right call on foreign affairs.

Nine Arts Dragon
Nine Arts Dragon Dita 1,899, 07:11

Voted hard. But im not hard.

klop123 Dita 1,899, 08:59

This guys should win and put eUSA back on track!


Say no to a fingerguns government. x2

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Dita 1,899, 11:04

Say no to a fingerguns government. x2

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Dita 1,899, 11:48

@Supporters of Jason:,24245.0.html

Read especially pages 2 & 3. I was initially not sure between JK and Jason, but this thread clearly shows that Jason is unfortunately unfit to be the POTUS.

Number11 Dita 1,899, 12:26

Where was
CoT when we were practically trying to
serve Taiwan to them on a plate? Did
you see CoT tanking like crazy?

No they didnt becouse we fight for EDEN member.

FunctionNine Dita 1,899, 12:58

Why not just run Gnilraps for president?

Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras Dita 1,899, 13:00

LOL sorry you lost my vote now.

stephen s
stephen s Dita 1,899, 18:41

Lol i liked how that richard parker guy tried trolling by saying how he went behind our backs by picking his cabinet info.... Dont those sort of choices happen by secret pms and eventually get published?? which is what happened in this case?

USMarineCorps Dita 1,899, 21:19

Great article! Voted and subed

**······FEEL THE AMPS········*********************Destroy AFA!

Viarizi Dita 1,900, 04:30

Say no to a fingerguns government. x3

@USMarineCorps clone much?

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