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[SOS] Election & Tokyo Express

Day 1,845, 14:44 Published in Japan Austria by Oraizan

It was a boring election this time around, ne?

Country President Elections
Elections went better than they should have, as my total support should have been 36 votes but received 57. (ISP and SOS total 36 at the time) So thank you to everybody outside the official supporting parties who voted for me, and thank you ISP and my Brigade members for the support! Even though I lost, as usual I will keep doing my work my way, titles are not needed to help eJapan and work in Foreign Affairs. Such is the way of the Neutral Politicians~

That being said, one of my main concerns and reasons for running was to create a legitimate second candidate. For small countries, in the event of a PTO or IRL national disaster it's important to have two candidates on the ballot. Should the first be unable to reach internet for a long period of time, the second can be used to push the button's for the first president and his cabinet through impeachment.

I have done this in Austria twice (reason for not having two of the 3 CP medals I should have) and I've seen countries like indonesia struggle due to such events and not having a second candidate.

Thus; This month should go smoothly. At least as smooth as it could go. Although I'll be honest and say I do not have high hopes for this term as I'd have liked a second term with a unity president. It’s unfortunate that none ran to win. Regardless of outcomes and titles, those who care for eJapan will be here and will work for her until the end. No vote was wasted.

Party Elections
Party elections are coming up again, and I am running again. I have not done as much as I wanted, due to the situations with eJapan and my IRL situation at work, I've been very busy with other work which took priority.

The charter is mostly done however, and I'm working towards a global SOS Forum as was discussed with our members. I want to remind our members that if you wish to take part in congress elections I have to know ahead of time!

Just to let everybody outside my party know, I have also proposed that ISP and SOS work together to bring new people into eJapan. As ISP has the most active members outside eRepublik and resemble the SOS Politic of activity and neutrality. What we do will be between the two parties and whoever takes part. But anybody outside these two and outside eJapan are welcome to join in. I'd like to try and bring in IRL Japanese also, and for that we'll need as many people as we can get, especially those who can actually write in Japanese.

This will be my main goal as PP this term and the next. Forums, and new faces.

More information can be found here. It’s still partly outdated though. x.x

Tokyo Express
As you know, I cannot stand countries having a bad opinion of us. I was under the impression that the Serbian-Bulgarian situation was being dealt with, and it was not. For more information go here.

I quickly approached them, as to not have our reputation ruined. The outcome has been positive. On the forum the discussion has just started, and I hope all citizens will take part this time around. Make sure you voice your opinion.

If you have any questions I'm open to them. Contact me in eRep or on IRC. If you want to talk to one of the leaders, you can find Robert E.Lee 1861 in-game, (click his name) on IRC as MilossF, and/or on the forum discussion about it.

Lets not make citizens who fought for our independence wait for answers any longer than necessary.

As always,
For eJapan! o7
~ Oraizan


Kinjiro Tachibana
Kinjiro Tachibana Day 1,845, 14:55

Voted! : 3

Indeed these elections were boring as hell

Koragi Day 1,845, 15:01

Voted! Lets push for Tokyo Express!

Kinjiro Tachibana
Kinjiro Tachibana Day 1,845, 16:16

Someone said Tokyo Express?

Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Day 1,845, 16:30


Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 1,845, 19:31

"Lets not make citizens who fought for our independence wait for answers any longer than necessary. " x2
Updated link for 'Tokyou Express' discussion:

Nanashi Senshi
Nanashi Senshi Day 1,846, 04:00


Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Day 1,846, 05:41

Voted :3

Auraborus Day 1,846, 05:53

"Lets not make citizens who fought for our independence wait for answers any longer than necessary. " x3

Shiro Yasha WD
Shiro Yasha WD Day 1,846, 06:33


Lonqu Day 1,846, 07:45


Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 1,846, 08:35

I love your articles. : )

You got one more active subscriber o/

Oraizan Day 1,846, 19:05

Thanks! o7
I hope I continue to live up to your expectations.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,847, 00:48

approved-voted-subscribed o7

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