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[SC] ONE is dead! Long live TWO!

Dita 1,720, 23:51 E Publikuar në China Kina nga mihail.cazacu

I know a lot of EDEN players are proud to see yet another enemy alliance crumbles. This weekend ONE went down the same path as Phoenix and PEACE.

But which path is that, exactly?

Every time those alliances were "disbanded" they re-emerged with basically the same core members. The only thing which had changed was the relative importance of the core members.

The underlying philosophy of PEACE/Phoenix/ONE is "might makes it right". They apply it both externally, by invading their weaker neighbors, and internally, by fighting for influence inside the alliance.

PEACE became Phoenix when Serbia replaced Indonesia. Phoenix became ONE when Poland replaced Hungary. Now Serbia's power is dwindling and just like the Indonesians and the Hungarians before them, the Serbs are discovering Spain and Poland aren't of much help. So it's time for a new alliance, with the same members, but a different pecking order.

Some eager beavers started to have wet dreams about Serbia and Hungary quitting ONE for good. By quitting it for good I mean Serbia and Hungary to actually drop their MPPs with Poland, Spain and FYROM.

For some naive souls that would be a great idea because they would love to be allied with Poland and Spain but they loathe Serbia and Hungary.

For another kind of daydreamers, that would be great because they imagine Hungary might get unleashed towards the former Soviet space while Serbia would follow their Real Life saying "when in doubt, hit a Bulgarian, that way you cannot be wrong".

Wake up guys!

None of that is going to happen!!!

ONE is dead indeed. But it would be replaced by TWO, a "new" alliance of the same eRepublik's bullies and juniors. TWO would be the same old PEACE/Phoenix/ONE, this time with Serbia and Hungary swallowing the bitter pill and accepting they don't call the shots anymore.

EDEN kicked the butt of PEACE out of North America, China and India. Then EDEN wiped out the floor with Phoenix. Then humiliated ONE by wiping out each of its members in spite of ONE being the most powerful alliance eRepublik has ever seen.

And in July, in spite of being deprived of the American MPPs and with ~50% of the Chines players firewalled out of the game, EDEN kicked butt again and ensured that all our members got a Congress.

So is there any shred of doubt we will have lots of fun with TWO?

EDEN, kicking butt since 2009!



sagaWF Dita 1,720, 23:54

Hail Mihail

Boyan Dita 1,720, 23:55

Brotherhood is dead. EDEN is dead. Cut the crap.

gggeeeooo Dita 1,720, 23:56

o7 bro

Ronisu Dita 1,720, 23:56

An inspirational message Mihail. Awesome reality check as well, it is good to consider these things. Let us look to the future though, perhaps one with restored North American MPPs and such. 🙂

Titless fairy
Titless fairy Dita 1,720, 23:57



Mikael Kanto
Mikael Kanto Dita 1,720, 23:58

Fairy tale!

DANl1640 Dita 1,720, 23:58

" ensured that all our members got a Congress"

that's called vegatation

Misho,how are things in Romania?trouble in paradise,huh?

For another kind of daydreamers,BG is never coming back to the muslim damagehood!

Titless fairy
Titless fairy Dita 1,720, 23:59

I did not know that religion exists in ER, beside Theocracy and Dioism. xD

Wildrunner Dita 1,721, 00:12

oh lol, meanwhile romania is considering about leaving the dmghood x D

TTi09 Dita 1,721, 00:17

EDEN, kicking butt since 2009!

curcubitator Dita 1,721, 00:19

BAD LUCK Mihail strikes again:

Dellodas Dita 1,721, 00:22

Eden Reigns Supreme !!!

mihail.cazacu Dita 1,721, 00:24

@Wildrunner: In your [wet] dreams. Only there.

Doctor  Faust
Doctor Faust Dita 1,721, 00:26

EDEN, kicking butt since 2009! LOL


Wildrunner Dita 1,721, 00:31

problems in paraside, mihail? why so nervous x D

Rjis Dita 1,721, 00:34

EDEN, kicking butt since 2009!

4ndre1 Dita 1,721, 00:45

BAD LUCK Mihail strikes again:
and now the big question is
when will eden disband?

LindaZhang Dita 1,721, 01:06


direct x
direct x Dita 1,721, 01:18

I don`t see anymore the word "brotherhood" in this article. in fact for Eden, the word does NOT exist anymore. And for an alliance that was constructed with this word as the "mortar" for all the "bricks" involved, this is it`s last "swan song".

Emerick Dita 1,721, 01:36

Break up Eden for god sakes - half the world knows they're dead, the other half is too busy sucking up Eden propaganda to see past their own nose. It's time for something new

Daemoner Dita 1,721, 01:46

Currently EDEN and CoT remain the only alliances with "equality" of members concept. However, CoT is ruled by mighty eBUL and it is easy for them to rule. EDEN is a different story. Try to unite pro-Russia eIreland and anti-Russia eUkraine. This is task.

Zimniy Veter
Zimniy Veter Dita 1,721, 01:49

I don't care about EDEN or any new alliance as long as Cromania is in it.

mihail.cazacu Dita 1,721, 02:18


Incidentally the half of the eWorld who "knows" EDEN is dead is not in EDEN. That half of the eWorld kept setting up alliances only to see them crumble year after year.

So after ONE, the "half of the world" would try TWO. And TWO will also have its butt kicked by EDEN. Some people never learn. Not even the hard way.

Karlo FTW
Karlo FTW Dita 1,721, 02:47

eden became to massive alliance,and its not even close to one from 2009
some members are geting deleted and some are like canada,or ukraine insisting on pointless wars and ofc ukrn didnt get any kind of suspension ..
other members for example are sleeping completly like israel,norway,urugvay or netherland..they are small countries but they dont have any organized MU that could help eden when its italy or bih have.. eden need big change or it will die also..

Ivan Terible
Ivan Terible Dita 1,721, 08:18



Moshu Novac
Moshu Novac Dita 1,721, 08:53

EDEN, kicking butt since 2009!

Oldwang Dita 1,721, 12:04


Yoman.Kung Dita 1,721, 18:39

And in July, in spite of being deprived of the American MPPs and with ~50% of the Chines players firewalled out of the game, EDEN kicked butt again and ensured that all our members got a Congress.


Jasonnor Dita 1,721, 20:00

V good article o7

JyM22 Dita 1,721, 21:03

Good job Mihail, but I really don't think this horse is going to stand up again.

Xenon Ng
Xenon Ng Dita 1,721, 21:09

Well said

Kirk.Xu Dita 1,722, 02:48


Panzerkom Dita 1,722, 08:57

alliances come and go. but war, war never changes

enderaggie Dita 1,722, 10:07

Two sayings:
"The more things change...the more they stay the same"
"All this has happened before, and all this will happen again."

Zelja Dita 1,722, 18:00

EDEN, kicking butt since 2009!

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