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[MoD] Day 1874 Battle Orders UPDATE 23:30 erep time

Day 1,873, 01:50 Published in Switzerland Peru by VaIentine MD

Greece - Makkah
Fight for Bulgaria

Bulgaria - Al Madinah
Fight for Bulgaria

Argentina - Argentine Northwest
Fight for Chile

To get 10 Q7 tanks you have to:
1. have Swiss citizenship
2. defeat 25 enemies in one of the battles set as orders by MoD
3. make screenshot from battle statistics
4. comment article with orders with link to your screenshot (You can use for example
5. wait for tanks

Swiss MoD.


MadelineJoshua Day 1,873, 01:57


Versuchskaninchen Day 1,873, 03:03

only for players with swiss cs?

VaIentine MD
VaIentine MD Day 1,873, 05:06


VaIentine MD
VaIentine MD Day 1,873, 05:43
I made 25 kills in one of the battles from orders and got 10 Q7 tanks. You can get them too! Read

Versuchskaninchen Day 1,873, 07:26


VaIentine MD
VaIentine MD Day 1,874, 01:25

Hunter4Life123, bowen199 sent for 1873. ; )

xxCloveR333xx Day 1,874, 02:55

I'm not sure if it qualifies, but my DO order was to fight for Chile in Patagonia 😕

VaIentine MD
VaIentine MD Day 1,874, 03:05

xxCloveR333xx, if you want to get tanks, you have to fight in one of the battle from MoD's article. ; )

zubaran Day 1,875, 01:44

xxCloveR333xx Day 1,875, 17:18

Will do next time 🙂

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