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[MoCH] Cultural Awards: MoD of the Year

Day 1,830, 00:02 Published in Japan Japan by DankChronic

The Cultural Awards is a once a year event to honor those that have protected, maintained, and improved the eJapanese Community and Culture. eJapan has had a rough year, but through these rough times there have been some players willing to step up and do their best for the benefit of eJapan. This event is here to recognize those players and to remember their hard work.

Reaching the half way point and still got three more categories after this one, you can see a list of them at the bottom. Opening our 4th Category, Minister of Defense of the Year is now accepting nominations. We hope to recognize the person who worked the hardest to bring eJapan at its strongest in these times of occupation, and brought out a better military. With our small nation and the many changes our military went through over the year, who do you believe deserves the recognition of being the Minister of Defense of the Year.

Nominations for this Category “Minister of Defense of the Year” will be open till 00:00 1,833.

Those who were nominated for "Artist of the Year":
Daisuke Hideyoshi

Those who were nominated for "Newspaper of the Year":
"Gougai" By Ahava3233
"Lucky Channel" By Kagami Hiiragi
"Fruit.txt" By FruitCommando

Those who were nominated for "Citizen of the Year":
Alfred Ball
Koppanyi Ferenc
Kagami Hiiragi

Upcoming Categories:
MoCH of the Year
CP of the Year
Troll of the Year

Minister of Culture & History: DankChronic
Vice Minister of Culture & History: Hakaisha


Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Day 1,830, 01:26


Squibeel Day 1,830, 09:49


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