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[KSA] Short Personal Intro + CoAS/MUC + WD [January 2013]

Day 1,875, 14:04 Published in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia by I-G-D
Dear citizens of eSaudi Arabia,

In the following term of January 2013, I’m going to have the honor to work in the Ministry of Defence, as well as serve my 6th term as Vice-President (and 3rd term as Adviser). This is sort of an introductory article, so please read it carefully.

Short Personal Introduction

Most of you already know me quite well, as I’ve been a citizen of eSaudi Arabia for nearly 20 months, but because of the new Baby Boom, I’m sure that many newer players don’t have much clue about who exactly I am. I’m I-G-D (pretty logical, isn’t it) but you can call me Ivan if you want (that’s my Real-Life name). I’ve had a lot of positions in the eSaudi Governments from the previous terms. Most noticeably, my “CV” includes 7 terms as eSaudi President, 5 terms as Vice-President and 7 terms as Minister of Foreign Affairs, as well as a few terms as Adviser and most recently, the Weapon Distributor. In addition to speaking English fluently, I also know some French, so if you speak at least one of these languages, feel free to talk to me whenever you need my help. If you speak only Arabic and don’t know English or French, then you can talk to the others from the Government who speak Arabic. I’m usually active on Rizon, with my regular nick I-G-D (like in eRepublik).

My new term in the Ministry of Defence

I will be holding the positions of Chief of Army Staff and Military Unit Commander (CoAS/MUC, that’s one function), and the Weapon Distributor (the second). First of all, in order to make fighting more efficient, we need to synchronize our Military Unit Daily Orders, and write down Military Orders not only in Military Units, but via articles as well, when needed. The Military Informants (Nekor75 & Anoir Guevara) will have the latter as their main duty, but in this introductory article I will write down the basics about where fighting would be appropriate (where you can, where it’s recommended, where you can’t, etc.).

Countries for whom we fight :
~~~ eSaudi Arabia (logical)
~~~ ePakistan

Countries against whom we can’t fight :
~~~ eGreece (we have a signed agreement with them, so please DON’T FIGHT AGAINST eGREECE)

Our Daily Orders will be either for eSaudi Arabia or ePakistan, and if there aren’t any battles for these two countries, it will be for some random country, just so that our citizens could complete it. This means that all Military Units must set up “for Pakistan” as their first priority, and they can randomize all the others without putting “for Saudi Arabia” (because Daily Orders for eSaudi can be set up manually, and if this is a priority, we can get a battle against eGreece for the Daily Order, which is not acceptable) or “for ___” where ___ is any country having a war with eGreece (same reason).

As for the Weapon Distribution program, things are going quite well, you can see how the G-document looks here.

Other recommended articles

دليل مساعدة للاعبين العرب الجديدة
~~~ by Hazem95

[SaM] Tips for Arab youth [encore]
~~~ by Abdullah Australi

End of December and Coming January 2013 Government in eSaudi Arabia
~~~ by Venrick von Lucia

If you need anything, feel free to contact me.

Vice-President & CoAS/MUC of eSaudi Arabia

P.S. : Here is the Arabic version. Thanks a lot to Anoir Guevara for translating. 🙂


Anthony Tony Soprano
Anthony Tony Soprano Day 1,875, 14:06

voted !

banovano magare
banovano magare Day 1,875, 14:09


SajIer Day 1,875, 14:12


hazem95 Day 1,875, 14:26

voted, very nice

hazem95 Day 1,875, 14:26


Waruda Day 1,875, 14:37


Anoir Guevara
Anoir Guevara Day 1,875, 14:39

voted / i will translate it to arabic now

Gustav IV
Gustav IV Day 1,875, 16:03

v o7

eMacedon Day 1,875, 16:09


Nekor75 Day 1,875, 16:15

v o7

mounir Day 1,875, 16:22

Voted. Nice job I-G-D

Nikolay Romanov SRB HN
Nikolay Romanov SRB HN Day 1,875, 16:28


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