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[FFP] Aquitaine or Azores. Why we made the wrong choice?

Day 1,859, 06:38 Published in France Russia by Mr. Alex Great

Read. Vote. Shout.

1. First our officials announce about @pack MW pour la bataille d'Aquitaine@
2. Some players (including myself) decided to inject a serious amount of damage.
3. During the second round:
-Change of plans, France packs for Portugal ! 🙂
-Friends and Allies of Portugal
Fight with us in Azores

I believe that this was a serious error:

-UK vs. Portugal its was CoD for Serbia. We will still fight against them, but now in the CoD battle and not for our region (when we dont have any region).
-This is a battle of world level. Our damage does not solve anything.
-Our young men do not get a True patriots point
-99% of eFrench do not have any chance to take medal BH in this battle

Why we made the wrong choice?

I am confident that Portugal would understand France if we were fighting for OUR CORE region.

You say, then we will still lose battle for Aquitaine? Possible. But our players will get advantages from this, which I described above.

Am I right or not - you decide.
But today I spent 17.000.000 damage for eFrance in battle for Aquitaine.

Battle for Aquitaine:
Battle for Azores:

What you choose?


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Mr.Alex Great

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LeTaulier Day 1,859, 07:51

We're supposed to be a family in the alliance. And as the score is 73 to 70 it is quite normal that we help them because victory is possible & near, they would do the same for us. After I understand that it is frustrating for the eFrench people, we unfortunately can not play both ways and has already swung damage for nothing.

Expressif Day 1,859, 07:57

Sorry for you that you're forced to spend 17M for nothing. But the French government is irresponsible and incapable of making serious decisions.
Now we have to wait for the next elections hope to finally have a government that can liberate us.

LeTaulier Day 1,859, 08:08

You did not entirely wrong to ask this question and you dug a touchy subject:
Is that the French are investing background for such cooperation ? If this is the case, is what the French receive enough help in return ?
But actually & as said before, there is also a big problem of coordination and communication within government.

Bob.Kelso Day 1,859, 08:42

you should buy a pony, it definitely bring answers to any question.

Tototwalker Day 1,859, 09:24

I am sorry but you are wrong.

Torfyn Day 1,859, 10:48

French government of December sucks, and that's why we won't even have a Congress. Sorry about that.

ZuPerFouras Day 1,860, 01:00

La vraie question aurait du etre: Anandel or Ylirion ?

Robert de Fronsac
Robert de Fronsac Day 1,860, 03:30

Our government is just like shit, plse ssry for that.

Hitoyoshi Day 1,860, 03:32

There was more luck to win in Azores than in Aquitaine so it's normal to help a friend to have a congress.

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