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[FED MEDIA DEPT] Feds on Capitol Hill!

Day 1,895, 15:17 Published in USA USA by OneTakeTony

FEDS SITTIN ON CAPITOL HILL - Well folks, first I'd like to apologize with the delay in getting this issue of the Federalist Feed out, I'd been swamped at school with exams and stuff, and frankly, just too lazy as of late! Today's issue will focus almost entirely on Feds in Congress. As always, the staff here at the Feed would like to extend our deepest gratitude's too these fine Feds: JLo, Dunks, Tiacha, FG, kody and the other ATO'ers who put in countless hours over the past elections. And, of course, we also give a hearty, thank you too members of the other parties who once again stopped the AFA from picking up any extra seats!!!! As you'll recall, last month, the AFA had one additional congressman, but he resigned the day after. So what does that mean? I'm chalking this up for another ATO Victory! While we're not taking seats away yet, we've now stopped the menace from picking up more seats 2 straight months, and as long as we keep RGR out of the White House for another few months, it's hard to believe the AFA members might not get a little bored/fed up with losing.

EVERYONE IS MARVELOUS- Okay, let's get back on track! Feds in congress! We here at the Federalist Party, were ecstatic with the results on the 25th! 12 congressmen were one more then were even predicted by Dunks in his article. But, that doesn't mean we weren't prepared, as the "surprise seat" was slated to Cromstar, noted veteran and 25 FREAKING TERM CONGRESSMEN. Now, we'll go through a list of the congress and give a quick tidbit on just how great these people are:

Jefferson Locke This guy. I mean this guy isn't just one of the greatest Feds, he's one of the greatest people in the game. His work ethic is unparalleled in my humble opinion. He's held, or helped just about every major position in the game, not the least of which being FG's Chief of Staff and essentially serving as national "Keeper of Organizational Peace." Oh yeah, he founded that whole Lockeism thing too, I'm sure you know of it! Good luck and make us p/h!

Molly Emma A proud SPQR member, and perhaps even prouder Fed, Molly Emma continues to be a national force of good, in this, the 6th time we've seen her in congress. One of the more famous members of the party, it's been hinted that her name will be tossed into the ring for POTUS one day. Let's hope so! Good luck and make us p/h!

Duncan Crowe Another all-star. Our man Dunks here has been in charge of the party for what will be 2 months at the end of this term, and in my time, I've never seen a more popular PP. When he speaks, we listen. Because, get this, it makes sense! Dunks will be entering his 4th congressional term, as Jefferson Locke so eloquently put it, "Dunks is the embodiment of proud/horny." Good luck and make us p/h!

Kody5 Kody is the first of our freshmen congressmen, and while he's probably already in front of a television set for the Super Bowl (he's a Ray Lewis admirer... Well worshipper may be a better word hahaha I kid I kid.) kody has certainly put in the hours! While he may not be given enough credit, kody5 has been involved in more ATO efforts then I can count on all my limps.. And I'm not a paraplegic either. Good luck and make us p/h!

OneTakeTony Hey, I know this guy! Yeah, I'm in congress for the first time as well. I'll leave it to my work in congress to write my piece. Good luck and make us p/h!

Athyna, SColbert, and Loren Sh Our 6th party representations! We felt that these guys were such good people, and good candidates that we let them run with the Federalist Party tag attatched to them. That's saying something. Six congressional terms between the three, all come from friendly 6th parties, if you'd like to know more about 6th party politics these are the people to contact! Good luck and make us p/h!

Darian Dracona This friendly dragon wraps up the freshmen of the Feds. He is somebody who has been bouncing around eRepublik since December of 2009. Breaking news: That's a long time. He knows the game, he knows the party he knows what it'll take to get it done in congress, regardless if he's a freshman or not. Good luck and make us p/h

Dennis McVicker/DMV3 Another experienced pro, DMV has been around since January 2010, and is going to be another staple of the Feds in Congress movement, this is his 5th term so he knows his way around the Capitol. An active member of the party, and your general do gooder for the country. No worries for this guy, just give him space and watch him go to work getting things done. Good luck and make us p/h!

Cromstar The afore mentioned Cromstar is the grandfather of the Fed Congress. He's been around the game since 2008. Long story short, he simply knows more than you. He's been in congress 25 times. I know I said this before but THAT'S A LONG FREAKING TIME. Honestly, what's there to say after 25 terms? If he keeps getting elected he's doing something right!Good luck and make us p/h!

That's all folks, enjoy the new congressional term!

Stay proud, stay horny,
As always,


OneTakeTony Day 1,895, 15:17

First for Feds in general. God, you rock!

kavinaugh Day 1,895, 15:22

p/h curahee!

EnterAwesome Day 1,895, 15:57


SColbert Day 1,895, 16:58

Feds rock! Thanks for running me!

stewy Day 1,895, 18:25

Holy crap Cromstar, get a hobby man XD

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,895, 18:31


We got 19 this time.

We had 18(17 if you count the multi spy) last month.

Still a win 😉

OneTakeTony Day 1,895, 19:02

Percentage was lower, we're splitting hairs RGR. There's no proof that this Revolution of yours is making significant forward progress, if you still decide to run somebody whose not you or Hannibal in this next CP election and that fails you will have exhausted all options.

Jetsmets Day 1,895, 19:09


ligtreb Day 1,895, 20:11

Congrats to all elected

Molly Emma
Molly Emma Day 1,895, 21:30


Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,896, 09:44



loftedraptor Day 1,896, 10:31

Big - Strong - Proud! = AFA = WOW!


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,896, 11:35

dropped half a percent, big deal.

Kutluk Bilge Kul Anarsist
Kutluk Bilge Kul Anarsist Day 1,896, 11:57


Luna30 Day 1,896, 11:59

v 516

kavinaugh Day 1,896, 15:00

Big - Strong - Proud! = AFA = WOW!

if u have no common sense

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,896, 17:20

I love you Feds ❤ 😃

OneTakeTony, excellent job as always sir 🙂

kavinaugh Day 1,896, 19:51

yeah if gipper the tripper posts TWICE on ur article, then u know ur on the right track lol
and lostmytracktor is a bonus XD

BritSeelowe Day 1,896, 20:41



Jasher Day 1,897, 05:26


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