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[eOlympics] Bringing it Back - The eOlympics!

Dita 1,929, 01:38 E Publikuar në Australia Australia nga Reximus
Dear eWorld,

Wars rage throughout the lands...

The economy is in ruins...

Disunity is everywhere...

The time has come for a new eWorld, one where peace and prosperity can freely intermingle, where each citizen of each nation can live happily, and in a world where everyone makes a real difference.

Once upon a time...

There was an event so large, that is shattered everyone's perception of what is possible. There was an event that showcased the skills of each individual. They were the Olympics.

A great man, Talej, led a time of peace, but competitiveness, where EDEN and PHOENIX were able to put aside their wars for a great contest.

It was 1078 days ago when the 3rd eOlympic Games ended.

Now, in the Day 1929, the World needs the eOlympics more than ever.

They're back!

The honour I feel to be able to represent the eOlympics is so immense. I am honoured to work to take the Games to a whole new level. The eWorld is not what it used to be.

How Can You Help?

Anyone and everyone can help with the eOlympic Games. Keeping with our heritage, we will be open to anyone who wishes to help us!

For now, here is how you can help:
~ Shout the Following Message Regularly:
"Help the eOlympics come back!
Sign up here!"
~ Vote and Subscribe for More Updates
~ Sign up for the Committee here:
Link form.

We all have the ability to rise up - to do great things. Nothing is above the power of the human mind, and the human heart.

How will the Games be Organised?

The main structure of the eOlympics will be simple. There will be a international governing body, the International eOlympic Committee. This will be composed of apolitical, non-partisan, leaders from around the world. Then, each nation will have its own National eOlympic Committee. Members of these two committees will often be interchangeable - the Chairmen of the national committees will be chosen by the international body.

Each national committee will be able to present itself as a host nation, and it will be decided upon by the international body of the eOlympics.

Keeping with the spirit of the Games, the Host Nation will not be engaged in any war throughout the duration of the Games. It will also not be occupied (except by agreed, peaceful landswap) by any other foreign power.

The National Committees will select the athletes who will compete, and will pay their fees. Other athletes may participate, but they will have to pay their competitor fees on their own (or with a grant from the International eOlympic Committee).

The Bottom Line...
We cannot do this alone.
We need at least one person from each eNation to register here.
We need you to vote this article up, to show your support.
We need you to spread the word.
We need you to stay tuned!

All-Time Best Olympian Michael Phelps said:
Don't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the further you get.
Why would you limit yourself?

Press Director, Diplomatic Dialogue
Chairman, International eOlympic Committee


Green4x Dita 1,929, 09:24

So I made russian traslation here:
and translated to Russian the wiki page on eOlympics:

Hope eOlympics will rise up!

plovets Dita 1,929, 10:34


Anarkisto Dita 1,929, 10:53


Bona ideo

Pan KirioS
Pan KirioS Dita 1,929, 11:53

The eOlympics are back!

Lord.Darcia Dita 1,929, 12:02


Shirobu Dita 1,929, 12:14

Best Idea I've seen yet, let's work together and get this launched

Gulitiwi Dita 1,929, 13:02


F0rse7i Dita 1,929, 15:04


Molly Jo
Molly Jo Dita 1,929, 15:42


Aussie Blokee
Aussie Blokee Dita 1,929, 15:45

Awesome! The eAus gov better choose me! 😛

Video Jack
Video Jack Dita 1,929, 16:14

Don't they already have olympic events in this game like the 50 Second Button Mash?

El Marin
El Marin Dita 1,929, 16:21

If someone is going for the MM medal as I am, I do sub for sub!

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Dita 1,929, 18:31


DankChronic Dita 1,929, 19:38

Voted! I'm a big supporter of cultural events in-game and always hoped to see national and international competition, I really hope to see these eOlympics!

Jahsis_killuminati Dita 1,930, 23:54


Avruch Dita 1,930, 18:00

Hey folks, the USAF in the United States is recruiting. Our various branches supply full q7 weapons and food, offer commune employment, pay for deployments and can be flexible with leave arrangements to fight for your native country. Consider joining a branch of the USAF! PM me if you want more information.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Dita 1,931, 23:57

of course it means backstabbing and betraying your bro's on a whim. eUSA have a lot to make up for Avruch.

nutty fox
nutty fox Dita 1,931, 01:02

interesting... verry interesting indeed. V+S

Yfke van de Zand
Yfke van de Zand Dita 1,931, 02:33

Let's see how this goes, sounds interesting 🙂

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