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[CoT] Winning!

Day 1,915, 20:34 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by CoT HQ

[CoT] Winning!

The good coordination among CoT members keeps yielding good results; we have been able to increase the fun this month so far, without losing relevant campaigns, advancing nicely on our great picture.

Some CoT Members News


The endless war with eTurkey continues. Bulgaria has been winning decisively for more than 20 days now, so Turkey has enjoyed just one bonus for more than two months now.
For the last ten days it has been running smoothly with the only exception being on eDays 1,912-1,913, when the opposition showed some resistance. Together with some help from the allied forces and great self-devote of the Bulgarian fighters, Bulgaria is looking forward to the next adventures and helping allies tirelessly!


Belgium continues to be a quiet and warm place, we didn’t have wars and so we helped our CoT allies.

In foreign affairs, the government is trying to arrange for a TW with the UK, whereas in the military it is trying to strengthen the state armies. In home affairs we were able to increase supplies to new players, and we are currently involved in opening Belgium to foreigners a little bit more.

New Zealand

With the help of Chile, New Zealand has started a war with Australia, to enjoy and train their citizens.


Chile has started a new month with some difficulties reorganizing, then great coordination for containing Argentina, a war which is getting even more interesting with the addition of Brazil against the “ches”. South America looked in flames this week! Is fun to hear SA being called “the new Balkans”


Peru has been without a President, so coordination has been harder; but they have worked to solve this situation, and form a coalition representing all citizens, which is now involved with all allies and CoT matters. Of course they have not stopped fighting for allies in all South American fronts, and kept the region of Pando conquered, while Brazil returned another region keeping now only Northern Low Amazon rented.


Paraguay has helped allies without engaging directly in the war, but it is now joining the party against Argentina with an NE that is in process of being approved at this time.

South Korea, Japan and USA

The campaign keeps going on, with Taiwan showing they are growing tired. Japan has been able to secure another original region, while SK and USA keep making Taiwan playing cat and mouse.

Talking about rumors: CoT new members

At this time, as told in the previous edition of this newspaper, I have received multiple questions from diverse countries about joining CoT

One basic rule that I will share, and is an obvious prerequisite to apply to any alliance; without this, I simply will not even pass the request to the members, as that would violate CoT Charter:

• No CoT member can sign MPP with any country that is in active war against another CoT member

So any country that wants to apply, need to cancel or let expire their MPPs with Argentina, Taiwan, Colombia, Ukraine, Grece, Turkey, Iran, Uruguay, Australia or the UAE (as of today, eDay 1915; list may change over time, of course)

But so far, no country has officially applied to CoT; that makes sense, as countries that have not yet grown a relationship with most CoT members, would probably be rejected and that may slow down their process. As explained the previous time, all those interested on being our friends, should follow the right process and get engaged before applying. Then, of course we will be happy to see friendly countries to apply, once they have been showing for a while the collaboration spirit with all members, that is needed for a Circle of Trust.

So don’t believe all said by some countries that call themselves “CoT” or “ProCoT” these days… Our full members are, in rigorous alphabetical order as usual: Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, Indonesia, Japan, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, Moldova, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, South Korea, Switzerland; and the only trial member as of day 1915 is USA.

From CoT HQ:

Supreme Commander – chukcha
Supreme Commander – seascifi
Supreme Commanders Advisor - AlexFran
Military Commander – Ko3aTa
Alliance Communications Assistant – Uncle Sociopath
Alliance Administrative Assistant – Lotus Black
Public Relations Organizer – seascifi
Alliance Court

All Member Countries:
New Zealand
South Korea


m0stwant3d Day 1,915, 20:36


Sujiwoko Day 1,915, 22:07

wuih dapet pertamax dimari o.o

Matix1 Day 1,916, 06:59

Quiero una version en español.

CSKABG Day 1,915, 20:40


Wildrunner Day 1,915, 20:45

why so few countries mentioned? there are more wars than that, for example macedonian succesful conquest in arabia through Iran.

"So any country that wants to apply, need to cancel or let expire their MPPs with ... the UAE "

This is total BS, inform yourselves better UAE are not in a real war with Macedonia they are in fact a friendly country.

CoT HQ Day 1,916, 04:21

There is no country with MPP with the UAE, but of course no CoT ally would sign it while there is any war with them. The point is not UAE is an enemy, but that you cannot join our alliance while you have MPP with a country that is in active war with a CoT member.

Llillo Day 1,916, 07:16

now understand this point. i agree with that, then. 😉

Wildrunner Day 1,916, 07:22

An active war would imply a real war in the first place, this is not the case, that's why UAE doesn't have mpp's anyways.

Tyrannocopters Day 1,915, 21:10

A joint Indo/USA invasion of China would be awesome.... after SA, Turkey, Taiwan quite down/ get conquered.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,915, 21:10


JyM23 Day 1,915, 21:42

Comment deleted

ligtreb Day 1,915, 21:56

Hail CoT!

simust2 Day 1,916, 23:52


LitoII Day 1,916, 23:56

Hail friendship! Hail CoT! : )))

theirina Day 1,916, 00:22


Mikhail Alexander
Mikhail Alexander Day 1,916, 00:49

Why won't you back up Australia when Chile broke the treaty that was keeping the peace but of course, you'll side with Chile so you can push another country deeper into the ground. CoT, you're no worse than EDEN. Actually, EDEN seems a much better alliance compared to you. Lift your game, you could've made some great friends instead of a country made up of 90% multiple accounts.

Crusadercarl Day 1,916, 06:01

We're oppressing them for their own good. U know how self destructive they get when they get too much freedom.

Mikhail Alexander
Mikhail Alexander Day 1,916, 06:29

It's still not fair, they have never gotten freedom, just let them have their own country and leave them be.

Crusadercarl Day 1,916, 10:26

Like RL they decided to ally with the eUS and ignored regional powers. When eNZ came along we looked around & p much did the opposite of eAus. It has nothing to do with 'fair' and has everything to do with playing the game poorly & not learning the lessons of 5 years of bad game playing. U reap what u sow.

dia761 Day 1,916, 01:49

Ако я имаше и на български ....цена нямаше да има : )))

LitoII Day 1,916, 05:24

Ако го научиш мексиканеца на български, ще я пише и на бг :Д

dia761 Day 1,916, 05:29

някой от нашите да я преведе не може ли , щото така аз например не мога да получа информация

Carliito Brigante
Carliito Brigante Day 1,916, 12:14

По тази логика на всички езици да се превежда...

Yankul9 Day 1,916, 03:07

СоТ ще бъде доста зает в Ю. Америка скоро. Аржентинците още са сила, а чилийският бейби-бум взе да отшумява. Тая война там ще е дълга даже всички да са против Аржентина, защото СоТ винаги може да им вземе директната, обаче няма страна в региона, която да им издържи на въстание. Освен да се замъкнем пак ние нататък (: . А и Колумбия вече е в Топ5, 10к население. Колкото и ботове да има, това са базуки, бустери, бомби... Само не ги намирам къде са се завряли, защото нямат регион с над 800 население.

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,916, 04:31

Hail CoT!
Hail USA!

Bogi Day 1,916, 05:12

USA has MPP with Albania, but not that anybody cares...

Kody5. Day 1,916, 06:18

no we dont

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator Day 1,916, 11:40

Albania is not CoT enemy for the moment, we dont care of that mpp.

Smells Day 1,916, 05:22

Hail CoT!

Hide.D Day 1,916, 05:32

Congrats CoT

Crusadercarl Day 1,916, 06:03

Hail CoT!
& Hail any country that keeps eArgentina down:D

Vitor Savedra
Vitor Savedra Day 1,916, 06:14

Congrats CoT.

Kody5. Day 1,916, 06:18

Hail CoT!
Hail USA!

Aragaki Ayase
Aragaki Ayase Day 1,916, 07:12


Yun the demonic Day 1,916, 07:43

Comment deleted

Minami Saki
Minami Saki Day 1,916, 08:36

hail CoT

Okara_iwko Day 1,916, 09:48

Comment deleted

Okara_iwko Day 1,916, 09:48


Albert tseng
Albert tseng Day 1,916, 11:33


I just finished my vacation.

I will expect ur excuse next time,


Lord Calois Draco Bellator Day 1,916, 11:40

Comment deleted

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator Day 1,916, 11:41

HAIL Belgium
HAIL Bulgaria
HAIL Chile
HAIL Indonesia
HAIL Japan
HAIL Lithuania
HAIL Macedonia
HAIL Moldova
HAIL New Zealand
HAIL Paraguay
HAIL South Korea
HAIL Switzerland

Mamihlapinatapai Day 1,916, 11:47

Brasil come to papa

pepedeath Day 1,916, 12:04


Ivo4 Day 1,916, 12:39

Който ми вотне коментара сто потни негъра да го набарат!

Sedem.dva Day 1,916, 13:03


SandLizarD Day 1,916, 13:09

Hail CoT

Ernesto Jeon
Ernesto Jeon Day 1,916, 13:13


b u c a
b u c a Day 1,916, 14:09


Hail CoT

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