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[CoT] Reflection

Day 2,041, 19:13 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by CoT HQ

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen.

Circle of Trust (CoT) was founded after Bulgaria and Chile left their alliances EDEN and Terra. The alliance is made of countries who's goal is to help each other both economically and militarily. On 21 June 2012 the alliance officially established and ratified by the heads of state on behalf of the countries of Bulgaria, Chile, Switzerland, New Zealand, South Korea, Peru and Paraguay on the basis of the Charter. But the formation process began much earlier - two months before that. As time goes, we grow the greater alliance with the inclusion of some countries to be members in our alliance like Japan, Republic of Moldova, Mexico, Belgium, Indonesia, Macedonia, Lithuania, USA, Russia, and Germany.
CoT has grown so fast, that our enemies have tried to seed false rumors and create disharmony in our alliance. We have tried to ward off all odds, tried to do the best like improve the charter, create many diplomatic pact and many more. But that rumor and provoke in the end give effect to us. Lithuania and New Zealand chose to get out of CoT and throw in full membership in CoT for being secondary in ACT. We are sad for that, but we respect their decision. Nevertheless in these times true allies show their dignity and we are glad to have not much, but proven and good allies within our alliance. We won’t fall in the same mistakes, so we are taking steps to fix it. We have a big difference with our enemy; we are not a “brotherhood” , in which Big Brother beats little brother when that is what is convenient. We are not a country in which Big damage is first, or countries are invited or vote depending on a rank. We are Circle of Trust, a concept that is hard to grasp for most that haven’t lived in an alliance like this; and we keep faithful to our name.
So here we are.We have passed our first year with many victories and defeats. And despite the difficulties now, we will go onward for a better future. HAIL CoT!!!

Many things happened since the last article. Our intentions were to post earlier, but every day new questions arose.

1. Turnover in HQ
After femto666 give his resign letter in HQ because RL problem. HQ make ​​discussions with judge about this problem. And according our Charter if the country failed to put forward a valid candidate so next candidate of SC is give to next Country in the rotation queue on alfabetical. So we had a meeting and decided to choose Kandon as New SC for replace femto666 position. Good luck Kandon.

2. News from our members.
After USA kick Serbia and Hungary from USA territory, now TWO learning for not under estimate USA anymore. Now they afraid of having battle one vs one with USA. And as strategy Serbia creates some gangbang team with his friend, pawn, and slave Hungary , Thailand , United Kingdom , Poland , Montenegro , and the last RoC / Taiwan for NE or Air Strike USA. (For know position country in Serbia eyes you can check link who I gave to you before. Or if you lazy I will give this link again). And as answer USA choose Hungary as his Natural enemy.

Paraguay + South Korea + Switzerland
Bad news from South Korea. After our member Switzerland removed from the map in the war against Slovenia. Paraguay removed from the map in the war against Argentina and South Korea removed during the war against RoC. HQ want to say sorry for this condition. But one thing you must remember brothers: If we stand together we can conquer our problem to get you back on the map. Patient brother we must make good strategy for this.

Bulgaria + Macedonia + Chile + Mexico + Peru + Russia
Hard battles can found such as Bulgaria versus Greece, Macedonia versus Turkey, Chile and Peru versus Argentina, Mexico versus Colombia and Russia versus Ukraine + South Africa. The battle is one example of competition in this eworld. And now we have got many lose battle in our side. So it’s our time, we must fix this condition. Each country has a bargain power in the alliance. As a soldier, planner, diplomat and many more. It’s time we stand together, without afraid we will feel alone in battle, or afraid because we don’t have big damage, We do all what we can do and all for CoT. Stand up brother with more coordination battle in the alliance. Remember the unity, friendship and common work are the key factor for winning the war. And Coordination is the solution of our problem. We can handle it brother. Because we are fighting as CoT !!!

Indonesia + Belgium + Moldova + Germany + Japan
At this time Indonesia, Belgium, Moldova, Germany and Japan don’t have any NE battle, but they keep helping in all priority battles for CoT as team. Tx brother o7

Fighting as CoT !!!

All Member Countries:
South Korea

In CoT we trust!

PR : Kalkir
aPR : Israel Stevens


A.3.G.I.S Day 2,041, 19:17


Minino. Day 2,041, 19:19

Hail TWO!


Minino. Day 2,041, 19:20

Hail TWO & ACT



Minino. Day 2,041, 19:21

Hail MKD's ally of the month!

Drakantas Day 2,041, 19:29

Miau :3

zabchev Day 2,042, 02:45

I like pussies

Boban Panovski
Boban Panovski Day 2,042, 09:14

Hail Minibus (mininuns)
52 in one time \o/

Drakantas Day 2,041, 19:28

Hail PAKISTAN!! CoT gtfo!

Lalo292 Day 2,041, 19:36


frejzer Day 2,041, 19:36

Lol,PRs,are you mad bros?

kavinaugh Day 2,041, 19:39

hail cot!

humbled Day 2,041, 19:44

In CoT we trust!

humbled Day 2,041, 19:44

Despite all the sh*t we are standing.

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,041, 19:49

Mate, CoT is dead. You can claim it isn't but it's more then obvious it is 🙂

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 2,042, 01:18

If CoT is dead then there is no point continuing playing this stupid game. This one sided BS is no fun for anyone except the odd egomaniac.

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,042, 04:43

Just wait for it 🙂

Dart Magus
Dart Magus Day 2,043, 00:56

Lol, we Are CoT, we are brothers in best and worse times, even if they erase all CoT, we still be brothers, we are soldiers, and we pass through hard times.

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,043, 03:33

You will realise how wrong you are very soon. Until then, good luck to CoT o7

VAse the Great
VAse the Great Day 2,043, 07:10

Mate, you still believe that you can make some alliance with Brasil, Turkey and USA...instead to help us, you helped TWO...maybe you have plan your alliance to include Serbs too ? So keep trying...

Alex.L Day 2,041, 19:53

Few articles before...

"We are CoT, we are fearless, we are strong, we are independent!"

> CoT
> Strong

P.S. Glorious English is glorious.

Sasho Ve
Sasho Ve Day 2,042, 02:53

Serbia is aways looking for the dmg. You cannot be on the weaker side 🙂 my eng is not very good, I know

The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 2,042, 07:20

Strange, I've not seen COT complaining during the siege of EDEN, which lasted several months against COTWO.

Momcilo Trkulja
Momcilo Trkulja Day 2,042, 15:00

When Turkey left pro ONE, we were on the weaker side and lost congress for 2 months

Yeridan Day 2,041, 20:14

Well, Big Brothers Chile and Brasil, which is proCoT, have just left Paraguay without congress this month. Two countries with loads of gold from mines that couldn't pay couple days mercenaries to secure congress for one of the minor brothers. Peru MIGHT follow Paraguay (they still have chances).

Two countries that have already spent loads of gold on mercenaries to keep Argentina deleted and without congress for two consecutive months.

Yep, "trust" they called it. Sorry Paraguay indeed. Big brothers congresses are more important right now.

Mafch093 Day 2,042, 11:31

Pls, Brasil is loosing their original regions, and chile lost al their oceanic regions. Did they do that cuz they want too?. Its not the best time to crying for congress, And we won't leave the alliance just for that, like you ALWAYS DO.

Nane Vutov
Nane Vutov Day 2,043, 10:33

There is no need to say anything. This is a Croatian provocation.

St0L3n1 Day 2,041, 21:17

Yap Yap Yap Yap .... anything else?

NWOuroboros01 Day 2,041, 21:31


DRAGON KAISER Day 2,041, 23:43

y de Japón no hay noticias o.O

Antgonzale Day 2,042, 20:03

Japon este momento esta siendo invadido por godzilla, pero tranquilo que los power rangers y ultraman estan ahi liberandolos de la amenaza

DRAGON KAISER Day 2,043, 09:09


Filin.84 Day 2,042, 00:12


GregoryG Day 2,042, 02:12

You should rename the alliance CCoT: Conquered Countries of TWO

bennyto Day 2,042, 06:32


ArmY1948 Day 2,042, 07:58

You are so creative with abbreviations. Only problem is you didn't conquer shit, it was your new EDEN friends who did that.

Alexandre Walen
Alexandre Walen Day 2,042, 13:23

Lame comment of lame player.

Nane Vutov
Nane Vutov Day 2,042, 02:13

Do you see the Croatian manipulations here?

Don Croata: CoT is dead.

Yeridan: Big Brothers Chile and Brasil left Paraguay without congress.

Croats still hoping to make a microalliance Croatia+Turkey+USA+Brasil.

Arrlo Day 2,043, 18:35

It's not manipulation to point out the obvious. If you can't defend fortress USA on a single front, I'm not sure what more evidence you need.

As an EDEN lover I know it isn't a nice feeling, but CoT is really really in a bad way. I won't say dead, but it's not looking good.

Nane Vutov
Nane Vutov Day 2,043, 23:36

How is a Cr+Tr+Us+Br alliance going to change this? By realligning CoT with TWO? USA being in CoT is the main reason for the present hostilities between CoT and TWO.

Arrlo Day 2,044, 02:04

That's the excuse they gave, and maybe what average Serbian Joe thinks, but really TWO wanted war with you long ago.

And would you actually support realigning with TWO after all this?

Nane Vutov
Nane Vutov Day 2,042, 02:19

> In CoT we trust!
> CoT HQ
> PR : Kalkir
> aPR : Israel Stevens

Who is this guy Kalkir with Pakistani citisenship in Serbian military unit and PR of CoT?

Luciver Day 2,042, 02:30


Lucas Campora Day 2,042, 02:35

Comment deleted

Sasho Ve
Sasho Ve Day 2,042, 02:49

Hail CoT!
Even deleted in CoT we trust!

ArmY1948 Day 2,042, 02:53

It's time to get rid of the bad blood. Hail CoT!

NueveOcho Day 2,042, 03:19


HercuIe Poirot
HercuIe Poirot Day 2,042, 03:26

Full of grammar mistakes. Unreadable.


HercuIe Poirot
HercuIe Poirot Day 2,042, 07:56

Not to mention that thing that you don't want to be a "brothehood" but used the invocation "brother" 5 times.

That's what I call an epic fail.

alex392 Day 2,042, 03:57

"Now they afraid of having battle one vs one with USA. And as strategy Serbia creates some gangbang team with his friend, pawn, and slave"
Yeah, and serbia didn´t have a lot of RW and enemies. One vs one? jah, when serbia don´t have enemies and rw, they wip eUSA in 0,2 seconds

alex392 Day 2,042, 04:00

upss muchs english fail -,-"

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