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[COMIC NEWS] eRepublik Summit: day one + New World Map

Dita 1,845, 03:45 E Publikuar në Greece Kolumbia nga W.A.R

Hello everybody!

I'm sure you are all eager to know what's happening at the eRepublik Summit, here in Bucharest, so I' try to resume the 1st day of the Summit for you.

Friday, 5:00 PM local time
eRepublik Headquarters – Bucharest, Romania

A bunch of noob volunteers (me, Stelu, Sunsetter, Naufragiatu, Matracuca and 10 more others) were running in the lobby like headless chickens not knowing what to do when guests will arrive.

But soon, we found the answer:

“Stop you headless chickens! Those are for the guests!” - yelled Plato.
“Be ready to welcome them, show them the office, present the eRepublik history captured in the pictures on the walls and don't you dare to ask them gold for the drinks & food!” - He continued.
And so we did.

Or at least he did 😁. Morphine challenged me for a ping-pong game and so we caught people's attention in the lobby. Soon, supporters from each side starting betting gold on the winner, but I'm pretty sure that after all the drinks from last night, no one will remember to donate. I myself can't say who won.

After we all got to know each others nickname and country, we headed to the club! I've personally met players from Greece, USA, BiH, Venezuela and many other foreigners were blending in.
After some free drinks and plates of food we were all loosen up and the party was getting started.

People debated previous game versions, expressed their wishes for further updates and of course compared their strength. This was also a good opportunity for players to have a chat with admins and game developers and to find out that they are humans too and like to drink as much as anybody else 😁.

Unfortunately I had to write this article on the hurry, because the Summit keeps running right now! I'll be heading to Intercontinental Hotel for the main event – the Military Summit itself – and I'll be back tomorrow with another article covering today – Saturday. At least this is the plan, I can't guarantee I'll be very sober Sunday morning after the upcoming epic party.
Yep, this are only pictures from the Facebook account but I promise I'll share more pictures tomorrow!

Hope you’ve enjoy it! Chain-shout it if you like, vote to thank me for the laugh and subscribe for more!

+ Bonus sneak peak on the future World Map, implemented streight in the home page:

eRepublik Summit Staff
or a headless chicken,

Vive la Résistance!



Iuliusv Dita 1,845, 03:57

so the ping pong module is on the way?

GeneralFranco Dita 1,845, 04:00


IntoOblivion Dita 1,845, 04:13

Care e diferenta dintre summit si intalnire internationala?

Matracuca Dita 1,845, 04:14

intalnirea este organizata de jucatori - summitul este organizat de erepublik

lqlqlqlio Dita 1,845, 04:17

+1 for ping pong module!

LowRider Dita 1,845, 04:17


Hannibal68 Dita 1,845, 04:17


buru Dita 1,845, 04:37

Good good....enjoy it you bastards

vonleox Dita 1,845, 04:42


Michelle Freebird
Michelle Freebird Dita 1,845, 04:56


Silexu Dita 1,845, 05:08

+2 for ping pong module!
Welcome back Fremenul!

Canester Dita 1,845, 05:09

LOL!! xD

Tzengis Xan
Tzengis Xan Dita 1,845, 05:14


The Other One
The Other One Dita 1,845, 05:32

: )

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Dita 1,845, 06:56


Ethan Seelowe
Ethan Seelowe Dita 1,845, 07:14

it is obvious that the ping pong module will be used to determine the outcome of the new battles. atari then sues erep labs for pong rights.

simust2 Dita 1,845, 09:09

Welcome back Fremenul! x2


EtzeL the Hun
EtzeL the Hun Dita 1,845, 09:45


A3naos Dita 1,845, 09:49


lef-7 Dita 1,845, 09:57


lovric505 Dita 1,845, 10:45


I just looked at pics..

nunol Dita 1,845, 11:46

\o V!

xam xam
xam xam Dita 1,845, 12:30

wave and smile guys, wave and smile

Mr.Paranoid Dita 1,845, 13:15

Search for a country regions or a *city*

MR53 Dita 1,845, 14:38

V & S
Ψ & Σ
wish I was there...

Asomac Dita 1,845, 19:48

Im in those pictures \o/

Left666 Dita 1,845, 19:56


Roberrto Dita 1,845, 21:03


Don de Oliveira Albuquerque II
Don de Oliveira Albuquerque II Dita 1,846, 00:06

tsss Asomac, now i'm searching in the pics 😕 ^^

psychoaek Dita 1,846, 00:33

Δοκιμάστε το νέο παιχνίδι cRep αφήστε πίσω το αχανές erepublik και δοκιμάστε τη τύχη σας σε ένα παρόμοιο παιχνίδι με ποιο μεγάλες προοπτικές

nik_kos Dita 1,846, 04:26


Yhamilitz Dita 1,846, 08:17

Europeans xD

one day we in America we will do our Erepubik party, with drinks and games

Yhamilitz Dita 1,846, 08:21

PD: ask to the admins if they will add the relationship and family module that I asked some weeks ago.

and tell them that we want more Central American countries and Ecuador (:

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Dita 1,846, 08:49

giveeeeeeeee us back v2!! : P

Ice Killa
Ice Killa Dita 1,846, 16:03

I quite like the new map, seems more sophisticated in comparison to the current one.

VOREIOHPEIROTHS Dita 1,846, 16:59


zervakus Dita 1,847, 01:36


Highst Dita 1,847, 02:36

All i can say, that LLAMA was gorgeous!

Paolo Cheng
Paolo Cheng Dita 1,847, 02:37


xenophob Dita 1,855, 07:04

Komenti u fshi

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