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[Awakening] Hello dear eEgypt. It's me again!

Day 2,184, 04:01 Published in Egypt Bulgaria by eWhiteCrow

Hello, my dear eEgypt. It's me again!

For those that don't know me, you can check my last article to find out some information about me.

Now lets start with the important stuff... OK?
Although I don't plan on being serious writes, I don't like seeing you eEgypt sleep. When I played 2 years back, you had close to no active population and you still wrote between 5 and 25 articles a day. And the thing that I liked the most about time is, that most of the articles were written by a real life egyptians, but in 100% English!

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the way you write now, 50% English, 50% on your own language, but I see like 5 articles maximum per week. That is way too few! Right now eEgypt suffers the same thing as eBulgaria..

You guys are currently wiped out of the map (and by you guys, I mean us, because I am one of you since my second registration for the game) and you know that the difference in power is too great at the moment to free yourself, so you just stop trying... Why? Does your country sleep that deep of a sleep?

Now I want to say it with highlighted BOLD words the following sentence:


I want to see you write articles! I want to see you non-stop make resistance wars, I want to see you fight and get some true patriot medals! Even if you don'y free yourself, this is still good overall for your country and bad for your opponent! SO HAVE FUN BY DOING IT!



MR Die
MR Die Day 2,184, 04:11


eWhiteCrow Day 2,184, 04:11

Someone should explain to me what "pole" means.

MR Die
MR Die Day 2,184, 04:12

the first who coment the article, the second is subpole the third is closed podium

A G A Day 2,184, 04:53

pole= edahi is idiot

Ali Gual
Ali Gual Day 2,184, 07:15

Pole position.

Od Popaj Maliot
Od Popaj Maliot Day 2,184, 06:17

voted 😉

Alesis Bonte
Alesis Bonte Day 2,184, 13:06

Spain salutes u.... whitecollar

Pau Esteve
Pau Esteve Day 2,185, 05:12

stfu oldfag

Ahmed Mahmoud Ali
Ahmed Mahmoud Ali Day 2,185, 05:18


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