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[MoI] The Government Today

4 Dan 965, 08:00 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Greetings NL. It is with great pleasure that I write to you today, the first MoI article in V2. I do apologize for not writing sooner … preberi več »

[MoI] July CP Debates

4 Dan 954, 12:26 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

As the election draws neigh, articles of candidates flows in our media again. Like before, this month we will have a CP debate on Sunday at 9pm NL time. Both Bok and Garmr agreed to this … preberi več »

[Myers11] Dont worry, only half the e-world is banned

12 Dan 953, 20:07 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

umm, yeah im kinda banned and whoever the hell did it, is awesome 😛 Dio, Admin, almost all CPs, and Ostin, again, the rep insider is hacked, and frankly, you dont want to see what they put in it. Tonight was a fun night, but im sure the Admins (

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[MoI] Be Careful, of the Plus Sign Next to Your Welness

12 Dan 945, 18:24 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

ALERT!!!! Do not click on the small plus button next to your wellness unless you want to buy a wellness pack!!!!

<img src="http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/312/specialbutton.preberi več »

[MoI] Guide to Congressional Manifesto and Getting Elected

7 Dan 938, 16:40 Published in Netherlands Netherlands


With the party election behind us and the congressional election marches ever closer, many citizens will contemplate their

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