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eUNL Forum

3 Dan 983, 02:44 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Dear eUNLers,

as you may know we have a forum: http://tiny.cc/7x2s6
On this forum you can ask questions, find a lot of information, debates, the several … preberi več »

MoI Report Day 980 Updated

2 Dan 980, 09:23 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

It is MoI Report time again!!!! The following are the report of that our ministers had done in the past few weeks and what they plan to … preberi več »

[MoI] The Government Today

4 Dan 965, 08:00 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Greetings NL. It is with great pleasure that I write to you today, the first MoI article in V2. I do apologize for not writing sooner … preberi več »

[MoI] July CP Debates

4 Dan 954, 12:26 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

As the election draws neigh, articles of candidates flows in our media again. Like before, this month we will have a CP debate on Sunday at 9pm NL time. Both Bok and Garmr agreed to this … preberi več »

[Myers11] Dont worry, only half the e-world is banned

12 Dan 953, 20:07 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

umm, yeah im kinda banned and whoever the hell did it, is awesome 😛 Dio, Admin, almost all CPs, and Ostin, again, the rep insider is hacked, and frankly, you dont want to see what they put in it. Tonight was a fun night, but im sure the Admins (

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