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[MoI] Be Careful, of the Plus Sign Next to Your Welness

12 Dan 945, 18:24 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

ALERT!!!! Do not click on the small plus button next to your wellness unless you want to buy a wellness pack!!!!

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[MoI] Guide to Congressional Manifesto and Getting Elected

7 Dan 938, 16:40 Published in Netherlands Netherlands


With the party election behind us and the congressional election marches ever closer, many citizens will contemplate their

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[MoI] June Census Results

6 Dan 937, 08:50 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Two days ago, I asked the citizens of UNL to do our census. I am really happy with the turn out. In the two days, we got 43 responses. While many UNLers might not go on IRC often, I am glad that they are active in the media and that they are not

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[MoI] Your Government Today

6 Dan 936, 14:25 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Before we get to business...

Germany 4 Aussie 0... Go Germany!!!!!!


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[MoI] Please Fill In Your June 2010 Census Form Now!

6 Dan 934, 17:47 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Help Us to Help You Better!!!

June Census form 2010

Knowledge is power, that is why the MoI … preberi več »