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You have nothing to threaten me with!

Dan 1,919, 11:36 Published in Belgium Belgija s strani Kylero

And they called me paranoid...

BrunoCND to Kylero and 14 more people | yesterday

close borders to romanians too!!

SwaqqCoryn to Kylero and 14 more people | yesterday

I suggest to open another conversation without Kylero

Kaad to Kylero and 14 more people | yesterday

Romanian - French - Turkish - Be carefull of USA - Greek

BrunoCND to Kylero and 14 more people | yesterday

and Polish-Argentinian

Kaad to Kylero and 14 more people | yesterday

And some serbian PTO also...

Tony Clifford to Kylero and Olv007, JdlF, Alexandross, Yannis de Leeuw, BrunoCND, SX80, Programme Tvvince, MCKitkat, Kaad, BelgiumGeneral, Stijn Puttemans, Nihil.sine.deo, RooieLente, SwaqqCoryn | yesterday

yes, close immigration to everybody...



Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Dan 1,919, 11:43

why don't you finish my comment?

"yes, close immigration to everybody...
i close to french because they were 5 people from the same MU.
congress decided that single applications should be handled by Congressmembers. if you don't like that: change the law. the executive is out of that."

Kylero Dan 1,919, 12:04

Indeed you're safe.

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Dan 1,919, 12:09

Do you know joking?

Kaad Dan 1,919, 12:20

In eRepublik also, top secret state message are public...

Tony told you for France... Romanians are very active those times like Cronoss in eSwizerland.

And so what happened to eSwizerland? Now they have no congress since 6 month to forbid the entrance of new PTO... Each month they have to let eSlovenia capture their regions and give some back after elections...

O.d.i.h.n.i.t.o.r.u.l Dan 1,919, 12:28

Kylero - I have enough of you... You turn this the way you want. Why you do not say also that you accept a CS without the approval of anyone, you act on your own.

Kylero Dan 1,919, 12:41

Didnt need approval bro.

O.d.i.h.n.i.t.o.r.u.l Dan 1,919, 12:50

Yeah , right. The recommendation was not to approve.

Aries Sun
Aries Sun Dan 1,920, 02:21


shadowukcs Dan 1,921, 11:18


this is getting ridiculous. If people want to invite other people, it's their right to do so. Stop being such gigantic, paranoid pussies.

shadowukcs Dan 1,921, 11:19

And for crying out loud, keep calm. Not everyone is a PTO'er, kylero.

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