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Yet Another Manifesto (Emergy in Wales)

Dan 1,677, 14:08 Published in United Kingdom Velika Britanija s strani Emergy Maxfell

Holy crap! I haven't written an article in a while.

Hello everyone! It looks like it's congressional elections time again and I'm pleased to state that this month (and thanks to our abundance of regions) there is plenty of room for anyone and everyone to run for Congress. Because of that, I'm happy to report that I'll be standing for Congressional elections in the region of Wales.

My name is Emergy Maxfell and I've been playing this game for a little over 1,000 days now. From the first moment I logged in, I knew I was going to get hooked and, well, I've been playing this game ever since. In the past, I've held many positions inside and outside of government. I'm a member of the BEF, a egregious maker of avatars and graphics, a six consecutive term Minister of Finance, and I've also been a member of Military Command. I enjoy meeting new people, answering questions, and helping new players get started. I'm the recipient of 7 Society Builder achievements, a strong fighter for our country, and a supporter of good ideas.

In addition to the things above, I stand as an official candidate for elections. This affirms that I have agreed to upholding the following ideas should you choose to elect me.

* My time in Congress will will be spent doing my upmost to empower us as individuals. Not only by increasing our wealth and building self sufficiency, but also by being honest and accountable for my actions.
* I believe in the power of the individual. Our community is bigger than any one single party, and I will work toward achieving consensus and building common purpose regardless of political party.
* I will donate my Congressional Medal gold into the Country Accounts.

As well as committing myself to these policies, I am also committing myself to upholding these principles.

* That I will not bring disgrace to either the other individuals of ESO, or the eUK community
* That I will bring the best that I have to give to every discussion I take part in
* That I will never harm the security of the UK by ignoring its rules on citizenship
* That I will follow the rules of the forums and community
* That my focus is on making the UK better for every single one of its citizens, not on making my own party seem more important

This is a contract that we have created as individuals, and have chosen to espouse as individuals.

Emergy Maxfell

If you feel I'd make a good representative, then please vote for me in Wales on Monday!



BigAnt Dan 1,677, 14:49

\oo Good Luck pal

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Dan 1,677, 15:15

Emergy is one of the best players the UK has ever, or will ever have.

I don't know who roped you into running Em, but it has been far too long since you have been in Congress!

Rory Winterbourne
Rory Winterbourne Dan 1,679, 20:18


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