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Well that only took 921 days....

Dan 1,948, 21:04 Published in Israel Izrael s strani Maelyn

I have been convinced to return, and so I am here once again. The place looks good, a little weird, but good. Who's your decorator?

So comment people, and tell me what I have missed in the last 2 1/2 years. I'm sure there's been bunches.



TaoLaoTzu Dan 1,948, 22:06

WOW !!!!

Welcome back Maelyn. When I saw the logo of your newspaper again I couldn't believe my eyes...

Today Israel is occupied again by some foreign power, we are good friends with eTurkey now, the devide between Hebrew/English speakers doesn't exist anymore, and the admins are still ruining the game 🙂

Will you be fully active again or just a 2-clicker for now? because the eIDF would probably like to get its former commander back again 🙂

John TG
John TG Dan 1,948, 22:30

welcome back

Joe Franco
Joe Franco Dan 1,949, 06:47

Hello Maelyn, how have you been?

SandalaiM Dan 1,949, 12:03

welcome back

Sam Krak Dan 1,950, 04:34

Komentar je izbrisan

Sam Krak
Sam Krak Dan 1,950, 04:34


Maelyn Dan 1,950, 05:31

I'm doing fine 🙂 Thanks for the kind words! I probably won't be super active just yet. I'm still working 2 jobs,so my free time is limited. I'm VERY glad to hear the divide between the two groups has gone away. That was one of the most frustrating things for me, back in the day.

Russell Edgington
Russell Edgington Dan 1,950, 06:21

Welcome back!

Augustus Grim
Augustus Grim Dan 1,950, 06:54

Hi! I don't you, but from the comments here I gather you're a great person, so welcome back 🙂

yuvy15 Dan 1,950, 08:08

trololo Maelyn is back !!!!
Long time no see, we missed u 😃

Good to have you back Maelyn 🙂.

eIDF Reserves
eIDF Reserves Dan 1,954, 14:22

שלחתי לך ה"פ במשחק

449 MAE Air Wing
449 MAE Air Wing Dan 1,950, 09:35

Wow, Maelyn. Can`t believe you`re back, it`s been so long!

eIDF Reserves
eIDF Reserves Dan 1,954, 11:04

אפשר להגיד מחייה המתים ? אפילו אם מיכה היה חוזר הייתי פחות מופתע, איך בכלל אפשר לזכור שם וסיסמא אחרי כל כך הרבה זמן חח

Maelyn Dan 1,954, 14:28

I don't remember. Luckily they let you sign in with your facebook account now 🙂

Xenophanes Dan 1,950, 13:09

Everyone, you can thank me later for convincing her to return. She was the greatest Commander one could ask for in eIsraeli history and one I'm proud to call a good friend.

Maelyn Dan 1,950, 18:58

If I had any success as a commander, it's only because of the awesome people I had working with me - like you Xeno, and Josh Hoss, Aeroner, yuvy, PerfectKnight - heck the whole eIDF was awesome! You guys made it easy for me. And yes, everyone thank Xeno for talking me into coming back 🙂 Which reminds me...there was some talk of a wheel or two of cheese?

eIDF Reserves
eIDF Reserves Dan 1,954, 11:01

Everyone you know has been left
Stayed maybe 2 - 3 people that know you but is playing just a little

Sorry that I disappoint you

Maelyn Dan 1,954, 14:20

It's ok, I'll just have to get to know all of you!

eIDF Reserves
eIDF Reserves Dan 1,954, 14:24

It will not take long to know us
Only a few people remained LOL

yuvy15 Dan 1,954, 18:40

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh someone remembers me ! 😛
Come to chat, and we will get you to meet everyone.

Maelyn Dan 1,961, 05:29

What channel yuvy? I can try to pop in when I have time.

yuvy15 Dan 1,961, 07:03

Well, the channel is #eisrael @ Rizon.
you can connect via rizon.net or mibbit.com

Xenophanes Dan 1,950, 20:13

Right. Will fed-ex express it Monday.

Hunter Willis
Hunter Willis Dan 1,950, 20:30

welcome back. Nice to meeet you

Filthy McNasty
Filthy McNasty Dan 1,973, 15:05

you have not missed much... except eIsrael has shown itself to be a coward and basically sold itself.... they have chosen to have their land over pride and honour only to have their land also taken from them.... recently they have regained some regions back but only because Serbia has bigger fish to fry.... it is sad what this place has become really

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