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We Don't Have To Keep Failing

Dan 1,854, 07:39 Published in USA ZDA s strani fingerguns

Surely by now you are aware that the PP elections weren't as successful as they could've been. Yeah, it could've been way worse, but there is no mistaking that, as a nation, we are getting lazy and we made some huge mistakes.

I wanted to write a long article just bitching and moaning about how badly we messed up, but that doesn't seem especially productive. Let's talk about how we can fix this.


This month, NOBODY was in charge of organizing the ATO. No one. There was no coordinated effort on behalf of the Administration, not even Homeland Security. Thankfully, Jefferson Locke stepped in and took it upon himself to put something together. If you don't know JLo, he's a newer player who is extremely smart and ambitious. He doesn't need to be told and he doesn't need to be asked to do the right thing and step in to help out. He put it all together and I honestly believe that without his efforts, we would've lost much more than iNCi.

We NEED better organization. We need a committed group working on these efforts for more than just a couple days. This isn't news. But Cerb put together the Department of Homeland Security. The fact that that organization has nothing at all to do with ATOs and helping to secure elections completely blows my mind. Multi hunting is great...it's important. But it's only one angle we need to be looking at. Come on.


I made this its own point, but really it works with the other two. Since I came back from the dead, the strategy seems to be doing whatever we can to cover our own butts. Gnilraps taking over Ajay's party and naming it We The People is literally the last time we made an offensive move against the PTOers. It's been months.

We have the numbers to give the AFA a run for their money, but instead we are constantly on the defensive and have basically surrendered a Top party to PTOing scum. We throw an ATO candidate on the ballot, but then they become a vote sink and jeopardize the rest of the elections because there is no coordination. It's not the candidate's fault, of course. It's this stupid mentality that just putting them there is enough. It's not.

Without any real strategy in place, you see conflicting orders everywhere or no orders at all. People aren't holding votes or using their vote as a weapon. Elections make it a 3 click day instead of 2 click. We can't get mad at people for not working together when there's no plan for them to work together on!


Elections are a numbers game. We waste A LOT of votes, and this month was probably the worst we've seen in a while. My party was by far the worst culprit, which is shameful. We burned up more votes in the Feds than the ATO candidate earned in the AFA. I hope all of the Top 4 really take a look at what they are doing right and wrong and how they can do this better. I know the Feds don't take failure lightly, and this one was epic. ATO and security are supposed to be what we do best. This can't happen again.

This is how it breaks down:
FEDS-92 votes wasted
AMP-69 votes wasted
USWP-35 votes wasted
AFA-89 votes wasted <-we didn't win and didn't even put on enough pressure to keep the AFA focused on their own party. Fail.

Pretty much all of the 6th parties combine for a FEW HUNDRED more votes that could've been used against our enemies. Mazzy Cat wrote a great article imploring the 6th parties to help more in this fight. I think that's absolutely necessary, however, if the Top 4 can't stop shooting themselves in the foot then I don't think 6th party support will tip the scales from defensive to offensive. If the Top 4 had it together, those 6th parties would make ALL OF THE DIFFERENCE, no doubt. Maybe them working in the Top 4 will motivate and inspire the parties to get it together.

We have to actually work together as a nation. That means everyone being on top of their game. That means not draining votes away with unnecessary parties and unnecessary people cluttering up ballots. WE HAVE THE NUMBERS TO WIN. We need to use them wisely.

If nothing else, we need to learn a lesson. We should be learning lessons from each of these elections, but Party President elections seem to have taken a back seat to Unity Election drama. EVERY election matters. Every election is another opportunity to not only strike a blow against the PTOers, but to make this nation stronger and more unified. We have failed. We didn't just fail this month, we've been failing for a while. Just because our seemingly endless failure hasn't resulted in a complete PTO is no reason to pat ourselves on the back. Our priorities are all out of whack and people are more focused on campaigning than actually getting stuff done. That has to stop or we will lose. Period.

Should we actually defeat these guys and secure the nation, there will be plenty of time for dirty politics and selfish nonsense. Priorities.

tl;dr version:
1. DHS needs to help organize offensive strategies during elections.
2. The eUS needs to get serious about stopping the PTO once and for all instead of just waiting for them to get bored. It's not working.
3. Every citizen can play a part in helping us win this war, but it will only happen if we work together and prioritize.

Thanks for reading



fingerguns Dan 1,854, 07:42

first reserved for JLO

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Dan 1,854, 07:44

Second reserved for fingerguns' fantastic article clapping!

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Dan 1,854, 07:48

Get well soon!

bigcdizzle Dan 1,854, 07:48

fourth reserved for my raging Fed boner.

Pfeiffer. Dan 1,854, 07:49

no butt stuff

Waruda Dan 1,854, 07:52


logamac Dan 1,854, 08:05

P/H bitches

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,854, 08:44

"Since I came back from the dead, the strategy seems to be doing whatever we can to cover our own butts."

You'd know.

Nice article though, sadly I'd like to have seen it be your first article upon coming back and not your "running for CP" boo-yah piece.

Best of luck.

Ramilas Dan 1,854, 08:44

As always well written/said FG.

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Dan 1,854, 08:44

We will win this war, but FG is right.......We ALL have to unify to fight for our survival. It's time for a resistance the likes of which this country has never seen.

I'm honored to be in this article 😃

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,854, 08:45

Bigcdizzle for CP.

imamradyk Dan 1,854, 09:01

A cup of coffee with a Romanian in Lviv (Ukraine)

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Dan 1,854, 09:09

"Gnilraps taking over Ajay's party..." so Ajay's party was PTOed? That gives them every right to try to do the same. It's sad.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,854, 09:17

I'm sorry I was trying to be polite. I meant before you did things that countered what you are preaching during your run for PotUS.

Hope that helps clear it up.

fingerguns Dan 1,854, 09:18

It doesn't, Bia.

Say what you mean. Be clear.

bigcdizzle Dan 1,854, 09:19

Did I just see BigCDizzle for CP? The hour of fruition is nearly at hand!

One Sky
One Sky Dan 1,854, 09:39

p/h. great article FG

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,854, 09:42

Change is gonna come.... and people like you can go back to obscurity.

weasel2 Dan 1,854, 10:06

The night of the long knives is at hand RGR?

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,854, 10:26


KOSOVA Xhemshit Smajli
KOSOVA Xhemshit Smajli Dan 1,854, 10:33


Belisarus Dan 1,854, 11:25

I do not understand why we are fighting against AFA? Look, my DoD just said to fight for Poland, yesterday it was Spain, tomorrow Serbia? What is wrong with AFA if we fight for their alliance (exONE or whatever they call themselves). Lets elect AFA, they will let us keep tax revenue as we are fighting for their side anyway.

Obama.Putin Dan 1,854, 11:41

read, vote, sub, shout and laugh http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/pto-or-ato-2177259/1/20

FirstLaw Dan 1,854, 12:55

It's not that nobody was trying to prevent AFA from seizing control of eUS. It's simply been that Unity was managing their effort with bad information. I've warned about this for 3 months now and talked to a dozen Unity members via PM and they all thought everything was fine : ie: the bonus plan was working and AFA was in decline. But I saw nothing but growing influence from AFA month after month. It's a shame that AFA had to seize another party to shock some of you. Now it's too late.

fingerguns Dan 1,854, 12:59

It's not actually too late, FirstLaw. You're also painfully misinformed about what the eUS was doing.

Surprising? No.

Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Dan 1,854, 13:01

Gonna take my whip out and put n0s3y back on track...

FirstLaw Dan 1,854, 13:05

"It's not actually too late, FirstLaw. You're also painfully misinformed about what the eUS was doing."

Actually, no. Like I said, I've been playing this game longer than you and there's always been ATO talk. I've also kept track of responses and trends in game. Nobody is really coming up with any new ideas. Your (Unity's) day is done. You would have been better off subscribing to my newspaper for suggestions, but alas, you didn't even except my friend request tisk tisk

fingerguns Dan 1,854, 13:07

I didn't want my shout feed cluttered up with propaganda

FirstLaw Dan 1,854, 13:08

Besides, finger. Your own article describes how the eUS is doing nothing and now your telling me I "have no idea" what the eUS is doing.

You sound confused

FirstLaw Dan 1,854, 13:09

"I didn't want my shout feed cluttered up with propaganda"

No propaganda. Just facts. I know AFA has subscribed to my paper. That factor alone puts you at a disadvantage.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dan 1,854, 13:18

This is a sexy article.

Go FG!!!


joshua tucker
joshua tucker Dan 1,854, 13:58

@FirstLaw- it doesn't look like anyone reads your papers, and you've written a total of four articles, all of which are well written, but there wern't ant groundbreaking developments in them. so there really didn't look like there is a disadvantage in not reading your paper. not bashing your papers, I thought they were good reads, but not exactly any type of advantage.

joshua tucker
joshua tucker Dan 1,854, 14:00

*I am wrong, 4 articles within the past... 2 years? 3? something like that

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Dan 1,854, 14:02

DHS is beyond useless.

It needs to be replaced by an effective counterinsurgency force with real teeth, and... maybe... sketchy morals 😉.

If not, eUSA dies.

Either this month, or by February.

RL Americans and our friends?

It's up to you.

FirstLaw Dan 1,854, 14:15

I AM trying to build a readership for one thing and the current political climate got me writing again; 1 sometimes 2 per month. Another point is that the current policies obviously aren't working and people have (like me) have been telling Unity this for three months. Lastly, as far as everyone knew, everybody was saying everything was fine and AFA was in decline. It took AFA seizing another party for this view to be discredited. Now the finger pointing begins.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,854, 17:54

"eUSA dies"

Not really.

I want to be CP and for sensible people to say "Hey, he is doing a good job after all." 🙂

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Dan 1,854, 18:09

Thanks for calling my, and all 6th parties "unnecessary", no really, thanks for blamming us for not leaving our parties and trying to make something of them to go stop the PTO. Damn us for having our own ideals and not bowing down.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Dan 1,854, 18:14

"Gnilraps taking over Ajay's party..." so Ajay's party was PTOed? That gives them every right to try to do the same. It's sad. +1

joshua tucker
joshua tucker Dan 1,854, 18:55

@hampton- she actually didn't say anything of the sort, she said that because of the Big 4's failure to coordinate, the support that the 6th parties has the potential to give was not utilized.And Mazzy's article was actually just her asking to help the Big 4 out if you were in a 6th party. So there was not pblame placed on 6th parties.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dan 1,855, 05:24

"Since I came back from the dead, the strategy seems to be doing whatever we can to cover our own butts."

You'd know. x2

All you have done is cover your own ass by kissing 'Flufferist' butt, then publish an article telling America how bad the 'Flufferist' failed; then try to convince America we should aid the 'Unity' cause. Just why should we elect such failures time after time...?

Mister Y
Mister Y Dan 1,855, 05:55


Simulare Dan 1,855, 07:18

When you say things like "painfully misinformed" you sound like a pompous ass. Let me guess, there was important junk and stuff that we commoners aren't aware of.. right? Go eat a doughnut.

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Dan 1,855, 07:19

Hold on Ichabod..............

/me puts on tinfoil hat.

Okay, continue with your rants.....Just curious though....I would love to know what YOU would do differently. What would you change? Why would you change it? Give me concrete ideas, not this idealistic bs I see all the time from people who claim that they can fix it all and never say anything that has real merit to it. I want some realistic ideas. With details from all of the people that do nothing but complain. Seriously, complaining about things and not doing anything about it is lame. Come up with your own ideas instead of repeating the same old tired conspiracy arguments AND DO SOMETHING. I'm not trying to be mean, but words without actions are weak.

Because Ichabod, you seem to be intelligent, I just want you to use that intelligence effectively. Trolling is beneath you, you are better than that. Don't fall into that nonsense like others do. Don't troll, that's part of what you claim to be against. Be the solution that you want, not the mirror image of what you claim to hate.

Winter Night
Winter Night Dan 1,855, 08:15

Fingerbanged - what the self-proclaimed "defenders of the United States" in an online game "erepublik" experience every 5th, 15th, and the 25th of the month. : - D

Prezenter3 Dan 1,855, 09:44

Pozdrav drugari,dosao sam da vam prezentujem jednu sasvim novu igru
procitajte 🙂
i ako vas ne mrzi,molim za shaut 🙂

Viarizi Dan 1,855, 16:11

Go for FREEDOM, go for

★★★ American Freedom Alliance ★★★


Cicero Alvez
Cicero Alvez Dan 1,855, 18:18

Jefferson Locke said:

"We will win this war, but FG is right.......We ALL have to unify to fight for our survival. It's time for a resistance the likes of which this country has never seen."


please don't forget the fact that we continually lose vote. CONTINUALLY, without breaks. logical analysis will only show that we're fighting a losing battle. which is why, i believe, everyone stepped-up their rhetoric rants.

we fight a losing battle, and if government want to turn things around, first order of business is to come to terms with bitter realization that their current strategy are not working. AT ALL!

James Buffet
James Buffet Dan 1,856, 06:37

this squabbling between the parties IS THE FAIL. Everyone stop calling each other "terrorists and lets go conquer SOMETHING

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