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Vote Ronald Gipper Reagan for Country President: SPECIAL Presidential Town Hall

Dan 1,871, 22:30 Published in USA ZDA s strani Ronald Gipper Reagan
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My Fellow Americans,

Before I give you the details of the town hall(which you will not want to miss!) I just wanted to once again ask you for your vote in the Presidential Election on Saturday, January 5th, and to make my closing arguments. By now you have seen my campaign platform, the bulk of my senior cabinet, and you understand the vast ocean of difference that separates where I stand from where my opponents in this campaign stand. You face a stark choice between more of the same division, poverty, corruption, and failures of the past, or you could choose to make a change and put a different kind of leader in power, one which is seeking a full 180 degree turnaround for the greatest nation Admin ever gave man.

I have gathered quite a reputation as a political rebel, and a maverick throughout my career. I am beholden to no one but the citizens that I serve and the sacred code of honor that I venture to live by in defending the United States of America and all that she stands for. As your President you can bet that I will do my utmost to keep every promise and pledge I have made to you in this campaign. Our country needs a President who doesn’t laugh at other citizens in smoke filled password protected IRC rooms, but one who engages the citizenry and wishes to build bridges between different people, not put up walls. I am willing to work with anyone who will help me build a great, bright future for our country. I hope I can count on those of you reading this to be among that group.

I envision a nation where we lift ourselves up from poverty and restore our resource bonuses. I envision a nation where all Americans, from all across the world, co-exist in a fraternal union of liberty as citizens of this magnificent Republic of ours. I envision a nation which is the diplomatic and military leader second to none in the world. I envision a nation where those who wish to exploit petty personal feuds and ethnic prejudices and to fill our land with hatred for our neighbors are cast aside, and those who wish to bring us together rise up in their stead. In the past we have had hope that such a change was really possible. My Friends, this time I KNOW we can win this election. I can feel it in the depths of my soul.

This is the moment where the Patriots who believe we can do better join together and take our country back! I can’t do it without you though. Remember to get out the vote. Leave no stone unturned. Always remember, we are not a collection of AFA states and non-AFA states. We are now, and will ALWAYS be the United States of America! With your help, we will wake up the morning after the Election to a bright new day. America’s long night is soon coming to an end. Let it be morning in America once again. Vote Ronald Gipper Reagan for President of the United States.

Also, if you want to hear me speak personally about my platform and plans should I be elected your next President, you won’t want to miss the Presidential town hall! My competition has refused my offer to debate, so if you want to ask me questions, or just listen in, then don’t miss this rare event!
WHERE: http://tinyurl.com/reagantownhall
WHEN: Friday, January 4th, 14:00 eRepublik time
HOW to participate: #amfa will be open to debate listeners during the show. For those who wish to call in, you can do so via your Skype account, or by calling the studio # at (760) 512-7224.
IF you miss it: The show is archived so you can listen any time at your convenience.



ligtreb Dan 1,871, 22:37

I've never seen you respond to these serious allegations:


I do not want a harasser and stalker to be our next President.

k.a.r.o.b.i Dan 1,871, 22:42


TellUrGrlThx Dan 1,871, 22:45


n0s3 Dan 1,872, 23:05

I, n0s3y, oppose the efforts of Ajay Bruno, Hannibal LA and Sidarta and the American Freedom Alliance to politically take over this country.

Winter Night
Winter Night Dan 1,872, 23:07

ligtreb, I don't see you explaining why you and your buddies are fighting to deny a third of eAmerican people their voice in government matters while simultaneously calling them terrorists, PTOers...etc. We hold you and your friends accountable for anti-democratic, anti-American activities aimed at people who do nothing other than play this game, and who have done nothing you and your friends havent done. All this over a game, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

ligtreb Dan 1,872, 23:23

Winter Night, you're defending a stalker and harasser? Just wanted to be clear on that.

Ronald Gipper Reagan has had many past user names which were banned for creating multis or breaking game rules, including Ajay Bruno and Pizza the Hut. He and his allies have allowed lots of citizens into this country who came from enemy countries intent on politically taking over our country. He has refused to work with our country's political system for years and has not apologized for mistakes in the past.

He is not someone who should be running our country.

weasel2 Dan 1,872, 23:36

@ Winter Night: Many (a majority?) of the members of the AFA are eSerbs. eSerbia has been part of overrunning the eUSA three times. They always gave it back. They are honorable opponents. But they are opponents. Politics is the only module left with any interest, so eSerbians play and we play.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,872, 23:37

Trolling someone who is not nice is not what you claim it to be... and ligtreb, you were gone for YEARS.... you have no clue what you are talking about and are regurgitating second hand rubbish.

and yep, I don't recognize the authority of a forum that is acknowledged to be privately owned by PigInZen, and neither does a HUGE portion of the country.

I'd be happy to set up one that has a community form of ownership where only mature people get to be Administrators though.

Magnanimous Dan 1,872, 23:40


pearlowl Dan 1,872, 23:53

people come on, you really want to vote for RL stalker?

NueveOcho Dan 1,872, 23:57

Go RGR!!!!

Good luck bro, let's beat the elitist and take down their domestic PTO

S T B Dan 1,872, 00:12

good luck

stunkcuf Dan 1,872, 00:13

stop sending me mail....Not interested!!!!

camacho7 Dan 1,872, 00:37

good luck

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dan 1,872, 00:59

"I envision a nation where all Americans, from all across the world, co-exist in a fraternal union of liberty as citizens of this magnificent Republic of ours." x2

Great article! Good luck Ron! o7

Talostastic Dan 1,872, 01:04


Viarizi Dan 1,872, 01:11

"I envision a nation where all Americans, from all across the world, co-exist in a fraternal union of liberty as citizens of this magnificent Republic of ours."


Ejdatful Dan 1,872, 01:44

Voted. Great article. Good luck Ron !

nuno258 Dan 1,872, 01:50

good luck

invaluable Dan 1,872, 02:21

Voted, great article

BECAeca Dan 1,872, 02:30

vote + sub o/

Stef40 Dan 1,872, 02:34


Thedillpickl Dan 1,872, 02:40

cyber stalker...

Sounds like a cool movie. 😃:D

BooBShakeR Dan 1,872, 02:45


sumadinac4c Dan 1,872, 03:38


Alvaro  Cunhal
Alvaro Cunhal Dan 1,872, 03:40


Brdar Dragan
Brdar Dragan Dan 1,872, 04:11


GeneralSM Dan 1,872, 04:16


Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Dan 1,872, 04:16

"I'd be happy to set up one that has a community form of ownership where only mature people get to be Administrators though."
Sick. The day eAmerica lets THIS happen is the day RGR will finally spin out of control with access to so much RL information.
Anyone who signs up to this needs psychiatric help, and later they'll need the cops and a lawyer.

Halems Dan 1,872, 04:45


Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Dan 1,872, 05:27

497 votes.
31 comments...counting my own.
and half of those comments are against you.


Pary Magnificent
Pary Magnificent Dan 1,872, 05:31

too obsessed with thrash movie actor.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dan 1,872, 05:34


Love them cellos.

E R M A L Dan 1,872, 05:48


morningblur Dan 1,872, 05:56

To those reading this article who support Ronald Gipper Reagan, learn about who you are supporting. The character of Ronald Gipper Reagan is actually a person named Ajay Bruno. This person has a long history of committing real life crimes against other players of this game. Ajay Bruno has a nasty habit of stalking women to the point that they have to contact authorities to stop him just so they can feel safe in their own homes at night. A simple public records search turns up the reports of these horrible actions. Ajay also lives in a fantasy world where he thinks that he works for various real life political campaigns. This is simply not true. Once again a simple internet search will turn up reports where the various campaigns had to actively work to get him to back off and leave them alone as they never had any affiliation with him whatsoever. So his stalking is not limited to women, he also stalks real life politicians and political campaigns. Now one of the most troubling things about Ajay is the constant stream of violent threats that he has put out over the years. Ajay has had no problem threatening to harm other players who he disagrees with. And now to the sickest part of Ajay Bruno, he has regularly threatened to harm other players children and families. While some players have provoked Ajay, what could the seven year old children of other players possibly done to him to deserve his rage. Do you really want to continue to play the game with a dangerous person who wants to hurt small children? As you play this game with Ajay ask yourself, "What happens if Ajay decides that he hates you as he does the players he calls elites?" "What happens when Ajay decides to do a bit of searching and finds your real life address?" "What happens when Ajay decides to make his way to your home with the intent to harm you, your children, or a member of your family?" People Ajay is sick. One day Ajay will track down another player and hurt them or their family. Will it be you?

leraje Dan 1,872, 06:25


Oblige Dan 1,872, 06:26

I, Oblige, oppose the efforts of Ajay Bruno, Hannibal LA and Sidarta and the American Freedom Alliance to politically take over this country.

Pfeiffer. Dan 1,872, 06:33

Get a job, ya bum.

Cendorr Dan 1,872, 06:40

I think everyone should vote Ronald Gipper Reagan. He's the best candidate I've ever seen.

Power Strip
Power Strip Dan 1,872, 06:43

You are my party's candidate so you have my support, but I have been trying - especially in the AFA Forum - to get you to be substantive in explaining your policy ideas. This article is very inspiring because it contains "visionary" style material, but it is still lacking in any substantive policy assertions.

When will we hear about 'how' you will accomplish your goals? I feel like I am going to vote for someone who I have no idea about his policies.

Power Strip
Power Strip Dan 1,872, 06:44

I also voted for this article because I intend to vote for your candidacy.

Cbgd Dan 1,872, 07:01

Dude, stop spamming me... I told you once and I don't want to repeat myself. I'm not gonna vote for you or your party, EVER !!!

You managed to manipulate many Romanian players, thinking that when you're gonna get elected, we'll have our MPP back....but that's just a huge lie, and I don't want explain why, everybody knows it. Usually we're kinda smart, but I think you worked night and day to select only those who won't ask questions and vote as told. Must be sad not being able to have a interesting conversation with your party/MU members.

Fortunately I'm not one of those stupid people you're surrounded by, so pls stop insulting my intelligence and refrain yourself from sending me messages.

P.S. One more thing, pls don't forget that I used you to get US cs .... hahahahaha silly, silly virgin boy. You see, being a power obsessed narcissist makes you easy to manipulate and that's what everybody's missing.

Cagibb Dan 1,872, 07:05

@Power Strip: Find a new party. His only substantive policy assertion is to loot the treasury for foreign governments and let them have control of the eUS thus why he and his ilk are known as PTOers.

Its too bad there is no module to arrest people for treason in eRepublik because had this been going on in RL RGR would definitely have already been arrested for conspiring with foreign agents.

VugiBgd Dan 1,872, 07:37


yenchizzle Dan 1,872, 07:40

I would like you to stop spamming me, also didn't someone else win the AFA primary?

Norbengo Dan 1,872, 07:49

Endorsed o/

Syz2 Dan 1,872, 07:50

"I will do my utmost to keep every promise and pledge I have made to you in this campaign"

You haven't kept any of your promises yet. People are still waiting for the gold you owe them, for example.

"I think everyone should vote Ronald Gipper Reagan. He's the best candidate I've ever seen."

You have just joined the eUS. Don't say he is the best just because you have nothing to compare him to. Try looking around some.

@Power like I told you, he wont respond. He doesn't care about his policies, only personal power.

Hunter Dean Rivett
Hunter Dean Rivett Dan 1,872, 08:31



PIER5362 Dan 1,872, 09:12

only afa
only my friends

Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Dan 1,872, 09:12


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