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VAT and MU Funding Poll

Dan 1,827, 03:11 Published in Canada Kanada s strani Homer J Simpson

I'd like to see where eCanada stands on VAT and MU Funding so following on from a suggestion Rolo made in an article I have created a short poll.

The poll is open to any eCan citizen including those who are o/s for MU related production bonuses.

For the VAT question please only enter a numeric value minus the %

Save any comments for this article and any other discussions that are going on atm.




Punisher 1389
Punisher 1389 Dan 1,827, 13:58


Crock Crosby
Crock Crosby Dan 1,827, 15:39

I support any VAT during times we are invaded or going for extra resource bonus.
Not durring peace time, this includes when we fight to help allies.
Why should we fund division 4 players all the time?

George Beeman
George Beeman Dan 1,827, 16:40

''Why should we fund division 4 players all the time?''

As opposed to other divisions?

Crock Crosby
Crock Crosby Dan 1,827, 16:49

by the time a player reaches Div 4 they should be rather well off. By having major cuts or discontinuing funding all together, we can free up resources to give to newer players . By doing this we increase the speed players reach Div 4 improving our chances in the long run.

Sir Kanye West
Sir Kanye West Dan 1,827, 17:06

Look, if we're raising taxes on weapons and food to fund MUs to give out weapons and food then that's ridiculous to me.

tax income all you want but the VAT should be kept low, imo.

King Friday XIII
King Friday XIII Dan 1,827, 17:06

What does player level have to do with MU funding? If they are in a MU they get the same as everyone else in the MU, at least that's how most of them run. Also I'm div 4 and am not "well off", so I appreciate the little extra boost. There is a definite knee-jerk reaction against taxes; this isn't real money, the more money the gov. has, the stronger the country, its just that simple.

SpockPQ Dan 1,827, 17:13

"Do you support MU Funding* paid for through Taxes? *"

I'm definitely for, but we should review how we distribute the funds.

D3-D4 players should receive funding ONLY for critical battles. Pack distribution during these battles should be the way to proceed. For these players, we should reward performance (with a limited budget and with a limit per player). For instance, we should distribute the money to the 50% players that are fighting the harder and the wiser.

SpockPQ Dan 1,827, 17:13

D1-D2 players should receive funding mainly to help them progress in the game. Counting the number of kills per day (as we do currently) is a good way to monitor activity and to avoid to give stuff to young players that have quit the game. We could also give them some money instead of products, and let them buy the stuff on the market.

SpockPQ Dan 1,827, 17:21

PRECISION about : "For instance, we should distribute the money to the 50% players that are fighting the harder and the wiser." for D3-D4

-> With the pack distribution system, if you do not fight hard in critical battles, you won't receive money.

SpockPQ Dan 1,827, 17:56

I don't like the "you're either for or against .. MU funding" way of thinking. I'm for an efficient economy and military.

SpockPQ Dan 1,827, 17:56

Finally, I'm not running on a "single issue". I just want to debate new ideas to improve our e-country, and I'm looking for the T5 party that best fits with me.

Plugson Dan 1,827, 18:45

A poll on MU Funding that has 4 or 5 different useful/realistic models would offer a better set of options

I'm learning towards basic funding, rather than the 'give all the extra CAD we have' funding currently provided with the MU Funding Act. However, this poll is likely to be skewed towards people voting Yes to MU funding because the range of options is so broad in that single category. "No" is a very small category by comparison since it is just one option and nothing else.

Plugson Dan 1,827, 18:48

Because of the skewed range, I am leaning towards choosing "No Funding" for this poll because it is closer to 'Basic Funding' than 'All-out Funding,' both of which the "Yes" side would support.

"No Funding" represents something clear and closer to what Spock is describing above so people that like his idea may want to chose "No MU Funding" for this poll.

Derphoof Dan 1,827, 19:08

''Why should we fund division 4 players all the time?''

D4 is the single most important division of any battle. they make up 5 of the total 11 points available in each battle. Also, not every D4 player is self-sufficient, I'm sure. By giving D4 players tanks, you are ensuring that you are putting out as much damage as you possibly can in that battle.

If possible, each MU could keep a list of self-sufficient players, and not fund them. Then funding goes to needy active players.

SpockPQ Dan 1,827, 19:17


It's not a good signal to send to players. : "Do not try to improve your play, otherwise we'll cut you funding. Just wait, we'll take care of you".

The signal should be : fight hard, fight wisely, and we'll give you some funds.

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Dan 1,827, 20:38

@ Plugson, the MU question here is to guage what the percentages are for/against some type of MU funding. Voting yes does not say you approve the current system, only that you believe there should be some form of government funding.

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Dan 1,827, 20:42

@ EPD, the option was created for MU members who were self sufficient to sacrifice their share for the other members in the MU. This way their effort still counts and the MU reaps the benefit and can support newer players better.

Derphoof Dan 1,827, 20:43

"The signal should be : fight hard, fight wisely, and we'll give you some funds."

@SpockPQ: That's what we already do. We only give funding to soldiers who are shown to be active and fight a certain number of times each week.

@Homer: Yes I remember that now, thanks for jogging my memory. I believe they have to be asked first. The MU cannot decide that for them.

Plugson Dan 1,827, 20:44

As a start, I suppose that does start to narrow the field down a bit to figure out if there are people totally against funding. Maybe later we can draw some finer distinctions between those who support govt funding because there's probably a varied group in that category.

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Dan 1,827, 21:44

That's the plan

Michael 23
Michael 23 Dan 1,827, 21:57

Great idea of reaching out to eCanadians with the poll. However, I didn't vote due to the broad spectrum associated with MU funding. Nonetheless, it's great to reach out to all eCanadians to see how the issues stand out. These issues should seriously be debated well in congress this month, in light of making sure eCanada has a strong and viable economy and that we move forward with our alliances, proper taxation with incentives for producers to produce, and reasonable MU funding.

crisfire Dan 1,828, 23:25

needs more pics

John Greywolf
John Greywolf Dan 1,828, 04:27

eCanada NEED a babyboom ..

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Dan 1,828, 11:28

No MU funding, Low VAT. Get the gubmint outta my pockets!

the grinch
the grinch Dan 1,828, 14:33

Light of Palaero, I see you are in the Holy Order. How did the holy order become self sufficient? If I rememeber correctly it was a combination of buying gold from erep and using in game funds? In a conversation I had in IRC some got cash lent to them (severeal 100k's) may have been someone from the HO or not, it was a while ago. So if you don't want MU's to be funded (to become self sufficient) I am curious how you suggest it be done without using a credit card.

the grinch
the grinch Dan 1,828, 14:38

Perhaps an informative article Light? I looked through yours and it seems mostly political stuff. If you want MU's off of the gov't teat, help them.

I believe that the MU's should get funding from the gov't BUT a large % of those funds be invested in infrastructure so that they don't need funding forever. Let them have some cash set aside to aid people in moving, allow them to use it to lend to active members to take advantage of sales so that they can become self sufficient.

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Dan 1,828, 15:29

@the grinch, the current MU Funding Act allows MU's to use the money as they see fit. All they need to be able to do is justify to congress how it was used.

the grinch
the grinch Dan 1,828, 16:11

Homer, I think more people would support MU funding if it was actually used to buy factories etc rather than just paid in cash to members?

Plugson Dan 1,828, 19:07

One that the govt can do is provide a guideline to MUs about how the funds could be spent to increase self-sufficiency. It'd be good if we could request/require for every 10k CAD donated as funding, that 1 Aluminum (or 2) is purchased, while the remaining 6k CAD is used for to supply fighters, purchase WRM, support the newbies, etc. That's just a rough example and would depend on fluctuation Gold values. However, having a built-in infrastructure requirement for funding would be reasonable

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