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V for Victory: The Cabinet

Dan 1,926, 18:27 Published in USA ZDA s strani Vanek26

America, I want to share with you the cabinet that will help me take back control of this country after the devastating month we have just experienced. I have assembled a group of the wisest, most experienced players this country has to offer, and present them to you for your assessment.

Vice President: The one and only John Largo.
John is incredibly experienced, having served 16 terms in Congress, including serving as the Speaker of the House. You may have even saw him on the battlefield the other day, when he dropped over 630 million for Albania.
John comes from a different circle than I do, and he represents a different position and viewpoint that can sometimes be overlooked. I have worked with him before, and I am excited for what he can bring to the table in the number 2 spot.

Secretary of Defense: Quite possibly the oldest person in America: Cromstar.
Throughout his career, Cromstar has held almost every single position in this country, and during these tough economic times, there is no one better to lead the United States Armed Forces. We are going to need to look long and hard at our military to make sure we are optimizing what little money we have. I trust Cromstar to make the tough, informed decisions that come with the job.

Secretary of State: One of the most well known players on the international stage: dermont.
He is not very well known in America, but dermont has served as President of Germany twice, as well as their Minister of Foreign Affairs. I got to know him when I lead the Terra Alliance, and I have absolute faith in dermont to represent America on the global level. He is smart, dedicated and has a little black book filled with contacts.

Chief of Staff: Former President and an old friend: Israel Stevens.
I’ve known Israel for a long time, and asked him to be my Vice President last year. This time, I’m asking him to bring his whip to keep my cabinet in line, as well as keeping me focused.

National Security Advisors: ilphen and Ralph Ericson.
I want two NSC Chairmen because I understand the demands of the job. These two will complement each others time zones, and allow for our armed forces to always have the correct orders, no matter what time of day they fight. ilphen is a former German CP and MoD, and has my full trust in his abilities. His dedication as a SF soldier has smited many an enemy. Ralphy is a former SoD and NSC Chairman and a good friend of mine, and also has my trust. These two will be able to complement each other and allow for more complete coverage.

Secretary of Interior: She needs no introduction, rainy sunday.
She is America’s Mom, and has been more dedicated to new players than anyone this country has seen before. She’s the most patient person I’ve ever met, and has more than once offered me advice or encouragement. Rainy is the best, and I am ecstatic that she will continue working with new players.

Secretary of Education: Compared to the rest of the cabinet, she’s a youngin: Mazzy Cat.
Mazzy has spent the majority of her elife helping out her fellow citizen. She recognizes that a well educated public, is more prepared to step up and serve their community. With that in mind, I have asked her to be the Secretary of Education, so she can continue her work on the national level.

Secretary of Media: Currently Vacant.
If you would like to be considered for the Secretary of Media position, then please fill out the application.
Applicants must have very strong writing, and be able to put out 3-4 high quality articles per week.

I don’t believe in drawing out the Cabinet process. I’ve chosen the strongest cabinet I could, paying little attention to what party they hail from. I want the best, not a bunch of political appointees. We’ve been down that road, and it rarely works out. If you would like to join my team, then fill out the application, and we will consider you.

I also wanted to get the cabinet announcement out of the way so that we can focus on actual ideas and goals for the rest of the campaign.
That is what this process is about, and that is what I intend to give the American public.


Vanek26 for POTUS - The Cabinet
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Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Dan 1,926, 18:29

I'm obviously biased, but this is a very strong cabinet.

V for Victory!

Oblige Dan 1,926, 18:32


Vanek26 for *real* President!

Bucephalus92 Dan 1,926, 18:33

V for Victory!

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,926, 18:37

LOL, just knew IS was posturing for something with his "article" recently.

Regardless, I can overlook him for the rest of this cabinet. I am intrigued @ a few and delighted with the rest of your choices.

Dr_Revenue Dan 1,926, 18:39


Kody5. Dan 1,926, 18:40

Thats not ilphens picture 😛

Good cab though, certainly wont be bad either way this race goes.

Vanek26 Dan 1,926, 18:42

oops, fixed

John Largo
John Largo Dan 1,926, 18:42

Vanek is the Answer. V for Victory!

Synesi Dan 1,926, 18:43

Strong cabinet you got there. Must be made of oak.

Vanek26 Dan 1,926, 18:48


Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Dan 1,926, 18:48

Looks good.

C H I N G U Dan 1,926, 19:23

V for Victory! \o/

Tiacha Dan 1,926, 19:24

*is older than cromstar*

Cromstar Dan 1,927, 18:10

There's a few older than me, but Vanek's so young he gets to make a free mistake on that.... 😉

dinossauro Dan 1,926, 19:25


good luck bro

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dan 1,926, 19:26


RegisAjR Dan 1,926, 19:29

Komentar je izbrisan

Derphoof Dan 1,926, 19:58

Looks like a pretty strong cabinet right now!

Tim_Holtz Dan 1,926, 20:23

i have a somewhat serious question.

why are people bagging John Killah if they didnt provide an alternative?

Oblige Dan 1,927, 17:00

Our alternative rage quit :>

Tim_Holtz Dan 1,927, 18:06

you mean JS Jr who in the forums you all bagged for the exact same thing as you are bagging JK for now?

Oblige Dan 1,927, 18:10

Basically, but generally people step *up* activity when they become CP. Also, I was not bagging him until he ragequit.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dan 1,926, 22:30


Publius Dan 1,927, 23:15

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nimnul Dan 1,927, 00:18


TTi09 Dan 1,927, 00:42

V for Victory!

kev2969 Dan 1,927, 01:13

V for Victory !

Finway Dan 1,927, 01:18

V for Vhat the fock

Atea Dan 1,927, 01:38

Good luck!

Saberan Dan 1,927, 02:12

V for Victory!

Quintus Modius
Quintus Modius Dan 1,927, 02:43

V for Glory!
V for Victory!

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Dan 1,927, 02:47

Solid Cabinet, althought some may feel that there is a lack fo new faces, still, we've got tons of experience on this cabinet.

Tyrannocopters Dan 1,927, 02:53


Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dan 1,927, 06:10

I also like this cabinet and look forward to our German Friend President Dermont's contributions to America's foreign affairs.

ilphen Dan 1,927, 06:20

Yay Vanek \o/

bigcdizzle Dan 1,927, 06:23

Needs less Israel Stevens.

Artela Dan 1,928, 10:26


kushtrimzz Dan 1,927, 18:30

Good luck o/

john_rambo Dan 1,927, 18:35

don't know how are the others, but with Largo in your team, you have to win o7

Mr.Tosi Dan 1,927, 20:08


CrazyPrzenica Dan 1,928, 11:47

V for Victory...
Sounds like some George Orwells novel...

jmurrib21 Dan 1,931, 23:05

Good luck, V - Victory

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