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Dan 1,844, 21:25 Published in Saudi Arabia Savdska Arabija s strani Dytowi

Assalamu'alaikum wr. wb.

Good morning, afternoon, or evening depending on where you are 😛

Hi eSaudi Arabia the new generation. Greetings! This time I want to give you tips and things you need to know at this eRepublik

A. Beginning

Once you login, you should see this. Here is the function of the buttons:
1. Link to profile
2. The number of experience points you and the flag state your location
3. To restore your energy
4. The total number of Gold and money
5. To send a Private Message to your friend
6. To log out of eRepublik
7. To see some new notifications
8. A key event of eRepublik (this time 2012 Official Summit)
9. The articles:
~ Hot Articles (most popular article in one country)
~ First Step in eRepublik (for newbie tutorial)
~ Order of War (MoD papers)
~ Analysis of War (article about analysis at war)
~ Political Debate (for political)
~ Financial (for financial article)
~ Entertainment (the most crowded category, usually filled with articles about the contests and cheap soap operas)
~ Subscribe (of newspapers you subscribe)
10. Daily Order, each Military Unit (MU) or regiments have different DO
11. Current events, current news, and military operations
12. The most important military operation in the state your location
13. To view the papers (Left to newspaper Homeland, Right to newspaper location where you are). If you are the same nationality and location, it will only show your country only.
14. Promotion of eRepublik, usually based on the purchase of Gold
15. The news story (contains postings from friends, parties, MU, and facebook page eRepublik)
16. Can post something on the news story
17. Home
18. Places:
~ Companies (where you work)
~ Training Ground (to raise your Strength)
~ Storage (storage, here you can assemble a bazooka and rocket)
~ A special building (where you build a rocket factory)
19. Battlefield (the scene of the battle)
20. Market (Where you buy food and weapons for the war)
21. Community:
~ Map of the world (the condition of the world today)
~ Party (to your party menu)
~ Elections
~ MU (MU menu to you)
~ Ranking (Top 5 Citizens menu in your country)
~ Invite a Friend
22. Gold & Other (where promotion based purchasing Gold)
23. ERepublik Like on Facebook
24. Date, time and, today
25. Search citizen

B. Work & Train and Daily Order

1. Daily Tasks
Every day, you will see the name Daily Tasks. Unlike the Daily Order, you must do in order to get the Daily Bonus. Daily Bonus gives you free 1 Strength and 1 XP each time you do the work and train every day. And when it is the 5th day in a row you play, you get a free 5 Strength and 1 XP.

2. Work

From the above, the above menu is the menu for you to find jobs and money. Job available in the Job Market in the Market menu. While the company has a role in the manufacture of weapons and food. Companies can you upgrade. However, you should not need to upgrade unless you want to do business enterprise Weapon or Food

3. Train

Training Ground is important to raise the strength you have. For players Nubi, it is recommended to use the free, do not wear gold. If you have enough gold, you can upgrade your TG. However, the exact moment it is time to upgrade promo Upgrade TG.

4. Daily Order

Each MU has a different DO. If you have completed DO, you can get a prize of prt-part bazooka and an energy bar. To save Gold, money, and energy, you do not need to complete the DO every day.

C. Socialize and get acquainted

As a citizen, you are required to be active in the game. The best option is to MU and your party.

1. Military Unit
At MU, when you first sign up, you are still a Midshipman (Recruit) in the MU. You must complete the mission it was to become MU MU the Full Member. Each MU has a different Daily Order.

2. Party

if you have a political life, you can become a member of a party. Party closer to you with eRepublik old players.

In addition to these two, you can also send a Private Message to the person you want to talk to. Also with Add Friend, you can get closer to that person. You can also create an article after you have levels above level 11. and yea, you can PM me 🙂 im a nice guy: D

D. War and Rank
1. war
Every citizen is obliged to fight. You can choose to fight in one of BF. When you want to attack, click the Fight button, revealing data from your attacks. Avoid the use of so-called Energy Bar or sweets in excess, unless you're looking for a Battle Hero. The number of attacks is limited by the number of Health that you have. Eat food if you want to refill health.

For Nubi, the type of weapon that is recommended tank Q6 and Q5 because the price is cheap and good reliability. And with this type of food because of the amount of health Q5 filled sizable.

2. rank

After you make an attack, you will get rank points. These points will increase as you carry out attacks. At this point in the bar is full, you will be promoted.

E. government

You need to be familiar with the government of our country. These are the names in the office this December:

1. I-G-D, as President (but the real CP is Venrick Von Lucia)
2, Venrick Von Lucia, as Prime Minister
3. Aramco, as Minister of Defence
4. Daniel Quayle, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
5. Killer of worlds, as Minister of Education
6. Abdullah Australi, as Governor

As Nubi good, you should be able to uphold this eKSA country. And do not forget your real life!

Finally, Wassalamu'alaikum wr. wb.

Regards with friendship 🙂




akmalaputra Dan 1,844, 21:28


Bond Guevara
Bond Guevara Dan 1,844, 21:33

there are arabic translation in erep, so pls take pic in arabic version..
the article should be in arabic too if necessary xD

Dytowi Dan 1,844, 21:34

@bond : susah bon

akmalaputra Dan 1,844, 22:25

btw itu goldnya banyak gan


Zaid Gipsy Eideh
Zaid Gipsy Eideh Dan 1,844, 22:52

This was good, am newbie here, still I had alot of those covered out but some stuff were new to me, so thank you.... I just hoped that you added a section about factories and so, as I can't really understand that part.

Thanks again bro!

I-G-D Dan 1,845, 00:16

Voted. ; )

mounir Dan 1,845, 03:46


otyat Dan 1,845, 04:01

really good....V

Just D0 1t
Just D0 1t Dan 1,845, 05:39


Sheikha Al Jalila Al Maktoum
Sheikha Al Jalila Al Maktoum Dan 1,845, 07:30

mending yg tanda tangan di hapus gan 😛

Dytowi Dan 1,845, 08:31

biar seimbang mbel..ada yg bagus ada yg jelek wkwkwk

EtzeL the Hun
EtzeL the Hun Dan 1,845, 09:23

aleyküm selam


hazem95 Dan 1,845, 14:10

Looks good

Dytowi Dan 1,845, 20:47

lol dont look at Gold...but look what my article 😛

AdityaAzharr Dan 1,845, 21:22

Donate please !

shegofa Dan 1,845, 22:59

lol read and voted ^ _ ^ syukran

Aceh Rayek
Aceh Rayek Dan 1,846, 00:34

makasih keterangannya bang, awak dah maen ni game gak pernah dapat keterangan detil kayak ni.

Ahmed Am
Ahmed Am Dan 1,846, 01:27


abdullah australi
abdullah australi Dan 1,846, 02:51


Sultan Pramana VIII
Sultan Pramana VIII Dan 1,846, 16:18

Kaka minta donatenya 😃

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