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The Speaker's Report

Dan 1,845, 17:05 Published in Canada Kanada s strani Homer J Simpson

Just a quick update on what congress has been doing recently.

- An amendment to the constitution was voted down

- VAT was debated and changed.
Food - from 10% to 25%
Weapons - from 10% to 15%
Import for both was raised to 10%

- Welcome message was updated by the CP and passed by congress

- The list of MU's approved for funding was updated after the MU's seeking funding submitted their reports

- The MU Funding Act continues to be debated.

- An income tax raise is currently being proposed and should go to vote soon.

- In Closed Door Congress (CDC) congress, along with the executive, continue to debate our MPP and alliance situation

I would like to thank Bryan Alexander and SpockPQ for their work compiling and analysing the tax data so that we can make a more informed call on eCan's taxes

To view details of the discussions go to the eCanada Forums. It only takes a minute to sign up.

eCanadian citizens who are not in congress can put their views forward in the Legislative Branch (public) area of congress. Also, if you have something you feel should be proposed in congress just pm your party president or a congressman and run your idea past them.



Mann551 Dan 1,845, 17:10

I was wondering what was happening.

Plugson Dan 1,845, 17:14

Thanks for the update. I get the feeling that the Temporary Funding Act will be made a more permanent one, right? Sounds fine to me. Finding the sweet spot for VAT and then Income tax looks to be the more interesting side of Congress atm (without knowing about CDC stuff).

crisfire Dan 1,845, 18:51

what are these words?


Rylde Dan 1,845, 18:52

Your the backbone of any decent society Homer.

I do believe we need to have you shot.

SpockPQ Dan 1,845, 18:55


It's my duty to challenge e-communists 😉

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dan 1,846, 23:31


Thanks Homer!! (:

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Dan 1,846, 08:39

Good review

Funky 24
Funky 24 Dan 1,846, 17:47


good good

MaxMaher Dan 1,847, 11:29

haa it's a shame that this amendment didn't pass. ; )

Great work Homer.

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