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The Social Economy of eRepbulik

Dan 1,884, 13:52 Published in USA ZDA s strani Gnilraps

Amicabiliter Frugalitas
Day 1,884 of the New World
16 January, 2012
The question about the Economy of eRepublik recently came up in a thread in the eUS Forum.

(That thread is not specifically about the so-called economy of eRepublik. As you will see, however, it is about the social economy of this game.)

Specifically, the question focused on how frustrating it is to think about what value your Gold has when invested in the eRepublik economy (i.e. Raw Material or Factory buildings and storage). The current Return on Investment of a Q7 Tank factory is 13,800 or so days. This was recently pointed out expertly by Edelman in his fine article Finally, company upgrades!

Since I am asked on a weekly basis about how to make money in this game, I thought I’d publish here the thoughts I shared in that thread (because I know not all of you visit the forum.)

My answer is basically this: the only economy in this game that has a vast potential for return is the social economy.

The question (which was offered in the rhetorical form of a statement) was about how the eRep economy is not designed in any way offering “upward (financial) mobility”.

Here is what I wrote in response:

"Upward Mobility" ought not be seen (insofar as this game is concerned) from the perspective of economic prosperity. There is no economic prosperity, there are only opportunities for you to invest yourself economically for social reasons.

What I mean to say is that "upward mobility" is defined in social terms. By playing your character a certain way over time, you will gain upward social mobility. That is the game you play here. The option of "tycoon" is not available.

So abandon your economic structures. Liquidate them for gold and cash. Get involved in a social circle which will accommodate your economic needs with commune employment and tanks/food as a reward for activity (which is the actual currency in a "social economy").

Then build your reputation.

And if you buy Gold, spend it in ways which will increase your social reputation. Build a company and give away the production. Train your strength to the max and become a respected tank. Publish a newspaper and use your gold to buy votes and gain attention.

But don't spend money on a tank company hoping it will turn a profit. It's not supposed to. It's there as an option to help you get ahead socially.


And so I publish this here to give eRepublikans a chance to comment below.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled clicking


Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Dan 1,884, 13:54

Yup. Gold is worthless, CC is worthless, your companies are worthless. The only worthwhile thing here is making friends.

Vijalob Dan 1,884, 13:54

first! wait, is that the kind of person that I want to be?

Vijalob Dan 1,884, 13:55

even worse when it posts second. such is life.

Lauri Allan Torni
Lauri Allan Torni Dan 1,884, 13:58

so true 🙂

Edelmann Dan 1,884, 13:59

I was mentioned! \o/

Kooguy Dan 1,884, 14:03

This is one of the few papers where I vote the article before I read it.
Great as always

ligtreb Dan 1,884, 14:37

Gnilraps is right.

AAladin Dan 1,884, 14:41

True 🙁

KOSOVA Xhemshit Smajli
KOSOVA Xhemshit Smajli Dan 1,884, 15:18

So true x2

kuckuck Dan 1,884, 15:21

Voted hard

Gmarsanu Dan 1,884, 15:29

SUB 2244
please VOTE AND SUB my newspaper!
good luck!

Iamnameless Dan 1,884, 15:34

hard to argue with that, voted

Ruthain Dan 1,884, 15:38

Yea I remember when a Q5 company was a goldmine 🙁

weasel2 Dan 1,884, 15:42

Game changing article

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Dan 1,884, 15:55

Interesting. Sounds a bit like potlach.

Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Dan 1,884, 15:57

This is true...and it's a reflection on how retarded this game has gotten. I've been hanging on since the introduction of V2 for a return of a decent economy, and it doesn't look like it's going to happen.

eisenmutter2 Dan 1,884, 16:57

only way to make some money is monetary market especially when it drops below 1g=333cc / 0.001cc=0.004g


companies (if you really have to) are now best bougth with gold
but if you want to be smart you just should buy companies if either:

a) the produced product brings very much profit

the company is very cheap
like back then when one q4 raw was about 3gold or even less

and now we have neither a) nor so you should just hold on to your money and wait for the next time the admins tamper with the game

holding currency might be good because we have the monetary market falling lower every week. but you never know what stuff an admin change will cause...

Tiamati Dan 1,885, 23:23

Valid points indeed; the economy used to propel the social circles but are now merely ways to help yourself and your friends. Sadly as long as budgets exist and social circles engage in endeavors resources will be consumed and require replacement in order to fight another day.

The game may have changed, its rules and equations also; yet the goal remains the same...

I want to help my nation by being able to sustain myself while helping others help themselves.

Bacon Empire
Bacon Empire Dan 1,885, 04:39

Is true

Tiacha Dan 1,885, 05:38

It's true. I spend my money on supporting the Marines. I don't make a profit, but the value I get back form my MU is enough for me.

ungabunga90 Dan 1,885, 06:44

I've gone bankrupt.

Viarizi Dan 1,886, 05:21


Kara Zor El
Kara Zor El Dan 1,886, 19:16


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