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The right to vote.

Dan 1,822, 01:26 Published in Netherlands Nizozemska s strani james janeway

After fighting against Poland, i had the intention to vote for the party leadership of my party.
I could not.
Because i am not 'an adult player'
In Euk i could always vote, in every election, and i think that is the way it should be in our country too
"Alle players are important" That is the name of my newspaper. It is always my point of view. There will be reasons for the system, but i do not think it is democratic.

James Janeway.



Vlam Dan 1,822, 02:17

Maybe it's because you became dutch citizen on electionday??

james janeway
james janeway Dan 1,822, 03:42

No, a few days agoo..

Broersje Dan 1,822, 05:12

There's a new title on the profile page above your birthday. It says what kind of citizen you are. As for me, I'm an adult citizen, and you are a young citizen. I don't know when these changes were made, nor do I know how long you should have citizenship before you're considered an adult citizen.

DimlightHero Dan 1,822, 05:32

I think this is an eWorldwide phenomenon, as far as I know the Dutch Government has no hand in this change.

Kixtart Dan 1,822, 06:07

They don't have. Everyone is equal

Sean Power
Sean Power Dan 1,822, 08:43

There was some article with hundreds of votes talking about saving the political module. One of the suggestions was this type of young/adult citizenship. Why they couldnt just raise the level cap I dunno.

Sean Power
Sean Power Dan 1,822, 08:45


Admin explanation

A Legend Killer
A Legend Killer Dan 1,822, 09:21

Looks like it's just another way to combat multis.

odan Dan 1,822, 09:25

In order to reach the Adult title, a Young citizen, must solve the “Become an Adult” mission.

so look at your missions 🙂

djirtsdew Dan 1,822, 10:49

But http://www.erepublik.com/en/main/latest-updates says:
Citizens with strength over 50 will receive automatically the Adult title and they will not be affected by this change.

Xyrrath Dan 1,822, 12:46

Probably a bug try contacting support with this.

james janeway
james janeway Dan 1,823, 00:40


M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Dan 1,823, 08:58

Congrats James, and welcome in eNL.

Shtula Dan 1,823, 09:50

Welcome in eNL!

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