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Strength Buildings, Contracts, and Common Questions

Dan 1,913, 09:57 Published in United Kingdom Velika Britanija s strani Emergy Maxfell

Just a short update for today. There are lots of good articles floating around regarding training contracts and strength building upgrades. If you haven't had an opportunity to check out Kravenn's latest article Training Contracts, Why and When to Sign you should take a look and help vote the article up. If you're looking to calculate your own building upgrades, check out the eRepublik training costs calculator which has the latest math and upgrade costs.

Below are some questions that I got asked about the upgrades and promotions, so I thought I'd reprint them in the hopes they might benefit other players.

Which Training Center(s) should a new player buy?

The first and most important thing a new player can do is upgrade their Weights Room (Free Training Center) to Q4. At Q1, your Training Center will earn you 4.08g/month (0.136g/day) but at Q4 it will earn you 13.08g/month (0.436g/day).

What combination of Training Centers & Contracts earns the MOST money?

Q4 Weights Room & Q4 Climbing Center (without any contract training) earns the most money of any training/contract combination. Together they will earn you 13.38g/month (0.446g/day) after you pay the daily training.

Note: After you've upgraded the Weights Room to Q4, save your money until you're able to upgrade the Climbing Center directly to Q3 or Q4. If you begin training with a Q1 Climbing Center immediately, your income will drop to 8.88g/month. The cost of upgrading directly to Q3/Q4 during an upgrade promotion is 38.5g and 93.5g respectively.

Which combination gets me the MOST strength possible without costing extra gold?

Q4 Weights Room (Free), Q4 Climbing Center (0.19g), & Q4 Shooting Range (0.89g) will earn you 50 strength a day (Super Soldier every 4.82 days) and gain you 31.08g/month. The cost of training is 32.4g so the monthly difference is only 1.32g which is easily made up for by winning another medal or two. The good news is you'll be able to sustain that training level forever without additional gold.

Note: No training contract

What about Upgrading Existing Buildings & In What Order Do I Build Strength Buildings?

It's very important to upgrade the existing strength buildings you have before creating new ones. If you're already paying for a building, upgrade it to Q4 before getting another building. When creating new Strength Buildings, go from lowest price to highest price. As the daily training cost increases, so too does the cost per point of strength.

What about Contracts?

If you train two or less buildings - Don't Use Contracts
If you train everything but the Special Forces Center (1.79g) - Don't Use Contracts
If you train everything but the Shooting Range (0.89g) - Get the 50% Contract
If you train all strengh buildings - Get the 90% Contract

That's about it!

Emergy Maxfell
Member of Congress & Math Fan



WayneKerr Dan 1,913, 10:25

voted cuz Emergy

Pom Poko
Pom Poko Dan 1,913, 10:57

In a nut shell. Cheers dude.

Alexander Macedon
Alexander Macedon Dan 1,913, 16:43


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Bulbash Kamajski
Bulbash Kamajski Dan 1,914, 04:35


mick cain
mick cain Dan 1,914, 13:01

good info

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