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Dan 1,825, 05:23 Published in USA ZDA s strani Jimmy Cincinnati

The wind is blowing. Times are changing. Some illusions have been smashed... or at least severely cracked:

Every tired old dog in the game follows along picking over the trail of old bones. This is tedious and tiring.

Throw the money-changers out of the temple. This may be the only chance you get. If you thought you could find a kinder gentler way, you were wrong.

We are the people that live outside of the city walls. We tend to see things a little differently, from most;

The city is built on ruins and flanked by land-fills, a nearby salt-peter mine has killed all the aquatic life in the nearby streams and I wonder, "Is the food safe to eat?"

Some of my comrades and I gather around an old mystic, who has obvoisly had too much peyote. He begins to ramble on about a culture that used to occupy these lands.
Boys will be boys, of course. I decided, the next day, that I was going to go and find that city, or lack of.
On the fifth day of searching, I noticed a few rocks that didn't look natural. As I walked toward them, I realized they were larger than I thought. I could tell there was once a building here but it was long gone.
There was a big piece of flat metal in the dirt. I cleared away the dirt to read an engraving.
It said, " There is no re-plastering, the structure is rotten. We will not be the watchdogs or servants of capitalism."
As I cleared the dirt, I noticed a latch. Maybe it was an old cellar? With great difficulty, I was able to open the door.
There were rows of file cabinets, a huge food stockpile and a sign over a desk that said Nomos Labratory.
I can't say too much. I'm sure they will be reading your mail. All I can tell you is that the winds of change have arrived. Let's hope we aren't so easily fooled, next time.

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shiloh13 Dan 1,825, 09:32

Good read.

Kaiser Schuster
Kaiser Schuster Dan 1,825, 17:37

Great Read.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dan 1,825, 19:18


Silas Soule
Silas Soule Dan 1,825, 19:38

I am an old mystic and I approve this message.

MaryamQ Dan 1,825, 20:26

The times they are a-changing - pass it on.

Chris Carnage
Chris Carnage Dan 1,825, 21:55

The winds of change make a cool breeze

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Dan 1,825, 22:40

@PQ I thought about posting a pictures of ostriches, at that exect point.
I didn't want the peacocks and emus to feel left out. They play thier role.

Arfman Dan 1,826, 00:55


Slyk Willy
Slyk Willy Dan 1,827, 22:39

I have been gathering members for a meta alliance to sell damage to the highest bidder to offset loses caused by the lack of bonuses our past and present leaders have lost for us.

If anyone is interested in joining this alliance please PM me. I don't care what your political beliefs are or what country you serve. This will be used as a tool to solicit cooperation from the US government buy turning critical allied battles in the favor of the enemy until the us government brings back bonuses

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