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Running For KM

Dan 1,826, 05:42 Published in Israel Izrael s strani Hunter Willis

Hi everyone,

I have already done so, but I would like to say again,

I am running for KM for The New Badass Party.

As a KM, I will listen and learn.

The job of a KM is to serve the people,

And frankly, that isn't happening.

On IRC, I seem to be the only one who's asking for everyone's opinion.

Like I said, I will listen and learn.

This will happen by
-- Creating a new IRC channel specifically for hearing the concerns of our eCitizens.
-- Holding a weekly meeting on IRC, open to everyone, that will be about discussing the state of eIsrael, and how to improve. A transcript will be offered on The eIsraeli Times.
-- A new email account will be created for anyone to send in there comments about the direction of eIsrael.

As KM, I will serve you.

If I can promise anything,

It will be only that.

All together, we can change eIsrael

Unified, we are strong.

Thank you.


Congress Presentation



Light Bulb
Light Bulb Dan 1,826, 06:45

Dude, after the political module change about the congress - Your presentation doesn't matter, it may help only if you send it to your PP, because he is the man who decide what place you'll be in the congress list.

Reza Farahan
Reza Farahan Dan 1,826, 07:54

^ What Light Bulb said.

Hunter Willis
Hunter Willis Dan 1,826, 12:32

I sent it to my PP and used the presentation link.

Thank you for the concern.

Darren OKitty
Darren OKitty Dan 1,826, 13:29

Good Luck

Hunter Willis
Hunter Willis Dan 1,826, 16:52

Thanks Meow

John TG
John TG Dan 1,827, 18:24

V good luck

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