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Remember that time....

Dan 1,961, 13:02 Published in South Africa Bolivija s strani atrawall

Remember when Brazil said:

"Hey, we'll give you in eSA, 4,000 GOLD for accepting some strong citizens." ?

Remember when we threw a fit that Brazil didn't offer enough?

That was a funny time.



Lion of Deserts
Lion of Deserts Dan 1,961, 14:24

I don't know what else you are going to do to show that fail aggreement as a success. We would earn much more then that 4.000 gold.

Grimstone Dan 1,962, 07:23

Everyone saying we can earn more, I ask stop saying we can and tell everyone how?

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Dan 1,962, 13:17

We already told you million times. You had to make this aggreement before accepting Brazilian tanks.

Locutus Dan 1,962, 06:02

We wouldn´t earn sh*t´if we hadn´t gotten the help from Brazzo oppression! I´ve mined the Polish mine for 4 days now, the largest amount so far is 0.48, awesome! 4k is more than 0k, good work Grim!

Enriche2Ribeiro Dan 1,962, 06:39

i agree good work grim

Had3z Dan 1,962, 07:00

I agree good work grim!

Badger06 Dan 1,962, 12:01

i agree good work grim

Rexdeus Dan 1,963, 00:21

Personally do not care for the gold, and too hard headed to accept eBR help. But if gold is what you wanted then this is as good as we could expect. I can not see our bro's brazil would agree on a fair amount.

NyxShade Dan 1,963, 00:37

lol claudio

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Dan 1,963, 01:08

i agree good work grim

Rusty Kuntz
Rusty Kuntz Dan 1,963, 03:31

A++ would lol again.

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