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Rami's Entries for the [DHS] Anti-'PTO' Design Contest!

Dan 1,823, 13:18 Published in USA ZDA s strani Ramilas

So I decided to roll up my sleeves and give this design contest a try. On went the design wizard hat and bang... these happened.

I may do more, I don't know. We'll see if I'm inspired by anything between now and deadline day.

Hope you enjoy... and if you don't, I don't much care.



Ramilas Dan 1,823, 13:19

First reserved for wizards.

fingerguns Dan 1,823, 13:30

I have to remove myself as a judge. I love you too much.

Pfeiffer. Dan 1,823, 13:33


Dio Czenishkov
Dio Czenishkov Dan 1,823, 13:34

This is some nice work.

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Dan 1,823, 13:42


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,823, 13:49

Pfeiffer approves. Must be good then . o0

fingerguns Dan 1,823, 13:54

I'm going to pray for you, RGR. Your heart is so full of hatred.

DokJon Dan 1,823, 15:03

Very nice!

Gnilraps Dan 1,823, 19:34


Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Dan 1,823, 19:38

Beyond awesome!

AlexJ1890 Dan 1,823, 19:46

So much win. Last one is my favorite.

Candor Dan 1,823, 19:49

You have talent.

Dinnyin Dan 1,823, 19:57

Rami, if I could, I'd have your baby. But since I can't I salute you with a p/h chub wave!

Relorian Dan 1,823, 20:46

RGR doesnt approve, Thats a seal of approval all in itself. Now if only his PTOing puppetmaster would come along and preach about elitists attempting to ruin the voice of the people, we'd have a gold star on the top of the reportcard 😛

Synesi Dan 1,823, 20:55

Holy Crap on a stick, nice job!

Mike Schmittson
Mike Schmittson Dan 1,823, 20:59

If I could boat this article a thousand times, I would. You, sir, have officially won all of my internets.

Dbsndust Dan 1,823, 22:19

*thunderous applause*

Paladn Dan 1,823, 22:54


CryingLightning Dan 1,824, 07:43

so much awesomeness in this banners!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,824, 18:08

FG you don't worship the same Dio as me 😛

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