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Presidential Debate (April)

Dan 1,961, 15:09 Published in South Africa ZDA s strani AdUnit

Since we have several candidates this election who have a wide range of views, I thought it'd be interesting to see how they stack up against one another. I interviewed UP's naroist(http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/esa-april-cp-presentation-2239234/1/20), Cody Caine of the South Africa Gold Party (http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-cc4cp-the-policies-2239300/1/20), and the National Party of South Africa's Enbaros(http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/enbaros-for-cp-2238246/1/20).

I personally have no idea who to vote for and I'm sure many of you have some of the same questions that were not touched on by their main articles. I asked each candidate about 10 questions and narrowed it down a little bit. I hope you enjoy!

A quick question on Citizenship, are you planning on adding MU LAZOCRACY members or not? And if so, how many?

naroist: Are you asking If I want to approve more Lazokrasts? No, I don't think so. Few of them are our citizens already and that's enough number.

Cody Caine: Personally I do not agree in the mass movement of MU members to a new country, If a person wants to join a country you look into that, if whole groups want to join a country you really need to look into why. This is more important in our country for we are a small country and mass group movements could lead to unwanted risks and dangers for the country.

Enbaros: I plan of opening the immigration process to all nationalities, without political thought influencing our decision. Therefore, MU LAZOCRACY members can enter if they apply, although no preferential treatment will be applied. This is regarding to the law. Ultimately, it is the congress member's choice, I can only suggest and discourage approvals.

Next do you have any thoughts on Brazil and our relationship with them?

naroist: I wrote it on my article. I will gain new friendships this month and we will have a chance to say a word against Brazil. I'm happy with that aggreement but they should not be able to wipe us whenever they want. I want to add new rule.

Cody Caine: I think the Deal needs to be adjusted/updated to progress with changing times, we need fights something I more then found out as MoFA, and Brazil needs to understand sometimes when all we got is RWs that is where people will fight simply because it gives them True Patriot points, So Brazil needs to better defend or give us MPP fights or this relationship will grow more rocky.

Enbaros: I will attempt to increase interest in the military. Also, since the military is one of the main ways to earn money for an individual, we will focus on that. To this end, there are some plans being developed, although some of them must not be shown to foreign agents. Others involve the military closeness with Uruguay and the firmness to our relations with Brazil. We will be neutral, but sovereign. And if we cannot be both, we will be sovereign.

Do you believe the Macedonians can ever live peacefully and coexist with eSA, and if not, what is your plan to stop them?

naroist: They said their goal is money of South Africa when they came here. So I don't think they will live peacefully here. I will continue aTO actions. I am the part of strong group here, they will help me be sure.

Cody Caine: That depends on them, if they really wanted to be a part of the community they could do it, but often when they say that it is a lie to buy time to gain power to pursue real goals. And if this is not the case they would understand our suspicion regarding why they need their own party, if they really wanted to be a part of the community they should have joined an existing party. Because when you come to a new country its best to not draw so much attention to yourself when it comes to this game and how players act.

Enbaros: Of course I do. Similarly to how hungarians adapted and became extremely succesful members of this society, or the swedish, american and serbian PTOs before that. As stated in another point, I will not discriminate individuals based on external factors such as RL nationality or ideology.

What are your plans for the national budget, and the somewhat substantial amount of gold with the Brazil mine agreement?

naroist: I will ask congress what should we do with that 4K gold. My opinion; we should spend some of it for MUs and keep some of it for future.

Cody Caine: I personally to be honest wish Egypt had won the Gold Mine, but they didn’t so in that light I think we should get at least 6 thousand of the gold, something I’d want to push for, but I won’t get my hopes up. The entire thing has just been one cluster of crap, and the admins suck for bringing it upon us.

Enbaros: Most of the gold will be sent to the citizens that fought. We will check the damage done by each on those days and send gold accordingly. There will be distictions based on divisions, too. Since Brazilians will be returning to Brazil and the mine, I will no be sending them gold. The rest will also be used to fund a reform of the military, to increase those who can apply to it, fund our social programs and our MPPs.

Who would you like to see as our greatest and most loyal allies?

naroist: Cyprus and Aus for now.

Cody Caine: Australia, because they are, but I’d also like to build a more alliance style relationship with Brazil, to be treated like a friend, because we have been good supporters to that country and they owe us some respect, we may not be strong, but we could at least be a major annoyance if they don’t respect us.

Enbaros: NaN, of course. Alliances are usually geopolitical in nature and usually volatile, but with the added immigracy, I hope to stablish ties with countries of all sides, along with neutral countries. Macedonia, Turkey, Iran, India, Canada, Ireland, Uruguay; are all countries I would like to call as allies.

That gives you a side by side comparison of the candidates on a range of topics. I also did the liberty of asking them some individual based questions as listed below.

Ecomically you say that you can double our income, how did you arrive at that number and approximately what tax rate will this be?

naroist: I do not know our daily income but I guess I can inrease it to the level of strong countries. We have few citizens who has great companies, with some changes on tax rates, I can achieve this goal.

I love your idea on re-estbalishing eSA media, can you elaborate on that a little bit more?

Cody Caine: We need a government Media department, the last time I was in South African government [last summer], we had a media department, that seems to have been phased out. More Government articles informing the people of things, more entertainment pieces like Badger did with “meet the government workers” And while I think eNPR can be a sham when it comes to how the host behave, a South African radio program could be good fun.

From what I've gathered, you used to be a respected member of the eSA community, I am curious as to why you made the unpopular decision to join the Macedonians and their NPoSA party?

Enbaros: I decided it was the best way to fix SA. You will all agree that right then (and now), SA was in very low state, with infighting and disputes dominating the political and social lifes of the country. I believe a radical approach had to be taken to fix it. And that way the macedonian group would have been seen as it really is: A group of humans that need a nation to call their own, no different than the rest.

eSA is in a crucial moment of our eLife, we need a leader with a vision and can guide us. No matter who you think that leader is, go vote on the 5th and support whoever is elected president.



atrawall Dan 1,961, 15:24

Great interview. I know that the answers helped sway my vote. We really need more of these around election times.

Kooguy Dan 1,961, 15:29

That was awesome

Zombinho Dan 1,961, 15:39

Enbaros first chose, Then Cody Caine, Then 10 empty spaces and then a vote for the PTO making party

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Dan 1,961, 15:45

There is only one candidate who stand against pTO by the certain language. Keep expecting help from those pTOers, I will ruin your plans, do not worry.

Zombinho Dan 1,961, 15:48

Keep dreaming, Your pto will end soon 😉 remember my words

Marmaduke IV
Marmaduke IV Dan 1,961, 16:27

Leon needs to be deported

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Dan 1,963, 01:14


Rexdeus Dan 1,961, 16:46

Great article!

Just a question to Enbaros, do you see any danger in a PTO, and if not would you consider a PTO of eSA yourself? My concern is by accepting groups might change the overall existing culture, in effect changing the eSA personality.

Enbaros Dan 1,962, 02:31

At the moment, the only culture I see is dispute. While South Africans in RL will continue to be the primary culture, I want to turn this country into a multicultural country, similarly as London, who has conserved their english culture but accepted others. As for the PTO, there are always political take overs, the party who rules has performed a PTO. The nationality of those ruling is for me not a concern, as long as they have the best intentions for SA.

Rexdeus Dan 1,962, 05:30

Thanks Enbaros, I have to agree with most, and London is excellent example even though I am still worried, what if the community is not strong enough. I appreciate your response.

Badger06 Dan 1,962, 07:02

And if those ruling empty the bank accounts then what ?

Enbaros Dan 1,962, 08:47

Replying to Badger06, Those would clearly not qualify under the "as long as they have the best intentions for SA" tag, and I would do everything in my hand to combat them.

Badger06 Dan 1,962, 12:02

sigh pointless arguement good luck you'll need it

AdUnit Dan 1,961, 16:58

Glad everybody liked it, feel free to add your questions for the candidates in the comment section and hopefully they will answer them.

Booh Dan 1,961, 20:53


I hope that BR-SA can build a strong brotherhood. Moreover, if there is any risk of PTO, just contact me and we can talk about a brazilian ATI-PTO force.

Marmaduke IV
Marmaduke IV Dan 1,962, 00:28

No. We don't like you.

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Dan 1,963, 01:15

don't listen to what Exolius said, he hates brazzos

Booh Dan 1,963, 10:25

I understand and I know that there are more south africans that share this feeling for Brazil. I am working to change thi view xD

NyxShade Dan 1,962, 01:03

Fantastic article and it came at the perfect time! Great job AdUnit 🙂

Pickn Dan 1,962, 02:23

Good interview

Rexdeus Dan 1,962, 05:36

To be honest, after Enbaros reply, my only critique is the rental treaty, I still at very least would like to see a better deal, more fair.

Enbaros might not be my choice yet, but he is valid canditate.


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dan 1,962, 08:31


Lord Elrond Hubbard
Lord Elrond Hubbard Dan 1,962, 22:05

My 1st choice is Cody Caine, but if he doesn't win i would be fine with Enbaros, i thought his answers were very good. Good luck to both of you.

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