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Oblige for Congress: Round 3

Dan 1,400, 19:23 Published in USA ZDA s strani Oblige
Dear America,

I'd like to begin by thanking you for allowing me the opportunity to serve these past two terms as a Congressman. It's been a privilege and a honor to represent the fine people of Illinois and now the District of Columbia. Looking to the future I hope to establish the District of Columbia as my long-term Congressional Seat and look forward to serving the fine people of "The District" as we move forward together.

If elected again I promise to continue being a leader in Congress on issues that are important to citizens such as making sure our Armed Forces stay as well equipped as possible, and that the treasury reserves are well maintained.

In fact I was the Congressional Budget chair this term, and wrote a budget that was voted in with near unanimous approval by my peers. It resulted in a considerable increase in the amount we but into our reserves each month with only a 3% cut to DoD funding!

The month prior I was responsible for spearheading Congressional involvement in raising the budget to modern levels after taxes were adjusted to accomodate the new "real value" of the dollar.

In addition I'm a two term member of the Select Committee on Intelligence where I help safe guard the nation's most secret funding priorities.

What does this mean for YOU America?
It means that if you elect me to Congress, I will continue to do my personal best to ensure that your troops are well equipped, that regardless if you're Armed Forces or Militia, that you are well supplied, that your tax dollars are well spent, and that if we're invaded in the future we'll have enough money to defend ourselves from our enemies.



Evil.Elvis Dan 1,401, 02:22

I came.

Vanek26 Dan 1,404, 20:46

Does being the Congressman from DC mean you can't vote?

pentafive Dan 1,404, 20:51


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