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Oblige for Congress: Round 2

Dan 1,373, 09:53 Published in USA ZDA s strani Oblige
My Fellow eAmericans,

It is with great pride that I announce my candidacy for Kongressman in the District of Columbia. When I win it will be my second opportunity for service to the great eAmerican People and I promise not to disappoint.

To begin I'd like to review some highlights of my past term:

Budget Crisis Corrected
When I came into office the treasury was taking in less money each day than the government was spending. After a series of intensive debates with my fellow Congresspersons and hearing the recommendations of the Economic Council I proposed, moved to a vote, and then proposed in-game a small bump to the VAT. When this proved not enough, I was part of the group of Senators that worked to raise the VAT further, and then also implemented the raise in the income tax. Although we are all strongly aware of the burden of increased taxes, when faced with the choice to either raise them or let the government go bankrupt, we were forced to act. I am proud to report that the government is now running a moderate surplus which we will use to replenish our depleted reserves.

Balanced Budget Passed
In addition, a balanced budget was passed which resulted in increased funding for all line holders, but still left a considerable portion to reserves.

Under my tenure as Secretary of State Congress renewed MPPs with: Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Ireland, Columbia, Philippines, Uruguay, South Korea, Chile, Netherlands, Bulgaria, France, Brazil, Czech Republic, and Romania. As a Congressman I also voted to approve MPPs with: Finland, Taiwan, China, Argentina, Cyprus, Greece, Australia, Ukraine, and Germany.

In summary: this was a triumph, I'm making a note here:

Plout: Oblige for DC
JoshFrost: personally i think these fine people should vote for you oblige
Angelini: No question, ENDORSED!

So, now you might be wondering: why should I vote for Oblige a second time?

Thank you kindly!

- Oblige

Chain Shout:
Vote Oblige or HE WILL CUT YOU!


*Chain Shout*


TMG KRYTPIC X Dan 1,373, 10:08

What no Picture of Oblige?

Oblige Dan 1,373, 10:10

Failed to secure pertamax 😕

Max King
Max King Dan 1,373, 10:13


Artela Dan 1,373, 10:33

Best SoS I've ever worked for...
(Only SoS I've ever worked for)

TTi09 Dan 1,373, 10:46


Waruda Dan 1,373, 10:49

Good Luck

Xavier Galvin
Xavier Galvin Dan 1,373, 11:03


There ya go.. Oh, Good Luck

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Dan 1,373, 13:03

Good Luck man 😉

Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Dan 1,373, 13:12

Good luck!
Congress needs more Oblige.

Alpha Zette
Alpha Zette Dan 1,373, 21:11

Oblige gets things done!

Pdeb Dan 1,373, 22:03


Angelini Dan 1,373, 22:07

No question, ENDORSED!

Remember, vote for Oblige, or he will cut you!

HitsFromTheBong Dan 1,374, 20:42

Komentar je izbrisan

s0beit Dan 1,374, 21:17

Oblige owns you!

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