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Number one tip on Election Success!

Dan 1,963, 01:24 Published in South Africa Brazilija s strani BingoPlayer

BingoPlayer's number one tip on Election success!
"Don't be a (insert desired profanity here) Head."

Throughout my time in eRep, I have come to the realization that all political elections, both local and abroad are nothing more than popularity contests!
To many of you it seems as I have stated the obvious...Ok that would mean that sure fire formula to winning is simple.
Don't be a (insert desired profanity here) Head.

Unfortunately, It seems that recently South African politicians have decided not to adopt this simple truth, but instead would rather fight where possible and then expect respect from the citizens of the country.

Here is a good idea! Instead of basing your political campaign on a gold mine that we don't have or on things we cant change. Base your campaign on building eSA up as a community. Work towards ending the arguments instead of muscling your way through them! South Africa will only move forward once we have ended the internal war!
That is my opinion.

P.S. I Love You All!




BingoPlayer Dan 1,963, 01:26

I should have stated that I am not blaming the government for any eSA downfalls.

atrawall Dan 1,963, 20:44

You blaming me?!?! Come at me Bro!!! (Smiley face) Good article

Enriche2Ribeiro Dan 1,963, 02:10

nice article

kuckuck Dan 1,963, 08:19


Seisan Dan 1,963, 10:50

Something I wish more people would realize.

Vroteier9 Dan 1,963, 11:31


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