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New Players Hello!

Dan 1,900, 07:01 Published in United Arab Emirates Turčija s strani Admiral Kellogg

We are getting new players daily, and most leave after the first few days, feeling excluded from the community. Please realize, you are not alone. Many fellow citizens are on at all times, so for starters welcome to UAE! One of my main goals, is to get this place more social, so feel free to add me as a friend, or message me if you have any questions. If you are not a Serbian, You probably want to join this party (http://www.erepublik.com/en/party/people-s-party-4294/1) , because it is full of English speakers. If you are Serbian, you should join any other party, because other parties are dominantly Serbian, and so you will have more fun and easier communication. For military unit, you can join any, but I highly suggest UAE Army, because it is the most unified. I also suggest mine, but honestly UAE Army is better. The only tip I can think of is save your gold. Do not waste it. Have fun, and contact me!



Mare Magare
Mare Magare Dan 1,902, 06:07

New players in UAE? When was the last time it happened?

Admiral Kellogg
Admiral Kellogg Dan 1,902, 07:14

Everyday actually. You call them bots and multi's, but the majority are new players.

Otis Redding
Otis Redding Dan 1,973, 09:33


maxde Dan 1,902, 09:18

Aj ako moze da mi odobrite drzavljanstvo tamo preko reda da necekam.. zahtev poslat 😃

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