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New Medal - FAIL

Dan 1,466, 23:03 Published in United Kingdom Velika Britanija s strani Emergy Maxfell

Dear Admins and Erepublik players,

Yesterday eRepublik introduce a new medal with the name "Top fighter"!

How do we get it?

We must do at least 3,500,000 influence in one day !
That means for a strong player with 7500 strength they will need to spent full food fights and at least 50 energy bars to do that much damage!
Cost of this damage is 200 gold!!
Also If you calculate weapons and training you can add few more golds !!!

So we need almost 220 gold per day x 30 days = 6600 golds !!!
If one player without using visa get 7.5 gold per day ,he need at least
880 days = 2.4 years to get one MEDAL!!!

Also what about people with lower strength? 10 years in one game to get one medal ?!!!

Stop Deleting Articles Plato!



Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Dan 1,466, 23:04

Jon873 Dan 1,466, 23:10


Jon873 Dan 1,466, 23:10

Maybe it would have been better if they made it to 15 Days as Top Fighter

SERBCOSSACK Dan 1,466, 23:23


vojislavp Dan 1,466, 23:31


SirMorton Dan 1,466, 23:41

@Emergy you are wrong if you think this medal is made for ordinary people. This has been created for VISA/MC gamers who are willing to pay more if such 'rare' medal they can earn. Honestly speaking there are about 30-50 people who will get this medal on a regular basis and the rest of the population will think of it the same way as for the CP medal. ie. "I'll never get that"

Michael Crookes
Michael Crookes Dan 1,466, 00:37

Axeell Young
Axeell Young Dan 1,466, 01:13

@Michael Gosh I heaven't seen you in decades!

Go Emergy o/

Max Blue
Max Blue Dan 1,466, 01:43

Voted for great justice!

Max Blue
Max Blue Dan 1,466, 01:43

Before you vote today follow these steps: http://tinyurl.com/849gjua

For the sake of improving the eWorld please..

~Chain Shout~

Skyfury Dan 1,466, 02:23

admin, you can give this medal to Romper and Argrob right now

Rafallol Dan 1,466, 02:24

The should change name of medal to top donator lol

Diakun Dan 1,466, 02:55


holbs Dan 1,466, 07:28

Tomazim Dan 1,466, 09:53

I think the president medal is much easier

mwcerberus Dan 1,466, 10:31

this should be easy for the top 50 ranked and strengthed fighters bit of a shame for the other 99% (rounded down)

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Dan 1,467, 05:25

The medal will increase the number of people trying to get into the top 50, so the boundary will be higher than 3.5m damage/day.

Al Cauhete
Al Cauhete Dan 1,499, 14:03

s 436

Teekka Dan 1,500, 10:00

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