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Mr Pavonis Moves into Dublin

Dan 1,812, 07:10 Published in Ireland Irska s strani Artaxerxes Pavonis

Mr Pavonis' new Residence

So after some time accumulating wealth, and then spending it, I decided to return to the place I've always called Home in Erepublik: Ireland.

So now, with the "fixed" economizer module, things are looking up around here, I have brought my Q7 weapons company with me 😉 and hope to get people employed there for Ireland's Defense.

Image of the Q7 factory


SilverF0X Dan 1,812, 08:46


Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Dan 1,812, 11:52

Just what Ireland needs more...more spineless fcks....

druidsland Dan 1,812, 15:18

u know what we do with 1%ers here? send me 20q7s daily and will protect your mansion and factory against efire, as you may know there are lots of paddy's here. may god save your family and relatives, be a good man - teach your children about costs of mistakes, care about your beautiful wife. btw have you heard about eirish stallion kurgan? rumors say he did ibhoy once. so bro elife is edangerous these days. hope those 20q7s for charity wouldn't be excluded of your daily order. i c u!

Sean Power
Sean Power Dan 1,813, 04:31

welcome home Art

Artaxerxes Pavonis
Artaxerxes Pavonis Dan 1,814, 15:30

Spineless Kurgan? Ask around, and you'll see the opposite to be true.

druidsland Dan 1,818, 16:23

are you accusing spineless creature did that to ibhoy ? buddy u brave

prostokreten Dan 1,822, 23:16


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