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Dan 1,821, 04:50 Published in India Hrvaška s strani ashphalt

- '…the words are easy and soothing, promising tomorrow will be more hopeful than this awful piece of time we call today.'

Each of us has an individual will which we exercise and believe in what we are doing. But what does one believe in, in the face of complacence? I make no promises. I just tell you that I am standing for Party President for Forward Bloc. And that I will make changes which need to be made.
No blame games.
No empty promises.
No smoke screens.

I look forward to initiating a time of fun and change. But today is not about that. Today I want to thank eIndia for their patience. Patience with each other. With n00bs, like me. With new faces, new names and new aims. Hang in there. Too many things are changing, none of which are what must change.

My only request to you all is that you put in more of your spirit and your soul into this game. Perhaps as proud citizens or maybe players who know their worth and are absolutely not modest about it. eIndia needs its spirited players. Be honest. Opinions are yours. Don't be overtly careful about what you say. Be frank.

Hamturk, thank you for your patience and efforts, for your contributions to eIndia and for being one of the awesomest citizens we have. Thank you n00bs, you are so brilliantly enthusiastic that I can't help but smile as I write about you. Uv Ajed, troj4n20, ArawnLives, Alector, Asmitatheone, Rebelash and xordin. Thank you.

Vote for me for Forward Bloc. But most important, vote for the person who honestly deserves your vote and can make Forward Bloc alive, active and intense again.

And of course, 'fore i forget




lHonouR Dan 1,821, 04:51

Good Luck Awesomeness!

xordin is Supreme \o/

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Dan 1,821, 04:52


Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Dan 1,821, 04:52

Yay time for the awesome PP \o/
whordin beat me to pertamaxxx

swap7805 Dan 1,821, 04:58

Good Luck

Lonqu Dan 1,821, 04:59


ashphalt Dan 1,821, 05:05

Thank you 🙂

Rebelash Dan 1,821, 05:28

Time for CHANGE ...😃

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Dan 1,821, 09:39

good luck ashphalt voted and sub

nice writing!

ArawnLives Dan 1,821, 12:26


Asmitatheone Dan 1,822, 01:41

Quite nice.
One of the most well written articles I have ever seen!!!

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