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MI Weekly Report (Nov 11-Nov 17)

Dan 1,825, 21:30 Published in USA ZDA s strani Heather Fuchs
Prepping the MI's Thanksgiving Feast pies....

The MI Weekly Report.

These weekly entries will feature various troop stats collected for the week as well as any recent MI news, announcements, or updates... and perhaps the occasional hidden gem...

This Week in the MI

Still not much going on in the MI lately, except for a couple of promotions! These are actually the first promotions in months... though these are only former platoon XOs taking over for their recently departed COs.

Two promotions to report this week...
Sergeant Ruscion, the former Executive Officer, has been promoted to Lieutenant and is now serving as the Commanding Officer of the Fifth Platoon, Bravo Company.
Sergeant Clevin, the former Executive Officer, has been promoted to Lieutenant and is now serving as the Commanding Officer of the Fourth Platoon, Bravo Company.

MI Stats for the week of Nov 11-Nov 17

Top 5 MI Fighters of the Week
based on est. # of fights done

Heather Fuchs



Ricardo Rivera Abad


Top 5 Most Improved in Rank
based upon % increase in total rank points

Ricardo Rivera Abad - 20.5% Rank Point increase

Jericho Canaan - 13.0% Rank Point increase

SirDrax - 11.1% Rank Point increase

Braden Tyrel Trambly - 9.9% Rank Point increase

John William Connor - 7.2% Rank Point increase

Rank Level Increases
The following MI personnel have increased in Rank Level in the past week:

kavan1028 to Legendary Force*
xy2set to World Class Force***
Verdugo22 to World Class Force**
Donovan McNair to World Class Force*
Jericho Canaan to Supreme Marshal*
Ricardo Rivera Abad to Field Marshal***
Braden Tyrel Trambly to Field Marshal*
John William Connor to Colonel***

Private of the Week

This weekly acknowledgement is for the private who has been the most exceptional in terms of activity and dedication within the Mobile Infantry.

This week's recipient is:

Ricardo Rivera Abad

Ricardo's streak continues, and will probably be continuing on for a while as he now seems to be the only IRC-active private left... As a reward he will be given a bonus 6 Q7 weapons!

If any other privates would like a chance at this award, they should get more active. (especially on IRC!)

Officer of the Week

This weekly acknowledgement is for the officer determined to be the most exceptional in encouraging activity and engaging their troops.

This week's recipient is:

Christopher L. Ripple

Its been a little while since Ripple has claimed the award, but here he is once again! As a reward he will receive a bonus 6 Q7 weapons!

Congrats to everyone for their accomplishments this week!

MI Troops - work hard and be active and you could be on next week's report.

For those not in the MI -

If your strength is at least 500 and your battlefield rank is Lieutenant or higher (or you can do at least 85 influence per fight barehanded) ...and if you like pie as much as we do, you too could be a member of the Mobile Infantry!!!

General Heather Fuchs
Commanding Officer
eUS Mobile Infantry


Heather Fuchs
Heather Fuchs Dan 1,825, 21:30

Mmmm... feast of pies

BTTrambly Dan 1,825, 21:44

Yay Promotions! And congrats to all!


clevin Dan 1,825, 22:02

Can't wait until Thanksgiving...

Oh, the pie...

xy2set Dan 1,825, 22:05


Donovan McNair
Donovan McNair Dan 1,826, 00:06

Voted, bravo1

kitmen Dan 1,826, 00:24

I demand at least 5 different kinds of pie for Thanksgiving!

Christopher L Ripple
Christopher L Ripple Dan 1,826, 00:46


Ricardo Rivera Abad
Ricardo Rivera Abad Dan 1,826, 04:45

a lot of pies for Thanksgiving!!!

Ruscion Dan 1,826, 05:16

Woo! Promotion!

LimaT Dan 1,826, 05:20

Congrats on the promotions, fellas!

NoVaK220 Dan 1,826, 09:25

awesome job guys

Sojirou Dan 1,826, 14:27

bah, the day of killing is upon us...


Oxy744 Dan 1,826, 14:45

nomnomnom, I am ready for my pumpkin pie

Tornok Dan 1,826, 15:50

/me watches the minions slave away in the kitchen

Alexander Valkor II
Alexander Valkor II Dan 1,826, 17:40

Good work!

Annalise123 Dan 1,826, 19:01


Cbowmom87 Dan 1,826, 19:13

\o/ pie!

Verdugo22 Dan 1,827, 00:11

O7 grats people

BMai Dan 1,827, 18:27

My little Clevin is a big bad PCO now \o/

darksrevan Dan 1,828, 04:25


Spamgobbler Dan 1,830, 03:53

Ugh too much pie...

Sadew Shragnor
Sadew Shragnor Dan 1,833, 19:50

Woo \o/

NikolaiX Dan 1,839, 20:07


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